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We have a variety of resources available to borrow for adult groups studying Women in the Bible. To help you quickly find them, we organized them by women found in the Old Testament followed by those in the New Testament.


VCB-512 BAD GIRLS OF THE BIBLE- (SH/A); 60 min; Guide; CBD, 2001.

Author and speaker Liz Curtis Higgs brings ten of the Bible's most infamous women to life. Learn about Jezebel, Lot's wife, Eve, the woman at the well, Rahab, Delilah, Sapphira, Michal, Potiphar's wife, and the woman who anointed Jesus' feet with her tears.


VCB-513 REALLY BAD GIRLS OF THE BIBLE- (SH/A); 60 min.; Guide; CBD, 2001.

Liz Curtis Higgs talks about eight more of the Bible's "bad belles." Hear about Athaliah, Herodias, Tamar, Jael, Bathsheba, the witch of Endor, the ashamed adulteress, and the desperate bleeding woman.


VCB-802 TEN BIBLE PEOPLE LIKE ME - BY JAMIE BUCKINGHAM- (Y/A); 10 12-min. episodes; Workbook not to be copied; Paraclete Press, 1987.

Jamie Buckingham on location in Israel gives 12 min. character sketches of Bible people with applications for today. Includes: Abraham, Joshua & Caleb, Deborah, Gideon, David, Elijah, John the Baptist, Mary & Elizabeth, John Mark, and Simon Peter.


VCB-803 WHOLE AND FORGIVEN: A Bible Study Experience with WALTER WINK- (A); 25 to 35 min.; Guide; EcuFilm, 1992.

Using role-play and discussion, Walter Wink involves his students in a Bible study on some miracles and a parable of Jesus.







VCB-806 MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE hosted by Richard Kiley and Jean Simmons- (A); 7 videos; 50 min. ea.; Multimedia Entertainment, 1994/95.

The series sheds light on some of the most intriguing mysteries of the Bible. Well-known authors and scholars comment on background material for familiar Biblical stories. Artistic presentations, which include paintings, photographs, and hieroglyphics, are given during the commentary. The series also includes stories of Abraham, Joseph, The Philistines, Prophets, The Execution of Jesus, and The Apocalypse.

.5 QUEEN ESTHER: FAR AWAY AND LONG AGO- Takes the viewer to the magnificent ruins of the ancient Persian palace of Persepolis and unearths surprising secrets that cast a new light on this ancient Biblical mystery of the story of Esther.


VCB-809 WHAT'S GOD UP TO?: BIBLE STORIES THROUGH NEW EYES- (Y/A); 2 videos 170 min.; Guide; EcuFilm, 2001.

Biblical scholar and author Amy-Jill Levine asks edgy questions about familiar Bible stories, causing them to lose their familiarity so we can think about them in new ways.

.1 VOLUME 1- (85:08 min.)

Program 1 - The Temptation in the Garden (28:26 min.)

Program 2 - The Sacrifice of Isaac (28:53 min.)

Program 3 - David and Bathsheba

.2 VOLUME 2 - (84:13 min.)

Program 4 - The Prodigal Son (28:42 min.)

Program 5 - The Canaanite Woman (27:28 min.)

Program 6 - Jesus with Mary and Martha (28:03 m.)



DVB-814 GOOD GOD THEATER SERIES- (Y/A); DVD series; Guide; Abingdon, 2008.

A myriad of actors in Ted & Company TheaterWorks bring to life stories from the Old Testament with freshness and humor.  This DVD series will capture the imagination and hearts of youth and adults alike and may even send them back to their Bibles to check out the "real" stories for themselves.

.1 ACT 1: OLD TESTAMENT – 16 sessions, 4 – 10 min. ea.

10. David and Bathsheba – 2 Samuel 11:1-12:23 (6 min.)


VCG-806 SISTERS: BIBLE STUDY FOR WOMEN- (A); 6 sessions, 15 min. ea; Leader’s Guide;

DVG-806 Participant’s Guide and DVD; Cokesbury, 2003. (May be updated).

“Sisters” is a 6-session Bible study for women. As women in “Sisters” groups journey together, they will connect and apply the Scriptures to their daily lives, mature in their faith, and grow closer to God and each other.

.2 FINDING BALANCE: LOVING GOD WITH HEART AND SOUL, MIND AND STRENGTH with Becca Stevens- 6 sessions, 15 min. ea.

This 6-week study helps women consider the question of balance in their lives--between service and worship, duty and devotion, doing and being. Author Becca Stevens guides the study, examining the lives of New Testament women such as Mary and Martha, Lydia, Mary the Mother of Jesus, the Canaanite woman, and Mary Magdalene. On the sixth week the class explores "The Anointings of Jesus Christ," in which Mary played a vital role.

.4 A MILE IN HER SHOES with Sheron C. Patterson- 1 video, 6 sessions; 16 min. ea.; Leader’s Guide and a participant’s book; EcuFilm, 2005.

Sheron C. Patterson introduces six extraordinary women of the Old Testament. In so doing, she will inspire and encourage you and your group in your own faith journeys. Lessons are: 1. Deborah – Lessons on Leadership 2. Rahab – Moving from the Gutter to Glory 3. Hagar – Moving from Tears to Triumph 4. Abigail – Living for God in Spite of the Negative 5. Hannah – Loving God Despite the Pain 6. The Widow with the Oil – Hanging on until Your Miracle Comes.




VCJ-822 FALLING IN LOVE WITH JESUS with Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli- (A); 2 videos; 10 sessions (5-min. intro. for session 1; 8 30-min. videos; no video for last session; Guide; Word Publishing, 2001. (Gift)

This ten-session women's study skillfully weaves video presentation, group discussion, and in-depth Bible study to walk women through the three stages of a love affair with Jesus. First Love (the euphoric courtship and honeymoon) Wilderness Love (painful questioning and doubts Invincible Love (deep abiding confidence that all is well).

.1 Session 4 - Ruth

.2 Session 9 – Ruth



- 404 Each video contains 3 or 4 films of the series- Visual illustrations (filmed in Israel) of narrated text of the RSV Bible. A study kit has been prepared for each film by an ecumenical group of renowned Biblical scholars. Each kit contains 2 filmstrips with commentary on dual-age cassettes, script, and study magazine. It takes 2 hours (or 2 one-hour sessions) to use each study kit effectively. They will not be sent unless specifically ordered.

VCO-401 THE BEGINNING- 60 min.

CREATION (Genesis 1-2:4)- The seven days of creation.

ADAM AND EVE (Genesis 2:4-25 & 3:1-24)- Creation of man; Creation of Eve; The Fall, the punishment and expulsion.


VCO-403 ISAAC, ESAU, JACOB- 120 min.

REBEKAH (Genesis 23-25:18)- The death of Sarah; The cave of Machpelah; The search for a bride for Isaac; Rebekah at the well; The marriage is arranged; The wedding of Isaac and Rebekah; The death of Abraham.

RACHEL AND LEAH (Genesis 29:10-30:43)- Jacob goes to Laban; Jacob marries Leah and Rachel; Jacob works for fourteen years.



This story of O'Shea's marriage to a prostitute, set in America during the depression, is a modern parallel to the Old Testament story of Hosea's marriage to Gomer. "The way she treats me," says O'Shea, "is the way we all treat God." A journalist interviewer says, "And maybe the way you treat her, O'Shea, is the way God treats us." A good discussion-starter for a class on relationships...


VCO-800 ANCIENT TALES FROM A PROMISED LAND SERIES- (Y/A); 2 15-min. stories per tape; Guide; EcuFilm, 1992.

Comedian story-teller Tony Robinson brings Bible stories alive as he energetically acts out the Bible stories on location in the Holy Land. Stories span the books of Joshua, Judges, and 1 and 2 Samuel.

.2 DEBORAH AND THE HEADBANGER- Deborah appoints Barak to go to war against Sisera.

.7 DAVID GETS TO NUMBER ONE- David is crowned king after he defeats Saul's son. He is corrupted by his relationship with Bathsheba and Nathan, the holy man, points out his sin.


VCO-802 GREAT FIGURES OF THE BIBLE: By Elie Wiesel (A); 6 videos, 6 sessions, 60 min. ea.; EcuFilm.

This series is based in part on Wiesel’s classic Messengers of God, Biblical Portraits and Legends. The videos were filmed in Israel and include great works of art from 50 different museums throughout the world. Wiesel reveals how these age-old Biblical stories confront people with powerful truths that shape our lives.

.1 The Story of Temptation, Adam & Eve and After


VCO-803 GENESIS: A LIVING CONVERSATION by Bill Moyers-(A); 5 videos, 10 sessions, 55 min. ea., Guide, EcuFilm, 1996.

These Genesis stories speak to people today about family and world crises, as well as about the age-old questions that continue to concern people: temptation and transgression, sacrifice and exile, forgiveness and redemption.


A. God's creation of the earth and man

B. Adam and Eve's testing of the forbidden fruits and their subsequent expulsion from Eden.


A. The story of Cain and Abel

B. The story of Noah, his ark, and the great Flood


A. God makes his covenant with Abraham

B. The story of Abraham's relationship with Hagar and Sarah


A. The story of God's command that Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac

B. Rebekah procures Isaac's blessing for Jacob through deceit.


VCO-804 A & E BIOGRAPHY SERIES: OLD TESTAMENT COLLECTION- (J/A); 6 videos, 50 min. ea. (except for .2); No guide; Videos with Values, 1996.

Presents a fanciful blend of scripture and history, legend and conjecture, focusing on some of the Old Testament's most intriguing individuals. Biblical scholars and experts from other disciplines are featured along with classic art and ancient artifacts.

.3 ADAM AND EVE - LOST INNOCENCE- The simple story of temptation and innocence lost--an in-depth look at Adam and Eve.

.5 SAMSON AND DELILAH- Samson was such a mighty warrior that armies fell before him, yet he was tamed by a Philistine Courtesan.

.6 SOLOMON AND SHEBA- This program tells the fascinating story of the mysterious Queen of Sheba, who finally captured the heart of the wise King Solomon.


VCO-805 THE BIBLE ACCORDING TO KOSSOFF- (Y/A); 9 videos, 20 min. ea. (except .1 – 29 min.); No guide; Films for the Humanities, 1989.

Marvelous storyteller and author, David Kossoff, re-tells some of the Old Testament stories with humor and insight in a manner that totally captures the viewer's interest.

.6 THE STORY OF RUTH- The story of Ruth's loyalty and devotion to her mother-in-law after

the death of her husband and her eventual redemption by a kinsman-redeemer.


VCO-809 GREAT FIGURES OF THE OLD TESTAMENT with Amy-Jill Levine- (A); 6 videos, 24 sessions; 60 min. ea.; The Teaching Company, 2002.

Professor Levine from Vanderbilt University offers a fresh perspective on Old Testament texts through the eyes of some of its most memorable personalities. She takes a closer look at specific characters: who they are, what they do, and how they have been assessed across the centuries.

.1A Part 1

Lecture 2 - Adam and Eve

.1B Lecture 6 - Sarah and Hagar

.1 Lecture 10 - Joshua and Rahab

Lecture 11 - Deborah

.2B Lecture 19 - Ruth

Lecture 20 - Esther


VCO-813 THE OLD TESTAMENT with Amy-Jill Levine- (A); 6 videos; 12 sessions, ,30 min. ea.; Guide; Teaching Company, (Gift) 2001.


A. Lecture 2 – Adam and Eve

Lecture 4 – Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar


DVO-814 UPPITY WOMEN OF THE BIBLE- (A); 4 DVDs; 6-7 Sessions ea., 10-15 min. each session.; Guides; Living the Questions, 2010.

This series by Rev. Dr. Lisa Wolfe combines careful scholarship with humor and fresh insights. She presents just what your group needs for lively, thoughtful discussion of “uppity” Old Testament women. The series also includes Judith from the Apocrypha. Each session ends with discussion questions so that participants—with or without a trained facilitator--can understand, debate, and explore the issues raised by the stories of these often-misunderstood Biblical women.

.1 RUTH- In seven engaging sessions, Rev. Dr. Lisa Wolfe takes you on an enlightening journey through the Book of Ruth. Dr. Wolfe considers the vulnerability of widows and the difficult situation of foreigners in biblical times. She explores themes of loyalty, bitterness, courage, poverty, and seduction.

.2 SONG OF SONGS –As Rev. Dr. Lisa Wolfe navigates this intricate and sometimes puzzling book, she combines deep scholarship with a charming enthusiasm for the text. She poses some of the central questions surrounding Song of Songs: Who wrote it? What are the main characters like? Is it history or myth? Some parts of it will cause you to laugh and even blush! Dr. Wolfe shows this book to be an intriguing and powerful work of poetry and literature.

.3 ESTHER – Dr. Wolfe digs deeply and lovingly into this complex story that includes a fanciful Persian kingdom, a dim-witted king, a defiant queen, an egotistical lieutenant, and a loyal uncle. She presents a fascinating study of power, corruption, violence, and courage.

.4 JUDITH – The story of Judith, from the Koine Greek version of the Hebrew Old Testament, reads like a historical novel rife with warfare, lust, espionage and intrigue. This six-session video takes you from a mythological battlefield and a besieged city into the studio and psyche of the Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi.



VCE-502 WERE YOU THERE?: THE LIVING WAY OF THE CROSS- (A); 22 min.; Guide; Oblate, 1990.

Presents the Stations of the Cross. Actors portray characters such as Pontius Pilate, Simon of Cyrene, The Woman in the Crowd, Mary Magdalene, Mary–the Mother of Jesus, and Nicodemus.


DVC-817 LOST CHRISTIANITIES- (A); 6 DVDs, 2 lectures ea.; CD with downloadable lecturer’s materials; 11 hrs., 5 min. total; Biblical Archaeology Society, 2007.

In 12 in-depth lectures from the Biblical Archaeology Society’s Austin Seminar, three prominent Bible scholars lead the viewer on a journey to rediscover the lost people, practices and writings of the earliest Christians.

.3 & .4 THOMAS AND THE GNOSTICS by April D. DeConick

Session 8- Where Were the Women? The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene


VCJ-524 PEOPLE WHO MET JESUS- (J/A); 8 short episodes per tape; Also on DVD; Guide;

DVJ-524 Narration; Vision Video, 2001.

A series of short video stories about people who met Jesus.

.1 People included are: 1. Simon Peter, 2. Matthew, 3. The Centurion, 4. The Woman at the Well, 5. The Nobleman/The Bleeding Woman, 6. Jairus, 7. The Rich Young Ruler, 8. Nicodemus. 58 min.


VCJ-807 MEETING JESUS- Dr. Michael Williams- (A); 6 videos, 15 - 20 min. ea.; Guides; EcuFilm, 1993.

In this series Dr. Williams tells about six familiar encounters with Jesus. Through his skill and the power of the stories, Williams invites the believers to reflect on them in new ways and to come to fresh insights.

.1 MARY AT THE TEMPLE- (17 min.) Presents the story of Mary and Jesus at the temple. Includes background material on the Passover feast.

.3 THE SYROPHOENICIAN WOMAN- (15 min.) Jesus meets a Gentile woman, responds as a Jew, is admonished, and then reaffirms that the Gospel is for the whole world.

.4 THE WOMAN AT THE WELL- (20 min.) Jesus shocks his followers by breaking social taboos and proclaims his messiahship to an outcast Samaritan woman.


VCJ-822 FALLING IN LOVE WITH JESUS with Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli- (A); 2 videos; 10 sessions (5-min. intro. for session 1; 8 30-min. videos; no video for last session; Guide; Word Publishing, 2001. (Gift)

This ten-session women's study skillfully weaves video presentation, group discussion, and in-depth Bible study to walk women through the three stages of a love affair with Jesus. First Love (the euphoric courtship and honeymoon) Wilderness Love (painful questioning and doubts Invincible Love (deep abiding confidence that all is well).

.1 Session 1 - Introduction.

Session 2 - Elizabeth and Mary

Session 5 - Mary and Martha

.2 Session 7 & 8 Mary and Martha


VCN-504 THE VISIT- (Y/A); 8 min.; Guide; American Bible Society, 1994.

The skill of biblical experts and creative film makers, along with a compelling original musical score performed by Women of the Calabash, combine to give young people a new translation of the biblical text of Luke 1:39-56 - Mary's visit with Elizabeth.

DVN-506 MARY MAGDALENE: THE HIDDEN APOSTLE- (Y/A); 50 min.; No guide, A & E Television Network, 2000.

The video shows Mary Magdalene to be not a prostitute, but a woman of wealth whose financial support was crucial to the early survival of Christianity. The special relationship she had with Christ led to resentment among the other followers, and her reputation was tarnished as a result. Drawing on ancient texts, rare art, and the research of the top scholars at Harvard, Yale, Catholic University, and the University of Wisconsin, this far-reaching portrait compares the evidence we have with the stories we have heard-- and tries to reconcile them.


DVN-512 MARY OF NAZARETH- (Y/A); 50 min.; No guide; A & E Television Network, 1996.

Though she is rarely mentioned in the Gospels, Mary is doubtlessly the most important and most revered woman in biblical history. In this penetrating program, biblical experts and leading historians probe for clues to uncover the hidden secrets of Mary’s story.


VCN-803 A.D.- (Y/A); 3 videos, 12 sessions, 120 min. per video; Guide; Gospel Films, 1988.

This mini-series follows the "Jesus of Nazareth" series and covers the years from 30 - 69 A.D. It portrays the rising confrontation between the mighty Roman Empire, Jewish Zealots and the early Christians.

.2 Session 5 Focuses on Saul's conversion and the response of the Christian Community. Includes the story of Priscilla and Aquila.


VCN-804 A MIDDLE EASTERN PERSPECTIVE IN NEW TESTAMENT STUDIES by Dr. Ken Bailey- (A); 13 videos; 13 sessions; about 30 min. ea.; Resource sheets; Harvest, 1982.

Dr. Bailey is Research Professor of Middle Eastern New Testament Studies at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Research in Jerusalem. He has lived in the Middle East most of his life. His rock-solid Biblical research, immersed in the Semitic mind, provides surprising insights. Ken’s teaching is warm, human, and Christ-centered.

.8 WOMEN IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, PART ONE- Contrasting Views and Female Theological Themes in the Old Testament- Dr. Bailey discusses both male and female aspects of God using Scripture for each aspect.

.9 WOMEN IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, PART TWO- Women Leaders- Beginning with a Biblical look at Eve, Dr. Bailey discusses many of the women of the New Testament. Included are Mary and Martha, Mary Magdalene, and Mary, whom he calls the first woman theologian. He points out that women were disciples, prophetesses, deacons, and ministers.

.10 WOMEN IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, PART THREE- The Virgin Mary: A Biblical View- Reveals Mary as a remarkable woman of faith and obedience. Dr. Bailey points out that Jesus recognized the significance of Mary as a person–a person of humility, courage, thoughtfulness, and prayer.

.11 WOMEN IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, PART FOUR- Men and Women Prophets: How Should They Dress?- Dr. Bailey shows how women in the New Testament have been given equal authority with men to prophesy and lead worship in the church.

.12 WOMEN IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, PART FIVE- Women Silent in the Church?- Dr. Bailey gives an explanation of Paul’s comment that the women should keep silent in the church from I Corinthians 14. He also gives background for the admonition to women in I Timothy 2

.13 WOMEN IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, PART SIX- Who Teaches Whom?, Human Sexuality and Mutual Submission- Dr. Bailey brings new light, based on his scholarship, to the Biblical teaching about sexuality and marriage relationships. He portrays Paul as being wise and freeing in his discussion of submission found in Ephesians 5.


VCN-805 THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES- (Y/A); 4 videos, 4 sessions, 46-48 min.; ea.; No guides; Nest Entertainment, 1995.

A Biblical narration of the book of Acts from the New International Version. The viewer will experience the time of mystery and wonder that follows the resurrection of Jesus. The video series includes Saul's Damascus Road conversion. This powerful and inspiring presentation features noted actors Dean Jones, James Brolin, and Jennifer O'Neill.

.3 VOL. THREE: CHAPTERS 14-20- Luke tells the story of tempestuous years of conflict, danger, and turmoil as the young Christian Church opens its arms to the Gentile world. Journey with Paul, Barnabas, Silas, and Timothy as they teach and baptize, establish churches, and plant the seeds of

faith throughout Greece and Macedonia. Witness the conversion of Lydia at Philippi.


VCN-819 THE APOSTLES, THE COMPLETE TEN-PART SERIES- (Y/A); 2 videos, 10 sessions; 130 min. ea. video; No guide; CBD, 2001.

These programs piece together fascinating historical and Biblical evidence to uncover the real lives and identities of the first disciples of Jesus. Featuring renowned Biblical scholars and members of the clergy, each section is illustrated with breath-taking location footage and magnificent religious art. Each episode examines both the contemporary and historical impact these apostles had on their religion, showing how their legacy and influence is still felt in Christianity today.

.1 Peter, Andrew, John, James, Matthew

.2 Thomas, Bartholomew, Philip, James, Thaddeus, Simon, Judas, Mary Magdalene


DVN-820 THE GOSPEL OF JOHN- (Y/A); 3 DVDs; 4 hrs. 40 min. total, No guide; Visual Bible, 2003.

The Gospel of John vividly comes to life in a faithful and powerful dramatization of the Biblical text. It recreates the era of Jesus during a tumultuous period that changed the course of history. The narrative is based on the Good News Bible.

.1 1 hr. 40 min

Session 5 - Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

Session 11 - The Adulterous Woman, The Light of the World


DVX-803 THE JOURNEY- (Y/A); 70 min.; Leader’s guide, Book, Curriculum resource book for children; Abingdon Press, 2011.

Take a journey with Adam Hamilton as he travels from Nazareth to Bethlehem in this fascinating look at the birth of Jesus Christ. Filmed in the Holy Land, the DVD has the following segments: 1. Mary of Nazareth 2. Joseph of Bethlehem 3. Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth 4. From Nazareth to Bethlehem 5. The Manger A children’s curriculum resource book is included.

Bonus: The Holy Land Today (13:17)

Preview: The Journey (1:05)

Preview: Excerpts from the Journey (1:32)



Women of the Bible



SCRIPTURE by Ann Spangler and Jean E. Syswerda (A); Zondervan, 2007.

This updated book focuses on 52 remarkable women in Scripture—women whose struggles to live with faith and courage are not unlike our own. The update includes a list of all the women in the Bible, a timeline of the women, a list of women in Jesus’ family tree, a list of women in Jesus’ life and ministry.


ABB-8 WOMEN OF THE BIBLE with Paintings from the Great Art Museums of the World- by

Carole Armstrong/ (Y/A); Simon and Schuster, 1998.

Women of the Bible presents seventeen stories of women of the Bible who have been celebrated for

their courage and independence of spirit. Each story is accompanied by a religious painting from a

celebrated artist, including Medieval and Renaissance painters.


ABB-10 MORE BAD GIRLS OF THE BIBLE by Barbara J. Essex- (Y/A); Pilgrim Press, 2009.

This Bible study consists of twelve units and is designed for individual and/or group study. Bad girls from the Hebrew Bible are Hagar, Shiphrah and Puah, Miriam, Zipporah, Bathsheba, Rizpah, and Huldah. Bad girls from the New Testament are a crippled woman, the Syrophoenician woman, Martha and Mary, the Samaritan woman at the well, and Mary Magdalene.


ABB-12 BAD GIRLS OF THE BIBLE by Barbara J. Essex –(A); Pilgrim Press, 1999.

Exploring women of questionable virtue. Eve, Lot’s Wife, Rebekah, Tamar, Potiphar’s Wife, Delilah, Jezebel, Job’s Wife, Gomer, Herodia, Woman Caught in Adultery, and Sapphira.


ABO-2 ON THEIR WAY TO WONDERFUL: A JOURNEY WITH RUTH AND NAOMI by Linda H. Hollies- (A); Pilgrim Press, 2004.

Hollies offers a Bible study on the covenant that Ruth made to Naomi as they left Moab on their way to Jerusalem. She creatively retells the story using the liturgical year.


ABO-5 JUST WIVES? STORIES OF POWER AND SURVIVAL IN THE OLD TESTAMENT AND TODAY- by Katharine Doob Sakenfeld-(A); Westminster John Knox Press, 2003 (Gift).

Giving attention to social worlds of women (ancient and modern), Katharine Sakenfeld explores the stories of eleven women in the Old Testament—Sarah, Hagar, Ruth, Naomi, Vashti, Esther, Michal, Abigail, Bathsheba, Gomer, and the Proverbs “Good Wife.” She relates their struggles to struggles women face today. Study questions for group discussion are included.