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Stone Church Photo Albums

Stone Church is a friendly, caring, and fun community of people witnessing to the spirit of God in our lives. Words can tell it, but pictures really show it! These albums give a sense of life in our community.

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During Advent season the Stone Church Choir and Children's Choir presented John Rutter's pageant "The Reluctant Dragon." Then on Christmas Eve the traditional candlelight service took place. (Photos here are by Dan Raby; the first six are of the pageant; the last four are of the service.)

Christmas 2015 XMAS2015

In early November 2015 seven fellows from Stone Church - Phil Curtis, Gabriel Faber, Art Holtz, Steve Nelson, Lawrence Summers, Rod Thorn and Leland Wong - visited the Westminster Woods Camp for fellowship and to assist in some light construction work. Westminster Woods staff member Jordy Pearson joined them. (Photos here are by Rod Thorn.)

Men's Work Trip, Nov. 2015 VCS2015

The June 2015 Vacation Church School's theme was "Living Waters." An enthusiastic group of some sixty children, plus volunteer teachers and staff took part. (Photos here are by Dan Raby.)

Vacation Church School, 2015 VCS2015

In April, 2015 members of the Men's Fellowship Group travelled by plane to the Castle Air Museum in Merced, CA. (Photos by Dan Raby)

Castle Air Museum Visit, April 2015 Castle_Apr15

Part of celebrating the season is attending the Holiday Tea, which was hosted by the Deacons. (Photos by Dan Raby)

Holiday Tea, Nov. 2014 Tea-Nov14

To say a heartfelt "Thank You!" for her service as Acting Head of Staff and solo Pastor of Stone Church while the Rev. Ken Henry was on a three month Sabbatical (Aug. - Oct. 2014), we present this floral bouquet to the Rev. Irene Pak. Well deserved, Irene! (Photos by Rod Thorn)

A Bouquet for Irene (Nov. 2014) Bouquet-Nov14

In March winter lingers but there's also a hint of spring. It's time for our community to get to work. On March 1-3 the Men's Mission Work Group painted a cabin exterior and repaired screens at Westminster Woods, a Presbyterian Camp facility north of San Francisco. Then on the following Saturday (March 9) volunteers worked on several projects at Stone Church. (Photos by Rod Thorn)

We Get to Work (March 2013) At Work 3-13

In December 2012 we presented "King Island Christmas", a pageant based upon a true story of how, with perseverance and courage, Christmas still came to the inhabitants of King Island, a remote place in the Bering Sea. Our choir and many children from the church community were very ably led by Judy West, a choir member with experience leading musicals. (Photos by Dan Raby.)

Christmas Pageant, 2012 Christmas 2012

Twelve fellows from Stone Church spent a long weekend in early November 2012 at Westminster Woods, a Presbyterian youth camp near Sebastopol, CA. We broke up into three groups, to split logs into fireplace wood sized pieces, paint an exterior cabin wall and build window screens for various cabins. (Photos were taken by Steve Nelson and Rod Thorn.)

Men's Work Trip, Nov. 2012 Trip Nov 2012

On Sunday August 19, 2012 we enjoyed our annual Worship and Picnic in the Park where we gathered at nearby Kelly Park in San Jose for the occasion. (Photos by Dan Raby)

Worship and Picnic in the Park, 2012 VCS 2012

Dive Into Faith was the theme of Stone's recently concluded 2012 Vacation Church School. The children went on an oceanic adventure where they met people of deep faith. At each day's assembly an octopus named Ocho, along with the Dive Chief, shared the topic of the day using music, discussion and humor. There were also crafts, games, science and discovery time, and of course, snacks, home baked bread and other surprises. VCS 2012 concluded with children sharing their experiences in worship Sunday July 1. (photos by Dan Raby)

Vacation Church School, 2012 VCS 2012

In our final 2011 volunteer work trip to Westminster Woods, the Stone Church Men's group helped with a wiring project and did some basic cleanup, converting scrap wood into kindling and chipping up tree limb debris. We had a record high number of participants, twelve. See photo near the end of the album for names and faces. (Photos by Steve Nelson and Rod Thorn)

Men's Work Trip to Westminster Woods, Nov. 2011 Work Trip Nov '11

Westminster Woods needed extra housing for young adult interns working in their Center for Nature and Christian Spirituality program. They converted carport space into another house. It was partly done when we came in September 2011 to give three full working days help. We installed soffits, roof sheathing and insulation, ran phone lines and painted. Art Holtz, Bill Lakatos, David McCreath, Pat McDaid, Rod Thorn, and Leland Wong took part. (Photos by Rod Thorn and David McCreath)

Men's Work Trip to Westminster Woods, Sept. 2011 Work Trip Sep '11

On Sunday August 21, 2011 we enjoyed our annual Worship and Picnic in the Park where we gathered at nearby Kelly Park in San Jose for the occasion. (Photos by Dan Raby)

Worship and Picnic in the Park, Aug 21, 2011 Picnic '11

This year's "Fruit of the Spirit County Fair" Vacation Church School was an environmentally focused program. It inspired kids and adults to Grow Love, Sprout Joy, Plant Peace, Produce Patience, and Pick Kindness as they explored the Fruits of the Spirit. All were encouraged to use the practices of recycle, reuse, and reduce to follow Stone Church's commitment to be green.

Over 40 lively youngsters learned about God's good gifts through singing, planting, making crafts, playing games, and volunteering to do some weeding at Emma Prusch Farm - on one of the hottest days so far this year!. (Photos by Dan Raby.)

Vacation Church School, 2011 VCS 2011

The Men's Mission Work Team traveled to the Westminster Woods Campground to do three projects in March 2011. We removed several portable heating units in a cabin and in the dining hall, where central heating will be installed later. We repaired a deck and built a retaining wall out of interlocking stones. Participating were: Brad Bauer, Andrew Edwards, Gabriel Faber, Art Holtz, Bill Lakatos, David McCreath, Pat McDaid, Rod Thorn, Gary Weiss and Leland Wong. (Photos by Rod Thorn.)

Men's Work Trip to Westminster Woods, Mar. 2011 WT Mar 2011

For Christmas 2010 the Stone Church choir and guest singers presented a pageant based upon the "Good King Wenceslas" story. In this version a boy, unwilling at first, is called to assist the king in his endeavors to help the poor. Along the way, the boy meets an angel in disguise, has a change of heart and offers a poor peasant his most prized possession. The story also holds a number of surprises, including the reunion of the shepherd girl with her long lost father.

(Thanks to Dan Raby for the photos.)

Christmas Pageant, Dec 2010 CP 2010

In June 2010 the Stone Church Youth Group together with several adult mentors travelled to the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center to work on a number of projects. They helped build 150 feet of fencing, a large deck, paint the decks of six cabins and dig almost forty holes for trees and shrubs. In this effort they were joined by a church youth group from Yuba City, CA.

Lawrence Summers reports: "The kids worked tirelessly. They took no breaks except for lunch. They all helped cook and clean up. The evening program took care of itself. ... On at least three evenings our youth started and ran their own Bible sessions."

(Photos by Lawrence Summers.)

Youth Work Trip, June 2010 YWT 2010

Vacation Church School had an environmental focus, designed to inspire kids and adults to grow in faith, have fun, and change the world, while practicing stewardship of creation. The Parable of the Sower was the focal point in exploring how to do God's work and care for the world. The practices of recycle, reuse, and reduce supported Stone's commitment to being green. (Photos by Dan Raby.)

Vacation Church School, June 2010 VCS 2010

The Men's Mission Work Team made brief trips in October 2009 and March 2010 to the Westminster Woods Campground to do several projects. In October we worked on a footbridge and roofing a cabin; in March we replaced siding on the camp kitchen and dining room building. Photos by Rod Thorn.

Men's Work Trips, Oct 2009 and Mar 2010 Work Trips 09 /10

The Men's Mission Work Team travelled to the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center September 11-14, 2009 to do light construction work for the Center. The project was improving two decks at Cabin 103, aka "the Pastor's Cabin". Rod Thorn took the photographs seen here, except for the first sunset photo, which was by Dan Raby.

Men's Mission Work Trip to Zephyr, Sep 2009 Work Trip Sept 2008

On Sunday August 23, 2009 we enjoyed our annual Worship and Picnic in the Park where we gathered at nearby Kelly Park in San Jose for the occasion. Photos are by Dan Raby.

Worship and Picnic in the Park, Aug 23, 2009 Picnic Aug 2009

We had a Patio Sale fundraiser in the Summer of 2009. It was conceived and largely organized by member Judy Kaiser as a way to raise funds for needed programs in a tight economic time. Materials including dishes, appliances, electronics, clothing, glassware, pictures, gardening items, antique items and much were donated for sale. As dozens of volunteers sorted and priced everything, a common reaction of those entering our Sanctuary (where much of it was stored temporarily) was "Oh, my Gawd!!" Perhaps that was a form of prayer. Scores of people visited and bought. (Photos by Dan Raby)

Patio Sale, July 17-18, 2009 Patio Sale, July 2009

The theme for this year's Vacation Bible School was "Clean Water for all God's Children." This was chosen in light of the drought taking place in our area at this time. Children were intrigued by the mission project, sponsored by Playpumps International. This organization provides villages with play structures, which when turned around by the children actually pump water for the village. Click Here for more information about Playpumps International. (Photos by Dan Raby)

Vacation Bible School, June 2009 VBS, June 2009

On March 6 - 8, 2009 the Men's Mission Work Group did volunteer work at the Westminster Woods Campground, about an hour north of San Francisco. We ran a vast pile of tree limbs through a chipper to provide mulch and groundcover, refaced several cabinets, and split more wood into fireplace sized segments. (Photos by Rod Thorn)

Men's Work Trip to Westminster Woods, Mar. 09 Work Trip Mar 2009

Here are scenes from Valentine's Day 2009, when we enjoyed lots of great music by the Santa Clara Swing, a jazz band from Santa Clara High. It was led by Jenny Kromm, daughter of Stone's current and former Directors of Music Ministry, Nancy Wait Kromm and Leroy Kromm. (Photos by Dan Raby)

Valentine's Day, 2009 Valentines Day 2009

This album presents scenes from the Christmas season, 2008. Most photos are from the Children's Pageant presented on Dec. 21, and from various Taizé services during Advent. Mixed in with these are some surprises for all to enjoy.

Christmas Scenes, 2008 Christmas 2008

On December 13, 2008 Stone Church Deacons sponsored a Parents' Day Out, to give parents a chance to do some Christmas shopping, run errands or just relax without the kids.

Parents' Day Out, 2008 Parents Day Out '08

At church, the children had fun with various crafts prepared by Mary Jo Blazek and Joyce Summers. Claire Ribble prepared the Gingerbread houses, which the kids loved to decorate and eat! Anne and Marie Pierce provided all the fixings for mini pizzas for lunch. Janice Goertz read stories to some, while others played reindeer games with Andrew and Jeremy Edwards. There was also a showing of Arthur's Christmas movie before the parents returned to claim their children and treasures. Fun was had by all.

The Men's Mission Work Team, a group of Stone Church volunteers, travelled to the Westminster Woods Camp November 7-9, 2008 to do light construction work there. Participating were Gabriel Faber, Art Holtz, Bill Lakatos, David McCreath, Bruce Raby, Rod Thorn, Gary Weiss and Leland Wong. Rod Thorn took the photographs seen here.

Men's Work Trip to Westminster Woods, Nov '08 Work Trip Nov 2008

The Men's Mission Work Team travelled to the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center September 12-16, 2008 to do light construction work for the Center. The project this time was building a roof between two steel storage containers, to provide covered space for valuable vehicles and tools. Bill Palmer and Rod Thorn took the photographs seen here.

Men's Mission Work Trip to Zephyr, Sep 2008 Work Trip Sept 2008

Summer 2008 proved to be a most amazing time for members and friends of Stone Church. In this photo album we show some highlights of seven significant events in our church life. Hopefully, by presenting all these events together one can get some sense of this remarkable summer as a whole.

A Most Amazing Summer (2008) Amazing Summer

Here are the events, and the photo credits:

  • Youth Mission Work Trip, June 15-20. Photos by Lawrence Summers.
  • General Assembly is held in San Jose, June 21-27. Photos by Dan Raby, Donald Foster and General Assembly staff photographers.
  • Zephyr Experience, July 6-11. Photos by Rod Thorn.
  • Choir Concert Tour of the British Isles, July 12-20. Photos by Donald Foster, Virginia Holtz and others.
  • Vacation Church School, August 4-8. Photos by Catherine Edwards and Sylvia Snyder.
  • Worship and Picnic in the Park, August 17. Photos by Fred Oliver.
  • Habitat for Humanity Work Day, August 30. Photos by Jeanette Rapp and Emily Meacham.
The album here contains all of the above, in chronological order. Enjoy!

The Presbyterian Church (USA) held its 218th General Assembly in San Jose from June 21 - 28, 2008 in San Jose, California. A vast number of Stone Church members volunteered for tasks ranging from routine (but much needed) helping out, to playing vital leadership roles in planning worship, guiding tours and much more. Here is an album of scenes at the General Assembly. Photos in this album were taken by PC(USA) personnel. More photos may be viewed at the PC(USA) website Here.

2008 General Assembly Selected Photos 2008 GA Photos

In early 2008 several Stone Church members joined a delegation sponsored by the South Bay Sanctuary Covenant that traveled to El Salvador. There, they met with church and community leaders, and spent time with people in several small villages. Here is an album that interprets, photographically and with comments, the situation in El Salvador and delegation members' response to it.

Photo Credits: Dale Bracey, Rachel Buckley, Mark Reedy, Maureen Ryan, Arlene Schaupp and Suzanne Wolf. Interpretation: Dale Bracey, Chris Nilson and Arlene Schaupp. (Stone Church member Rod Thorn selected the photos from many available and created the web album.)

2008 El Salvador Delegation Selected Photos El Salvador 2008

In March 2008 the Men's Mission Work Team returned to the Westminster Woods camp facility to spend a weekend finishing small decks and filling a bulkhead with gravel. We began that time by "roasting" Leland Wong for his many years of faithful and effective leadership. Here is a photo album of our time together. Also included are photos of two past projects, their open air theatre, and their amazing children's playground.

Men's Work Trip to Westminster Woods, Mar '08 Work Trip Mar 2008

The Men's Mission Work Team spent a long weekend in mid-September at the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center, building a much-needed staircase near the parking garage. Here is a photo album of the project. There was a bit of extra excitment, too: bears were observed in a nearby tree, in broad daylight; and Cabin 93 burned down! Thank you, David McCreath, for the photographs.

Men's Mission Work Trip to Zephyr, Sept 2007 Work Trip Sept 2007

The Rev. Dr. Ken Henry was installed as Pastor of Stone Church, in a service held at 3pm Sunday September 9, 2007. Here is an album of the event. Thank you, Sylvia Snyder, for the photographs.

Ken Henry's Installation Service, Sept 9, 2007 Ken Henry Installed

An energetic Rally Day took place in the morning of September 9, 2007. This marked the official start of our autumn 2007 church program. Here is an album of the event. Thank you, Dan Raby and Sylvia Snyder, for taking the photographs.

Rally Day, Sept 9, 2007 Rally Day 2007

Enjoying a variety of home made and purchased ice creams on a warm evening is a Stone Church late summer tradition. We conclude each with a hymn sing inside the Sanctuary. This year the Vintage Harmonies Quartet joined us for the event. Here is an album of photos from the evening.

Ice Cream Social and Hymn Sing, Aug 2007 Ice Cream '07

Stone Church member Greg Edwards chose as his Eagle Scout Service Project a water conserving form of landscaping for Lincoln House, where the church has its offices and conference rooms. On August 18 and 19 a team of members and friends showed up to assist. Constructing several planter boxes, out of stone and mortar, was part of the project. Here is an album of photos taken of the work.

Landscaping Service Project, Aug 2007 Landscpng '07

Every year Stone Church members hold a combined worship service and picnic at Kelly Park, in San Jose. Here are photos of the 2007 event, which took place on August 19. Thank you, Dan Raby, for most of the photos seen here.

Picnic in the Park, Aug 19, 2007 Picnic, Aug '07

Over the years many Stone Church members attend the Zephyr Experience, at a conference center on the east shore of Lake Tahoe that is owned by the Presbyterian Church. Moreover, many of our members have provided leadership for the event itself. In the past, Marcia Ludwig and Alice Thorn have been Conference Dean for our time of study, fellowship, worship and relaxation.

This year Pat Magee served as Dean, and Jan and Jerry Keifer served with him on the planning committee. Mary Alice Collins, Della Smith and Julie Ludwig worked with youth and children, and Rod Thorn led a workshop in pictorial marquetry.

Here is an album showing our time together. Photos here are by Rod Thorn (Stone Church) and Dick Schlobohm, a Zephyr participant who resides in Mill Valley, CA.

The Zephyr Experience, July 2007 Zephyr 2007

Our choir ended a very fulfilling music season with a party on July 1 at Janice and Mel Goertz' home. Throughout the year we were thrilled to present the Fauré Requiem, selections from Mendelssohn' St. Paul, Randall Thompson's Alleluia and many more wonderful selections. A highlight of the party came when alto Miriam Rowan was honored for her over 40 years service, singing in the choir. Here is an album of selected photos of that event.

Choir Party, July 07 Choir Party '07

Our summer Vacation Church School adventure, "Galilee By The Sea" has just finished. Here is a selection of photos from the week.

Vacation Church School, 2007 VCS 2007

To say a heartfelt "Thank You!" for her service as our Interim Pastor (March 2005 - June 2007), we present this bouquet of spring flowers to the Rev. Marge Palmer.

A Bouquet for Marge Palmer Bouquet Marge

Young people and their individual mentors enjoyed learning and fellowship at their Confirmation Retreat, held at a nearby farm last March 2007.

Confirmation Retreat, March 2007 Confirm 2007

At Stone Church we take the Lenten season seriously, but only after thoroughly enjoying great desserts and a talent show on Fat Tuesday, the evening immediately preceeding Lent.

Fat Tuesday 2007 Talent Show Fat Tues 2007

On the first weekend of the New Year (Jan. 5-7) the Senior High Youth Fellowship enjoyed a time in the snow at North Lake Tahoe. Here are photos from their time together.

Senior High Snow Trip Jan. 2007 Snow Trip 1-07

For Advent 2006 the Stone Church children presented a pageant, "The Archangel Gabriel's Excellent Adventure." Here are photos from the two last rehearsals, and also from the well-attended performance. Viewers gave the children a standing ovation.

Archangel Gabriel's Excellent Adventure Gabriel '06

Middle School Campout, Nov. 2006 MS Cmpout '06

Westminster Woods is a unique camp and conference center nestled in the Sonoma County Coastal Redwoods, one hour north of San Francisco and 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean. In November 2006 volunteers from the Stone Church men's fellowship group spent a weekend helping with light construction projects. Here are scenes from that journey, along with some photos of camp life there.

Men's Work Trip to Westminster Woods, Nov. 2006 Trip 9-06

In October 2006 the Senior High Youth Fellowship gathered to carve Halloween pumpkins, and for fun. Here is a sampling of photos from that occasion.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving, Oct. 2006 Pumpkin 2006

Every year Stone Church members hold a combined worship service and picnic at Kelly Park, in San Jose. Here are photos of the 2006 event, which took place on September 24. In the spirit of the day, the choir sung sacred music arranged in a Bluegrass style. Also, the sermon was in pantomine, where a clown took upon himself a host of human problems, and laid them upon the cross on behalf of us all.

Picnic in the Park, Sept 24, 2006 Picnic 2006

In September 2006 ten members of the Men's fellowship travelled to the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center at Zephyr Cove, NV, to replace the worn and not-too-sturdy staircase that had led from the Tahoe Center buildings to the Davidson Ampitheater, which is near the lake. They finished well over half of the project, so that on-site maintenance people can readily complete the task. Along the way there was an unexpected adventure, as one person struck the watermain while working to soften the ground for digging. One wag named the cascade the "Zephyr Point Geyser." There's a photo.

Men's Mission Work Trip to Zephyr, Sept 2006 Work Trip 9-06

The Stone Church Senior High group spends time camping together at the beach every summer. In 2006 everyone enjoyed the sand, waves, scenic beauty and good weather at Sunset Beach, just south of Santa Cruz, CA. Here are some of the best photos from that trip.

Senior High Sunset Beach Trip, 2006 Beach 2006

From June 19-23, Stone Church hosted a memorable Vacation Church School, based on a "Jerusalem Marketplace" theme. Students travelled back in time to experience a synagogue school, village playground, family traditions and crafts, including carpentry, baking, weaving, leatherwork, jewelry, pottery, candy, and brick-making. Students also heard stories of Jesus' life.

Vacation Bible School, June 2006 VBS, 6-2006

In June 2006, nine members of the Stone Church High School Group, with their adult advisors, travelled to the town of Earlimart, about 30 miles south of Visalia, in Tulare County, to work on two building projects organized by Self-Help Enterprises. Here are selected photos from this trip.

Youth Work Trip, June 2006 Youth Trip 2006

As we enter the fall of 2006, we wish to honor the ministries of three gifted Stone Church women, who have all left to pursue other career options:
    Choir Director Lucik Aprahamian who now is working on a PhD degree in conducting;
    Office Manager Beth Sorensen Agnew who now is working as a counselling professional; and
    Associate Pastor Rev. Rebecca Kuiken, who will be working locally in human resources.
The floral bouquet album here was created especially for them.

Bouquets For Lucik, Beth and Rebecca Bouquets

On Maundy Thursday (the Thursday just before Easter) over 100 Stone Church members and friends met to celebrate a worshipful meal that combined elements of the Jewish Passover with the resurrection hope that is central to our Christian faith. Here is a photo album from that event.

Also, by popular request, click Here for the recipe for the delicious Moroccan Chicken main course.

Seder Meal, April 13, 2006 Seder 2006

Since 1979 Stone Church members and friends have participated in the local Church World Service sponsored "Crop Walk". Many members have given their time and talent in providing key leadership for the local walk, which has grown to become the largest on the West Coast of the United States. The Album here provides photos for many years, beginning with 1981.

Stone Church in the Crop Walk, 1981 - 2005 Crop Walk

Women's Retreat, 2006 Retreat 2006

Youth Group Ski Trip, 2006 Ski Trip 2006

Children from preschool age through about third grade drew pictures telling of their spiritual experiences in the Stone Church community. Their drawings and comments are shown in the following album. Other comments: "The pastor should tell about love" and "I like to bring the Bible up front at Stone Church."

Children's Drawings, Nov. 2005 Drawings 2005

Men's Mission Work Trip, Sept 2005 Work Trip, 9-05

Church Picnic Day, Sept 25 2005 Picnic 2005

Senior High Beach Trip, August 2005 Beach 2005

Senior Tea, May 2005 Senior Tea 05

Youth Mission Work Trip, March 2005 Youth Trip '05

Women's Retreat, 2005 Retreat 2005

Women's Retreat, 2004 Retreat 2004

All-Church Mission Project, May 2004 Grdn Work '04

The Renaissance Dinner of June 1991 Dinner 1991


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