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       2010-2011 Revision

General - (C/A) VCP-312; VCF-524 (E) VCP-330.1
    (Y/A) VCI-800.2; VCW-803.16;
    (A) VCG-504; VCM-598; VCK-802.1;
        VCB-804.6; DVG-514, 515; DVG-809, 810
    Church Responsibility - (A) VCB-804.6;
    Ministry to - (A) VCM-598, 637; DVG-810
    Women - (A) VCP-802

(J/A) VCV-309  (Y/A) VCW-521
(A) VCW-809.2; VCJ-806.3
    Gabriel - (E) VCO-306.24 (Y/A) DVB-814.2
        (A) VCW-816.5

    And literature - (A) VCC-813; DVW-846.3
And religion – (Y/A) DVS-502 (A) VCW-812.3
Art - (A) DVW-846.3
Christ in art - (Y/A) VCJ-510, DVS-502
 (A) VCJ-519
Dance - (Y) VCY-517 (A) VCP-802.4, .5;
Drama - (J/A) VCJ-504 (SH/A) VCM-630
    (A) DVW-846.3
Ministry through - (Y) VCY-517
    (SH/A) VCM-630
    (A) VCM-801.8
Music - See MUSIC
Vatican - (A) VCC-804

Series - (Pre/Pri) VCB-305 (K/Pri) VCB-308
    (K/E) VCB-306; DVB-312  (E) VCB-310
    (J/JH) VCB-307 (JH/A) VCO-501
    (Y/A) VCB-506; VCB-809; DVB-812
    VCB-815 – 818; DVB-814
    (A) VCB-804, 805, 806, 807;
        VCB-808, 809; VCJ-820; VCB-811; VCW-835
General – (PRI/J) DVZ-312 (J/A) VCO-307
    (Y/A) VCB-505, 506, 507; DVB-812.1, 1, .2;
    (A) VCW-803.64; VCW-817.3; VCB-508;
        VCU-553 (Su'99); VCB-809, 810.2, 811;
    VCG-806; VCW-835; DVW-839, 840; DVO-811;
     DVB-517, DVW-850.1
Animals of - (E) VCB-304
Apocrypha - General - (A) VCB-811.1; VCJ-825.3A
    Maccabees - (E) VCQ-304
    Tobit - (Y/A) VCO-805.9
Archaeology - (JH/A) VCB-502
    (Y/A) VCO-501; VCB-506.1, 509.2, .3; VCB-505;
        VCD-802.5; VCJ-814.1; DVN-508
     (A) VCB-807; VCB-806.3, .6, .7; VCB-807;
        VCJ-811; VCJ-813; VCB-504; VCJ-521; DVJ-824; DVJ-528
    Dead Sea Scrolls - (Y/A) VCB-505.1; B-506.1; VCD-802.5;
        DVJ-824.2 (A) DVO-811
As Literature - (A) VCB-810
Authority - (Y) VCY-505.6 (Y/A) VCW-803.17, .23;
    VCW-803.45; VCO-501; VCB-505, 805 (A) VCW-817.3;
        VCU-553 (Su'99); DVW-840
Background - (J/JH) VCB-503 (Y/A) VCB-506
    (A) VCB-805; VCD-804.4; VCB-810.1
Catholic Beliefs - (A) VCZ-801.13
Children of - (E) VCB-201.3, 300, 305, 306.15, .16; 308.4;
    VCB-310.3; VCO-302.8; 304, 306, 311, VCJ-313, 316;
    (A) VCM-696
History - (E) VCB-309; DVB-312.1, .2
    (JH/A) VCB-502, 503
    (Y/A) VCB-506
    (A) VCC-516, 517, 518; VCB-805, 808; VCD-804.4;
        VCU-553(Su'99); DVB-517
    Chronology – (A) VCI-805.3
    Dead Sea Scrolls - (Y/A) VCB-505, 506; VCD-802.5;
    (A) VCB-504, 805, 807C.1; VCJ-818.1
Illiteracy -(A) VCB-516
In Life Today - (Y/A) VCW-801B.2; VCB-506
     (A) VCB-804; VCW-816.6
Interpretation - (A) VCB-504, 508, 808; VCJ-808, 812;
    DVW-839; DVF-841
Life in Times of - (K/E) VCB-302
    (E/A) VCB-301 (A) VCB-804, 807E; VCJ-818.1;
Literacy - (A) VCF-523
Prayer Use - (A) VCW-810.4
Stories for Children - (K/E) VCB-201
    (E) VCC-306.1; VCB-309
Study -
    (C/Y) VCB-503 (JH) VCB-500
    (Y/A) VCW-801B.2 VCK-803 (A) VCB-807, 808, 516,
    Adult Bible Studies - (See 800 study series)
    New Testament - VCN-400's; VCN-804; VCB-801
    Old Testament – (Y/A) DVB-518 VCO-400's;
    Presbyterian - See VCK-800's
    Youth Bible Studies
        VCY-519, 529; VCO-506; VCN and VCO-400's;
Tabernacle - (JH/A) VCB-514
Translations - (A) VCB-511; VCB-811.1
Wilderness - (A) VCB-807B.2; VCB-807C.1

(E) VCC-305 (Y/A) VCV-800.1 (A) VCW-802;
VCC-802; VCW-807.1; VCK-802.3; VCW-827

    (A) VCN-809.2; VCW-827

General - (C/A) VCT-513; VCJ-315, 316
    (Pre/K) VCX-332
    (Pre/Pri) VCB-305.1; VCJ-312
    (Pre/E) VCK-300 (K/Pri) VCR-304; VCB-308.2
    (K/E) VCB-302.1 (E) VCN-301.1; VCB-300.4;
        VCN-303.6; DVN-301.1; DVB-308.2; VCX-343
    (E/A) VCG-211; VCX-309; VCN-401
    (Y/A) VCJ-804.1; VCJ-417; VCX-509; VCJ-517/
         VCX-511; DVX-512, 513
    (A) VCJ-818.2
Advent - (C/A) VCX-500; VCT-513; DVX-515.1, .2
     (Pre/Pri) VCK-300
    (Pri/4th) VCX-339 (E) VCX-322; 344 (E/JH) VCX-333
         (Y/A) DVB-814.1 (A) VCX-800.1, 802
Annunciation - (E) VCO-306.24 (E/A) VCN-401
    (Y/A) VCO-504
Carols - (C/A) VCX-308, 320, 324, 504; DVX-515.2
    (Y/A) VCX-506
Celebrations – (E) DVX-345 (Y/A) VCX-505, 509
Creche – (Pre-Pri) VCX-318 (J/A) VCX-501
    (Y/A) DVX-512
Customs - (E) VCX-315, 326; VCQ-305; VCX-344
    (E/A) VCX-308, 321, 504; DVX-515
    (JH/A) VCH-502 (Y/A) VCX-509
Epiphany & Wisemen - (C/A) VCT-513
    (Pre/Pri) VCK-300; VCJ-312
    (K/E) VCB-201.3
    (E) VCX-301; VCX-307; VCX-319
    (J/A) VCX-502 (Y/A) VCX-505; DVX-514
    (A) VCX-507, 800.1, .3
Giving - (Pre/Pri) VCX-312
    (K/E) VCX-314
    (E) VCC-301; VCX-319.1, 342 (E/A) VCX-309
    (J/A) VCX-502  (Y/A) VCX-505;
Meaning - (C/A) VCX-306; VCX-500; VCX-310, 303
    (Pre/Pri) VCX-312, 318
    (K/E) VCX-314
    (E) VCX-301, 315, 317, 319, 334; VCX-343, 345
    (E/JH) VCP-313.9 (E/A) VCX-309
    (Y/A) VCJ-417; VCX-503, 505, 511, 513 (A) VCJ-815; DVX-801
Prophecy - (E) VCO-306.24
Star of Bethlehem - (K/E) VCB-201.3
(C/A) VCX-307 (Y/A) DVX-514 (A) VCJ-811; VCX-507;
Stories for - (C/A) VCX-328; VCX-336 (Pre/Pri) VCX-323
    (K/Pri) VCX-325; (E) VCX-326, 329, 330, 331, 334, 335;
        VCX-337; VCN-303.6; VCX-340, 341, 343, 345
        DVX-347, 348
    (E/JH) VCP-334.5, 231 (Y/A) VCX-508, 510
    (A) VCX-507; DVX-801
Story - (C/A) VCX-311, 338 (Pre/K) VCX-332
    (Pre/Pri) VCX-318; VCZ-303.2; VCK-300; VCB-305.1;
    (K/Pri) VCB-308.2 (K/E) VCB-201.3
    (E) VCX-301; VCN-301.1; VCX-315, 319, 322; DVB-308.2;
        DVN-301.1; DVX-346, 347 (E/A) VCX-303, 305, 307, 324;
        DVX-515 (J/A) VCX-501; VCE-503
    (Y/A) VCN-806.1; VCX-511 (A) VCX-800.1
St. Nicholas - (E) VCC-301 (Y/A) VCX-509

Administration - (Pres.) - (A) VCK-521, 801.4
    (UMC) - (Y/A) VCU-544, 563 (A) VCU-588
Apocalypse – (A) VC & DVN-822
Archives and Records - (A) VCC-536
Calendar - (Pre/Pri) VCK-300
Children's Role in - (K/E) VCW-305 (Pri/J) DVZ-319
    (J/JH) VCC-309
Church Today –(Y) DVY-536 (Y/A) DVC-814.2; 821
    (A) DVC-548, VCC-540; VCC-816; DVW-849.2
Church Year - (E) VCK-300 VCZ-315
Cooperative Ministries - (A) VCC-535
Creeds - (Y/A) VCK-524 (A) VCK-801.3; DVK-612
    Apostle's Creed - (Y) VCY-529
Denominations -
    General - (Y/A) VCW-803.22; (A) DVC-819
    American Baptist - (A) VCM-620; DVC-819
    Anabaptist - (A) VCC-811.1C
    Anglican -  (A) DVC-819
    Catholic - (Y/A) VCZ-801
        RCIA (Y/A) VCZ-801.1 (A) DVW-846.5; DVC-819
        Youth - (Y) VCZ-513, 518 (Y/A) VCC-808.2
    Lutheran – (A) DVC-819
    Mennonite - (A) VCC-811.2C
    Orthodox – (A) DVC-819
    Pentecostal – (A) DVC-819
    Presby. - (JH/A) VCK-597 (Y/A) VCK-517
            VCK-524; VCK-801.1; VCK-802;
                DVK-611, 612
                (A) DVK-600, 607; DVC-819; DVK-609
        Youth - (Y) VCK-580 (A) VCK-517, 603, 804
    UCC - (A) VCM-620; DVA-511
        Youth - (Y) VCA-509
    UMC - (Y/A) VCU-560, 563; DVU &VCU-590;
        DVU-598, 599; CDU-500
        (A) VCU-521, 522, 544; VCU-549, 588, 591;
Duties of Workers- (Y/A) VCC-521
    Church Staff – (A) VCC-816
    Deacons - (Y/A) VCK-541 (A) VCU-587, 594
    Elders - (Y/A) VCK-521
Ecumenicism - (Y/A) VCW-508; VCK-802.7
Faces on Faith Leaders- See VCW-803
Fight For Freedoms - (Y/A) VCC-515; VCJ-416
Fundamentals – (A) DVC-549
Great Leaders-
    General - (E) VCC-306 (J/JH) DVC-310
        (Y/A) VCC-520; VCC-808
    Albright, Jacob - (Y/A) VCU-527
    Aquinas, Thomas - (Y/A) VCC-800.3
    Asbury, Francis - (J/A) VCC-502; VCU-560
        (Y/A) VCU-527
    Bonhoeffer, Dietrich - (A) VCC-534
    Bowman, Sister Thea - (Y/A) VCC-532
    Calvin, John - (Y/A) VCC-800.4, 803; 809.1 – 3;
        (A) VCC-811.2B
    Cartwright, Peter - (Y/A) VCU-560
    Chacour, Father Elias - (Y/A) VCM-681
    Charlemagne – (Y/A) DVC-814.1 (A) VCC-804.2
    Clement (I), (A) VCC-818.1, .2
    Comenius, Jan - (Y/A) VCC-519
    Constantine - (Y/A) VCC-801 DVC-814.1
        (A) VCC-804.1
    Copernicus – (A) VCI-805.2
    Erasmus, Desiderius - (Y/A) VCC-800.3
    Galileo – (A) VCI-805.2
    Gerard the Great - (Y/A) VCC-800.3
    Graham, Billy –(Y/A) DVC-551 (A) VCC-533
    Hus, John - (Y/A) VCC-517; VCC-800.3, 803
    Ignatius -  (A) VCC-818.1, .2
    Joan of Arc - (Y/A) VCC-800.3
    Kelly, Leontine - (Y/A) VCC-514; VCP-802.1
    King, Martin Luther - (K/E) VCC-302; VCC-539
        (J/Y) VCC-308 (Y/A) VCC-510
    Knox, John - (A) VCC-811.2C; VCK-408
    Luther, Martin –(E/JH) DVC-311
         (Y/A) VCC-404 & 404A; VCC-809.1-.3; VCC-800.4;
             VCC-509, 803; DVC-814.2
    (A) VCC-804.3; VCB-810.2; VCC-811.1B
    Mandela, Nelson - (Y/A) VCC-808.1
    Morton, Nelle - (Y/A) VCC-515
    Mother Teresa -  (E) VCC-307
        (Y/A) VCC-412; VCC-538
    Otterbein, Philip - (Y/A) VCU-527, 560
    Otto the Great and Otto the Second – (Y/A) DVC-814.1
    Perpetua - (Y/A) VCC-801
    Pope Gregory - (Y/A) VCC-800.1; VCC-804.1
    Pope John XXIII - (Y/A) VCZ-501
    Pope John Paul II -(Y) VCZ-513  (Y/A) VCZ-515;
        (A) VCC-804.4
    Pope Julius - (A) VCC-804.3
    Pope Leo - (Y/A) VCC-800.1
    Pope Paul III - (A) VCC-804.4
    Pope Urban II - (Y/A) VCC-800.2
    Romero, Oscar - (Y/A) VCC-527
    Savanarola, Girolamo - (Y/A) VCC-800.3
        (A) VCC-804.3
    Solzhennitsyn, Aleksandr - (A) VCC-808.3
    St. Augustine - (Y/A) VCC-800.1; VCC-809.1-.3; DVC-814.1
         (A) VCC-807
    St. Bernadette - (E) VCZ-308
    St. Catherine of Siena - (A) VCC-804.2
    St. Dominic – (Y/A) DVC-814.2
    St. Francis of Assisi - (E) VCC-300
        (Y/A) VCC-539; VCW-819.4
        (A) VCC-804.2
    St. Francis Xavier - (E) VCC-303
    St. Nicholas - (E) VCC-301
    St. Patrick - (E) VCC-304; (Y/A) DVC-814.1
    St. Polycarp - (Y/A) VCC-801 (A) VCC-818.1, .2
    Tyndale, William - (E) VCW-301 (J/JH) DVC-310.2
        (Y/A) VCC-518, 803
    Weir, Ben & Carol (Y/A) VCM-800
    Wesley, Charles - (Y/A) VCC-809.4-.6; DVC-550
    Wesley, John - (Y/A) VCC-512, 513, 525, 407; 809.4-.6;
        VCU-527 (A) VCU-553 ('96 Summer); VCC-541
    Wesley, Susanna - (J/A) VCC-501
    Whitefield, George - (Y/A) VCC-809.4-.6
    Willard, Frances - (Y/A) VCC-503; VCU-560
    Wycliffe, John - (Y/A) VCC-516; VCC-800.3, 803
    Wurmbrand, Richard – (J/JH) DVC-310.6
    Zwingli - (Y/A) VCC-803 (A) VCC-811.1C
Growth - (Y) VCY-527 (SH/A) VCT-802; VCC-504;
    (A) VCC-531; DVC-820
Heroes of Faith
    Brubeck, Dave - (Y/A) VCC-539
    Bunyan, John - (E) VCC-306.1 (J/JH) DVC-310.1
    Carmichael, Amy – (E) DVC-310.8
    Coffin, William Sloane - (A) VCC-546, 547
    Damien, Father - (E) VCC-306.3
    Day, Dorothy,- (Y/A) VCC-539
    Diego, Juan - (E) VCZ-316
    Donovan, Jean - (Y/A) VCC-539
    Egede, Hans - (E) VCC-306.2
    Elliot, Jim – (J/JH) DVC-310.3
    Hershiser, Orel - (E) VCP-313.8; (Y/A) VCC-539
    Hur, Ben - (E) VCC-305
    Jenco, Father Lawrence - (Y/A) VCC-539
    Liddell, Eric - (E) VCC-306.3, DVC-310.4
    Livingstone, David - (E) VCC-306.1
    Lewis, C.S. - (A) VCW-818; VCC-813
    Mommensen, Ludwig - (E) VCC-306.3
    O'Connor, Flannery - (Y/A) VCC-539
    Paton, John - (E) VCC-306.3
    Perpetua – (E/JH) DVC-310.7
    Raikes, Robert - (E) VCC-306.2
    Rizk, Natzih - (Y/A) VCC-539
    Rogers, Fred - (Y/A) VCC-539
    Singh, Sundar - (E) VCC-306.2
    Takahashi, Father Tom - (Y/A) VCC-539
    Wilberforce, Willian - (E) VCC-306.1
    General –(J/JH) DVC-310.1 (Y/A) DVG-512.15
        (A) VCC-540; VCC-806; VCB-811.2; VCC-810
    Series - (E) VCN-303; VCC-306 (HS/A) VCC-809
        (A) VCB-805; VCC-811
        General - (Y/A) VCC-809.4-.6 (A) VCC-805,
            VCC-806, 812
        African-American (Y/A) DVC -814.2
        (A) VCC-805.10, 812.1
        Cathedrals (A) VCC-805.12
        Catholic (A) VCC-805.3, 6, .13; VCC-812.1
        Civil Rights Movement - (A) VCC-812.2
        Episcopal - (A) VCC-805.5
        Feminism - (A) VCC-812.2
        Fundamentalism - (A) VCC-812.2
        Great Awakening - (A) VCC-812
        Latter-Day Saints –(Y/A) DVC-814.2 (A) VCC-805.4;
        Methodist (Y/A) VCU-586; DVU-590&VCU-590;
            DVC-814.2; CDU-500 (A) VCC-805.1; VCU-584;
        Pilgrims - (A) VCC-805.2
        Presbyterian (A) VCC-805.9; DVK-609 (Black)
        Puerto Rico  - (A) VCU-578SP
        Puritans - (A) VCC -805.2; VCC-812.1
        Quakers - (A) VCC-805.2
        Russian Orthodox (A) VCC-805.11
        Shakers - (A) VCC-805.7
        Synagogues (A) VCC-805.8
        United Church of Christ (A) DVA-511
    Byzantine Empire – (Y/A) DVC-814.1
    Crusades - (JH/A) VCD-802.2
        (Y/A) VCC-800.2; VCM-576; DVC-814.2
         (A) VCB -807C.2
    Dark Ages - (Y/A) DVC-814.2
    Doctrine of Faith – (Y/A) DVC-814.2 (A) VCC-818.1,.2
    Early Church - (E) VCN-303
        (Y/A) VCN-800, 803; VCC-801, 809.1- 3;
             DVC-814.1 DVJ-829
        (A) VCJ-808.1; VCJ-813; VCN-809.2; VCD-805.1
            VCB-807E; VCC-810; VC & DVN-822; DVB-517;
            DVC-817.3; VCC-818.1, .2
    Eastern Orthodox – (Y/A) DVC-814.2
    Enlightenment - (Y/A) VCC-809.4-.6; DVC-814.2
        (A) VCC-806; DVW-844
    Gnostics - (Y/A) DVC-814.2 (A) DVC-817.4
    Henry the 8th - (Y/A) DVC-814.2
    Martyrdom –
        Series – (A) VCC-800, 818, VCN-800.4; DVW-846.2
        Martyrs –
            Bonhoeffer – (A) VCC-534
            Elliot, Jim – (E/JH) DVC-310.3
            Hus, John – (A) VCC-517
            John the Baptist – (E) VCJ-318.1 (A) VCN-401
            King, Martin Luther – (E) VCC-302, 308
                (Y/A) VCC-539
            Perpetua – (J/JH) DVC-310.7
            Stephen (E) VCW-301 (Y/A) VCN-805.1
             Tyndale, William – (A) VCC-518
            Valentine, St. – (E) VCQ-303
    Modern Age –(J/JH) DVC-310.3 (Y/A) DVC-814.2
    Napoleon - (Y/A) DVC-814.2
    Ordination Standards – (A) DVM-727
    Orthodoxy – (A) DVC-817.1
    Reformation – (J/JH) DVC-310.2
        (Y/A) VCC-518, 519, 800; 809.1-.3
        (A) VCJ-809.3; VCC-806, 811; VCD-805.1;
    Renaissance - (Y/A) DVC-814.2
    Roman Empire – (A) DVW-844
    Rome, Fall of - (Y/A) DVC-814.1
    Slavery - (Y/A) DVC-814.2
    Vikings - (Y/A) DVC-814.1
    Leadership (A) VCC-816
Local Church - (A) VCC-536
    Moravians - (Y/A) VCC-520
    Presbyterian - (Y/A) VCK-408;
        VCK-524, 566, 597; VCK-801.2, 803
    Roman Catholic –(Pri/J) DVZ-319 (Y) VCZ-513
        (A) VCC-804
        Missions - (A) VCC-805.3, .6
        Vatican (A) VCC-804
    U. Methodist - (Y/A) VCU-521, 522, 526;
        VCC-512, 525; VCU-527, 533, 558; VCC-514;
        VCU-560, 563, 565; DVU &VCU-590
        (A) VCC-513; VCU-549;
Meaning of - (Pre/Pri) VCK-300 (Pri/J) DVZ-319
        (A) VCJ-809.3; VCW-803.61; VCW-816.2;
Members, New - (Y/A) VCK-542  (A) VCW-835, 838
Millennium 2000 - (A) VCC-540
    General - (J/JH) VCC-309 (Y/A) VCU-512;
            VCM-668; DVU-598, 599 (Meth)
        (A) VCP-803.5; VCW-803.61; VCC-545;
            VCC-816 (UMC); DVC-820;
            DVK-606, 607; VCW-838; DVP-537
    Adult - (A) VCC-528; VCM-620; VCC-816
    African American - (A) DVH-509; DVK-607, 609
    Burnout - (A) VCC-802.1
    Catholic Sisters - (A) VCZ-511
    Small Groups - (Y/A) VCM-668 (A) VCW-814
    Youth - (J/JH) VCM-301;
            VCV-547; VCW-511;
            VCW-513 (See VCY-500's); VCZ-513;
        (Y/A) VCF-517, VCK-551;VCZ-802 (Cath.);
            DVK-607 (Pres.)
        (A) VCT-805; VCV-545
Modern Church - (A) DVC-549; VCC-816
Monasticism -  (Y) VCY-504.2
        (Y/A) VCC-800.2; DVC-814.1
Needs of Workers - (A) VCC-802
Ordination Standards - (A) VCK-596
Paradigms - (A) DVC-549
Pastors - (A) VCC-802
Persecution of - (Y) VCC-544; DVY-536
Pluralism - (A) VCK-800.5
Present and Future - (Y/A) VCC-507; VCY-502.6
    (A) VCW-814, 816.2
    Conflict - (A) VCC-802.3; VCK-802.3; VCM-709
Relevancy to Today – (Y/A) DVC-821 (A) VCC-545; VCW-803.65;
Separation of Church and State – (Y/A) VC & DVM -811
Sexual Misconduct - (A) VCC-528; VCC-802
Stephen Ministries - (A) VCC-542
Temperance - (J/A) VCC-503
Unity - (A) VCC-526; VCK-804
Volunteers - (A) VCC-537; DVK-607
Women's Role in - (J/A) VCC-501, 503
    (Y/A) VCC-514, 515; VCU-544
    (A) VCP-802.1; VCK-594; DVK-607 (Pres.);
             VCU-591 (Meth.);
World Service - (Y/A) VCU-523, 543
World War II – (A) DVC-815

(J/A) VCW-520; (A) VCJ-401; VCJ-416

(Y/A) VCC-532 VCB-807D.2; VCJ-522.1
(A) VCW-803.47

Advertising - (E) VCV-312
    (A) VCW-820.2
Internet - (A) VCU-553 ('96 Winter)
Media - (E) VCP-313.3 (J) VCV-311
    (JH/A) VCV-537 (Y) VCY-504.2
    (A) VCV-545; VCF-518;
        VCM-802.3, .4
    Violence in - (A) VCM-626; VCM-802.3, .4
    Needy - (A) DVP-537
Radio - (A) VCA-504

    (C/A) VCP-205 (K/Pri) VCP-226
    (E) VCH-306; VCW-300.3
    (Y) VCV-549.7
    (Y/A) VCW-411; VCW-518;
        VCW-803.18; 819.5;
    (A) VCF-826; VCW-812.2; VCW-814;
        VCW-822.3 & .4; VCM-805.1; VCM-670;
Economic - (A) VCM-805.2

General - (JJH) VCM-301 (Y) VCW-426, 444
    (J/A) VCW-511, 512, 513
    (A) VCW-809
Catholic - (Y) VCZ-509 (Y/A) VCZ-801.5
            (A) VCZ-517
Class (Presby.) - (Y) VCK-505
    UCC - (Y/A) VCA-503

(JH/A) VCP-507 (Y) VCY-521 (A) VCW-835

General – (K/E) DVB-312.2
Series - (A) VCO-801; VCD-804; VCJ-820; DV0-811
Abraham - (C/A) VCO-402 (K/Pri) VCB-308.3
    (J/JH) VCO-306.4
        (Y/A) VCO-504 (A) VCO-803.3; 813.1
Ark of the Covenant – (E) VCO-313.2
    (JH/A) VCO-501.11 (Y/A) VCO-800.4
    (A) VCB-806.3; VCB-807B.1, .2
Christian - (A) VCD-804.5
Islamic - (A) VCD-804.5
Judaic - (C/A) VCO-403 (J/JH) VCO-306.14
    (A) VCD-804.5;
Moses - (J/JH) VCO-306.14  (JH/A) VCO-501.11
    (A) VCO-801.4, 813.1
Noah - (C/A) VCO-401 (K/E) VCB-201.1
    (E) VCB-308.9 (J/JH) VCO-306.2 (A) VCO-813.1
Youth Curriculum - VCY-504

Series - (K/E) VCE-302 (E) VCP-311.2
    (Y/A) VCG-800 (A) VCG-802
General - (K/JH) VCP-342 (J/A) VCP-306.2;
        VCW-246; VCG-500
    (JH) VCV-514.8, .27
    (Y) VCG-503; VCY-513.2, 526.4
    (Y/A) VCW-801B.6; VCG-800, VCW-803;
    (A) VCG-502; VCW-809.1; VCW-803.42, .48;
        VCJ-806.5; VCP-803.1; VCW-815.5; VCG-504;
        VCZ-801.14; VCM-802.9; VCB-811.3; VCW-835;
        VCG-510, 515; DVG-809
And Children – (C/A) VCM-309 (K/JH) VCP-342 (J/A) VCG-500
    (A) VCG-506, 513
Death Penalty – (Y/A) VC & DVM-811
Life after - (Y/A) VCW-803.26 (A) VCZ-801.14
Of a child - (J/A) VCG-500 (Y) VCG-503
    (A) VCG-506; VCW-812.3; VCG-510

(Y) VCV-505.4; VCZ-509 (Y/A) VCV-800.2; VCW-803.24
(A) VCJ-809.2; VCG-801; DVJ-829; VCM-805; VCN-814

General - (K/Pri) VCB-308.1; VCJ-313.2; DVE-314
    (E) VCE-304; VCN-301.20; DVB-308.1; DVE-312, 313, 314;
    (E/JH) VCJ-314; DVN-301.21
    (J/Y) VCE-307
    (Y/A) VCN-806.4; VCJ-514; VCE-507, 508, 510; DVE-511
    (A) VCJ-819; DVE-800
Arrest - (Y/A) VCE-508.2; DVB-814.2
Before the Sanhedrin - (E) VCN-301.20 (Y) VCN-500.1
Betrayal - (J/Y) VCE-307 (Y/A) VCN-502.11; VCE-508.2
    (A) VCJ-807.5
Cleansing the Temple - (E) VCN-301.20 (Y/A) VCN-502.8,
        VCN-806.3; VCJ-514; 804.3 (A) VCW-836
Crucifixion - (C/A) VCJ-315 (K/Pri) VCJ-301.2; VCB-308.1;
         DVE-314, 317 (K/E) VCE-302
    (E) VCE-303; VCJ-301.2 VCE-306; DVB-308.1,
         DVE-312, 313, 314
    (J/Y) VCE-307 (JH/A) VCJ-508 (Y) VCY-502.1
    (Y/A) VCN-404; VCJ-504; VCB-807D.1; VCE-508.2
    (A) VCJ-800, 801, 806.6, 808; VCW-809.2; J-813;
        VCX-800.4; VCB-806.6; VCE-506; VCJ-811.2;
        VCJ-818.4; VCN-810.1, .2; VCJ-819, 823.2; VCB-811.2;
        DVW-844; DVJ-826, 827; VC & DVN-822; DVJ-832;
Easter Story - (Pre/Pri) VCK-300; VCB-305.6; VCE-310 
    (K/Pri) VCB-308.1
    (K/E) VCE-302, 303; VCB-302.3; VCB-300.5
    (E) VCN-301.7; VCE-306; DVB-308.1
     (E/JH) DVN-301.21
    (J/Y) VCE-307
    (Y/A) VCJ-801, 504; VCJ-804.3; VCE-503; VCJ-514
    (A) VCE-506; VCB-811.2
Garden of Gethsemane - (E/JH) VCJ-314 (Y/A) VCB-807D.1
    (A) VCJ-806.6; VCE-506; VCJ-818.4; DVE-800
Holy Week - (Pre/Pri) VCK-300 (K/Pri) VCB-308.1
    (E) DVB-308.1
    (E/JH) VCJ-314; VCN-301.20; DVN-301.21 (J/Y) VCE-307
    (Y/A) VCN-806.3; VCJ-514; VCB-807D.1;
        VCE-508.1; VCE-510
    (A) VCB-806.6; VCE-506; VCJ-815; VCJ-818.4;
        VCJ-819.1-.3, 823.2; VCB-811.2; DVE-800
Land Where it Happened - (K/E) VCB-302.3
    (Y/A) VCJ-804.3; VCJ-800.5; VCE-507
Last Supper - (Pre/Pri) VCK-300 (Pri) VCZ-301
    (Y/A) VCJ-506; VCJ-804.3 VCN-404; VCJ-800.5;
        VCE-504, 505; VCN-502.10; VCB-807D.1;
         DVS-502; DVB-814.2; DVE-800, 801
(A) VCB-806.6; VCJ-805.5, 809.3
Lent - (C/A) VCP-205 VCT-513 (Pre/Pri) VCK-300
    (E/JH) VCZ-306
    (A) VCE-500; VCE-501
Maundy Thursday - (Y/A) VCE-510
    (A) VCJ-808.3; VCE-506
Meaning of - (C/A) VCT-513
    (K/Pri) VCE-301; DVE-314
    (E) VCN-301.20 (Y/A) VCE-507
    (A) VCE-500; VCJ-800.5; VCW-809; DVW-844
Palm Sunday - (K/Pri) VCB-300.5; VCE-310
    (K/E) VCB-201.5; VCB-308.1
    (E) VCJ-301.2; VCE-306; VCN-303.9, 301.20;
    (J/Y) VCE-307
    (Y/A) VCJ-804.3; VCN-404, 502.8;
        VCE-508.1, 510
    (A) VCJ-800; VCB-806.6; VCE-506; VCJ-811.2;
Parable - (J/A) VCG-500
Passion Story - (K/Pri) VCB-308.1
    (E) VCN-301.7; VCJ-301.2; VCN-301.20;
    (E/JH) DVN-301.21
    (E/A) VCW-520 (J/A) VCN-404
    (Y/A) VCJ-801, 804.3; VCJ-800.4; VCJ-805.3;
        VCE-510; VCB-807D.1; DVE-511
    (A) VCE-502; VCE-506; VCJ-811.2; VCJ-825.1C
Peter's Denial - (E) VCJ-301.2 (Y/A) VCN-502.11
Prophecies - (SH/A) DVE-511
Resurrection - (Pre/E) VCP-329.3 (K/Pri) VCB-308.1;
    (K/E) VCE-302; VCB-201.5; VCP-343
    (E) VCE-303, 305, 306; VCJ-301.2;
        VCN-301.7, .20; VCB-310.10; DVB-308.1
    (J/Y) VCE-307 (JH/A) VCJ-508
    (Y/A) VCN-404; VCJ-504; VCW-520;
        VCY-502.1; VCN-502.12; VCJ-514; VCB-807D.1
    (A) VCJ-800, 801; VCJ-805.1, 806.6, 815, 816;
        VCB-806.6; VCE-506; VCJ-811.2; VCW-818.1
        VCJ-817; VCN-810.10; VCJ-819; VCN-813;
        VCB-811.2VCJ-823.2; VCW-835; VCC-810; DVW-844;
         VCJ-825.1A; DVJ-826, 827; VC & DVN-822;
            DVW-848.2; DVJ-832; ; VCW-808;
Stations of the Cross - (E) VCE-304 (Y/A) VCE-510
    (A) VCE-502
Stories for Easter - (C/A) VCJ-313 (K/Pri) VCE-301
    (K/E) VCE-302, 308 (E) VCE-305, 306; DVE-314, 315,
        DVE-316, 317
     (Y/A) VCE-503
Symbols of - (J/A) VCS-500 (A) VCJ-808.1, .4
    Butterflies - (K/E) VCE-302
    Cross - (E) VCE-304 (J/Y) VCE-307
        (Y/A) VCI-800.2; VCS-500 (A) VCJ-808.1, .5
Today - (E/A) VCW-246
Trials of Jesus - (E) VCB-300.5, VCJ-301.2
    (Y/A) VCE-508.1
    (A) VCB-806.6; VCJ-818.4; DVE-800
Washing the Disciples’ Feet - (A) VC & DVA 510

    (C/A) VCI-300; VCI-301,
    (Pre/Pri) VCZ-303.3
    (E) VCI-301, 302, 304, 305
    (J/JH) VCI-504; VCM-301
    (J/Y) VCV-514.10;
    (J/A) VCI-500
    (Y/A) VCI-503, 509; VCL-501; VCW-803.30, .38; DVI-515
    (A) VCK-800.4; VCI-502, 803;
        VCI-507; VCU-553 (98)
        VCW-801D.3; VCI-803; VCZ-512; VCK-802.8;
        VCV-802.6; VCI-510; VCM-801.10; DVI-806
And Faith - (Y/A) VCI-509 (A) VCZ-804; VCI-508, 510;
And Holy Land - (A) VCB-510
And Jesus - (A) VCW-820.5
Environment – (Y/A) DVI-515
Water – (A) DVM-728, VCI-804

Higher Education -
    (Y/A) VCU-546 (A) VCA-501; DVA-512 (UCC)
    Africa - (Y/A) VCU-567 (A) VCU-585
    Black Colleges - (A)VCU-585
    Low Income Children - (Y/A) VCM-518; VCP-427
        (A) VCU-553 (98)
    Seminary - (Y/A) VCK-591
        (A) VCK-593
Public (A) VCM-685, 696
Year With (Presby.) (A) VCK-577

For Children - (Pre/Pri) VCR-300, 303
    (K/E) VCP-307
    (E) VCP 313
    (K/A) VCT-515

    (E) VCN-301.18 (E/JH) VCJ-307.2
    (Y/A) VCE-507; DVN-820.1
    (A) DVW-857

Christian - (Y/A) VCJ-505
    (A) VCW-824; VCK-804; VCC-813.1

General - (C/A) VCM-680 (E) VCH-306, 307
    (E/JH) VCH-202, 204
    (J/JH) VCV-542.12 (Y) VCY-506.4; VCY-512
    (Y/A) (Meth.) VCU-511;
Diversity - (K/E) VCH-202; VCM-304
    (E) VCQ-305; VCP-311
    (JH/Y) VCV-549.7 (Y/A) VCH-508
    (A) VCU-553 ('96 Sum); VCM-617; VCC-520;
        VCM-617; VCP-802; VCW-820.6
        VCM-801.10; DVK-605; DVW-846.5
Language Development - (A) VCU-553 (98)
Multi-ethnic visuals - (K/Pri) VCR-300
Minority Groups-
    African-Americans - (K/E) VCC-302; VCP-336.9
        (E) VCP-314; VCH-304 (E/A) VCX-321;
        (J/Y) VCH-503; (J/A) VCM-673
        (Y/A) VCW-803.16, .29, .35;
            VCA-501; VCH-506; VCC-532
        (A) VCC-514; VCP-802.1; VCM-614;
            VCU-584; VCM-670; DVH-509; DVK-609; DVH-512
        African-Americans Included in visuals of:
        (Pre/Pri) VCX-323 (K/Pri) VCP-303
        (E) VCW-300; VCV-305; VCQ-305
        (J/JH) VCP-306; VCV-514;
        (JH/A) VCZ-514
        (SH/A) VCF-824.1 (Y) VCV-513
        (Y/A) VCC-515; VCW-505; VCW-433;
        (A) VCM-516, 598.1;
            VCU-521; VCU-522, 531; VCW-825
    Asians - (E) VCQ-305
        Included in visuals of:
        (E) VCW-300; VCH-302;
        (J/JH) VCV-514
    East Indians - (J/Y) VCH-503
    Eskimo - (C/A) VCI-300; VCH-303
    Hispanics- (E) VCW-300; VCH-300; VCQ-305
         (E/A) VCX-321
        (Y/A) VCJ-417; VCW-803.29;
        (A) VCP-802.6; VCU-565; VCU-553 (98)
    Hispanics included in visuals of: 
        (J/JH) VCP-306
        (Y/A) VCW-505
        (A) VCU-531; VCC-528; VCW-824
    Japanese - (E) VCH-302
        (Y/A) VCW-803.4 (A) VCP-802.2
    Jewish - (E) VCG-300; VCH-305; VCD-301; VCQ-305
        (JH/A) VCH-502 (Y/A) VCW-803.17, .40, 55
        (A) VCD-508; VCM-611; VCD-510; VCW-803.63
    Korean - (C/A) VCH-301 (E/A) VCX-321
        (Y/A) VCW-803.20
    Native Americans - (C/A) VCI-300; VCX-321
        (E) VCQ-302
        (Y/A) VCW-803.28; VCP-514; DVH-801
        (A) VCU-561, 564; VCP-802.7; VCH-800; DVH-511
        Native Americans included in visuals of:
        (Y/A) VCW-803.15 (A) DVH-511
    Vietnamese - (J/Y) VCH-503

(Y) VCZ-518; VCY-527
(Y/A) VCC-520; VCV-800.2; VCT-802; VCM-638; 665
(A) VCW-800, 802, 806, 808, 814; VCP-800;
    VCF-815.4; VCC-504, 531; VCJ-806.1; VCU-501;
    VCJ-808.5; VCC-533; VCB-811.3; VCA-507;
    DVK-605, 606; DVF-& VCF-835; VCW-838;
    DVW-848.1, 850.1, .2; DVW 856; DVU-598.1
Evangelists  (A) DVC-814.2
    Billy Graham - (Y/A) VCC-533

    (E) VCV-306 (Y) VCY-501A.3
(A) VCB-807A.2; VCK-802.4; VCW-801A.3;
    VCW-803.10; VCW-815.5; VCW-816.2 & .4;
    VCW-817.4; VCW-818.2;  DVW-848.1, 850.2

Series - (I/Pre) VCR-309 (K/Pri) VCB-308.3 VCO-311.5
    (K/E) VCB-306.15
    (Y) VCY-502, 508
    (Y/A) VCW-803; VCZ-801, 516 (Cath.); VCW-829.1;
    (A) VCW-801, 815, 824; VCB-807; VCN-814;
        VCW-832; VCW-836; VCF-834; DVG-808;
General -
    (C/A) VCT-513 (K/E) VCP-336.9
    (E) VCP-313.5; VCO-304.1; VCZ-305;
        VCN-301.16, .19
    (E/JH) VCJ-307
    (Y) VCY-502; VCC-544; VCY-530; DVN-511
    (Y/A) VCM-800; VCW-803; VCW-801C;
        VCT-802; VCW-800; VCC-525; VCP-520;
        VCA-503 (UCC); VCW-819.1; VCW-829.1;
        VCC-544; VCW-831; VCG-508; DVP-808
    (A) VCC-531; VCF-815.4;
        VCK-802.4; VCP-800; VCW-801A, 801B, 801E;
        VCW-808, 809.1, 803.43, 44, 49, .56; VCN-804;
        VCM-620, 626; VCW-818; VCC-540; VCH-800.1;
        VCW-835; VCG-806; VCB-807E; VCW-837;
         DVW-837; VCC-546; DVC-815; DVG-808;
         DVW-844, 856; DVU-598.4; DVU-600.2, .3;
        DVW-857; DVC-820
And Doubt - (E) VCB-201.5 (3rd/JH) VCB-307.3
    (A) VCW-811.2, 820A.5, 820B.5
And Reason – (A) DVW-846 (Bill Moyers series);
        VCI-511, 805.1
Children's - (E) VCV-306.3; VCW-301
    (A) VCT-800; VCK-802.3; VCF-519, 834.1, .3
In Action –(E/JH) DVC-310.4
    (A) VCM-620; VCF-834.1; DVG-808
Seeking – (A) DVU-600.4, .5
Teenage - (Y) VCY-502, 505.6; DVY-548, 550;
        CDY-500 (A) VCW-820.1

    General - (C/A) DVF-302 (Y/A) VCB-819.1
    Adoption - (J/JH) VCH-303.1
Aging Parents - (C/A) VCF-524
    (A) VCF-525
Christian Education in the home - (A) VCF-519;
    VCW-515; VCF-521, 834; VCG-509
Communication - (A) DVF-832
Discipline in the Home - (A) VCF-815; VCF-817.3;
    VCF-830; DVF-832.1&.3
Diversity - (C/A) DVF-302
Divorce -
    (E/JH) VCP-306.9
    (JH/A) VCW-510,
    (Y) VCY-506.10, 513.2; VCY-505.11;
        DVY-538.3, 539.4
    (A) VCC-802; VCP-800; VCF-816;
        VCP-801.2; VCF-822; VCW-820B.4;
        DVF-526, 527
    Children of - (A) DVF-526
Empowerment - (A) DVF-832.3
Feminism, Effects of - (A) VCW-820B.2
Finances - (Y) VCY-505.1
    (Y/A) VCF-810;
Marriage -
    Series - (A) VCF-811, 813, 819, 820, 822, 827; DVF-527;
        VC & DVF-836, DVF-838
    (Y/A) VCF-810; VCW-803.3;
        VCF-815.1; VCF-420
    (A) VCC-802; VCP-800, 801.1;
        VCF-516; DVF - & VCF-835
Men's Movement - (A) VCW-820B.2
Needs of - (Y/A) VCF-810;
TV, Effects of- (A)VCV-545
Parenting -
    Series - (A) VCF-815, 817, 823-26;
        VCF-821, 830, 833; DVF-832, 837
    General - (JH) VCV-5l4.8., .12;
        (JH/A) VCV-514.36; VCV-415 (Y/A) VCB-815.3
        (A) VCP-800; VCV-545; VCF-518, 519, 520;
            VCP-521; VCW-818; VCF-830; VCF-528; DVF-839
    Grandparenting - (A) VCF-828
    Handicapped children - (A) VCT-806
    Limit setting - (Y) VCV-514.29; VCV-544
        (A) DVF-832.3; VCF-832.3; VCP-805
    Parenting Teenagers –(JH/A) VCF-529
            DVY-539.5, 544; DVF-840
        (Y/A) VCF-517; VCM-802.5
        (A) VCF-823, 830, 831; VCF-517(98); DVF-832.1
    Single Parents - (A) VCF-814, 816.2;
            VCP-801.2; VCF-521
    Step-Parenting - (E) VCF-216
    Stories - (E) VCF-216
        (E/A) VCF-226
        (A) VCG-802.1;
    Teen Parents - (JH/Y) VCV-514.30;
    Working Mothers - (A) VCW-820.6
Relationships – (Pre/Pri) DVF-301
    (E) VCW-300.2, VCP-311.4; VCF-216, 219; VCB-306.16
    (E/JH) VCP-306.10; VCP-313.11
    (E/A) VCH-301; VCP-312
    (J/JH) VCP-306.2; VCV-514.2; VCV-542.11;
        VCV-514.12, .13; VCH-303.1
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.28, .32, .35, .40
    (JH/A) DV & VCJ-518
    (SH) VCV-510.1
    (Y) VCV-510; VCY-505.2; DVY-538.1
    (Y/A) VCV-415;
        VCW-510; VCF-810; VCF-811, 813;
        VCW-803.3, .7; VCO-806.3, .4
    (A) VCF-509; VCC-802;
        VCP-512; VCF-814, 817, 822, 823, 824;
        VCV-545; VCF-826; VCP-804; VCP-521;
        VCW-822.4; VCF-836; DVF-837
    Teenager-to-parent - (J/JH) VCV-542.11
        (Y) VCY-505.3; VCY-513.2; DVY-544
Strengths (A) DVF-832.1
Stress - (Y) VCY-505.11 (Y/A) VCF-810
    (A) DVF-832.1
Traditions - (Y/A) VCV-800.2 (A) VCW-812.4
Values - (A) VCP-802.3; VCF-826, 831.2

(C/A) VCO-307.4; VCH-301; VCF-226
(Pre/Pri) VCP-320; VCR-305.5; VCR-306.1;
(K/Pri) VCB-308.4; VCO-311.3
(K/E) VCC-306.3; VCJ-303; VCP-320; VCB-306.3, .15
(Pri) VCZ-300 (E) VCN-301.8, .9; VCV-303;
    VCO-308.3; VCW-300.1; VCP-311.3; VCP-314;
    VCP-318.1; VCC-305; VCZ-313
(E/JH) VCJ-307.1; VCP-313.9; VCJ-208
(J/JH) VCO-306.20; VCV-306.1; VCP-306.1-5;
    VCV-514.1, .3; VCV-306.1; VCN-301.17
(J/Y)  VCP-339.1, .2, .3 (J/A) VCJ-418; VCJ-522.2
(JH) VCV-514.12
(JH/A) VCW-510; DV & VCJ-518; VCW-510
(Y) VCY-513.5; VCY-519.
(Y/A) VCB-405; VCP-514; VCM-800; VCP-507;
    VCW-811.2; VCO-503; VCO-806.4; VCJ-522.3;
    VCP-532; DVG-512.7, .10; DVW-847.2
(A) VCB-803; VCJ-807.5; VCO-803; VCP-800;
    VCB-817.2; VCW-811.2, VCW- 825.5, 6, .7;
    VCW-826.2; VCP-521; VCF-816.3, 819, 820;
    VCW-822.1; VCP-524; VCJ-820; VCW-835;
    VCM-802.12; VCP-538; DVW-848.2; DVP-810;

(A) VCW-825.5, .6, .7

Series - (Y/A) DVG-512; DVG-811 (A) VCG-803; VCW-816;
    VCG-804, 805
General - (E) VCG-302
    (Y) VCY-505.6, 526.3; DVY-543; CDY-500
(Y/A) VCW-801A.3; VCW-801C; VCW-803.20, .50; VCB-507;
            VCW-821.3; VCY-516; DVG-512.14; DVG-517
    (A) VCW-816, 817; VCW-825.1, .2; VCG-806; VCO-809.2;
        DVW-840; DVG-807; DVW-848.1; DVW-849.1
Awareness of - (K/Pri) VCG-300 (E) VCB-310.5
    (JH/A) VCW-534; (Y) DVY-543
    (SH/A) VCI-800.2; VCW-803.15, .27; VCI-802; DVG-811.1
    (A) VCW-830.1; VCG-805.1; DVG-807
Call of God – (Y/A) DVJ-829
Child's View - (I/Pre) VCR-309 (E) VCG-302, 303
    (J/A) VCD-511 (A) VCG-509
Communicating with - (JH/A) VCW-534 (Y/A) DVG-512.24
Existence of - (E/JH) VCJ-307.2
    (Y/A) VCI-802; VCW-811.2 (A) VCI-800.1; DVG-807
Exploring the Universe - (Y/A) VCI-802
    VCW-803.38; DVW-858 (A) VCP-802.5
Faith in People - (Y/A) DVG-512.8
Faithfulness and Love - (K/E) VCB-306.2 (E) VCG-302
    (K/JH) VCP-342
    (E) VCP-323.1, .2; VCB-310.5
    (Y) DVY-543
    (Y/A) VCG-409; VCW-821.3; DVG-512.1;
        DVG-512, .2, .9, .10 (A) VCW-808; VCP-803.1;
        VCW-817.2; 825.1, .2; VCN-813; DVP-809; DVW-850.2
Fear of – (Y/A) DVG-811.1
Feminine Nature of – (Y/A) DVG-512.21
    (A) VCG-505; VCW-820.4
God’s Will - (Y) DVY-532 (A) DVP-809
Helps - (E) VCV-303
Holiness of - (A) VCW-825.1,.2; VCW-801.6; VCJ-808.2
Ideas of - (E/JH) VCJ-307 (J/A) VCD-511
    (Y) VCY-502.1; VCG-503; VCY-505.6; VCY-516; DVY-543
    (Y/A) VCW-801A.1; VCW-803.27; VCW-803.31, .40, .42
        VCW-803.43, .44, .45, .47; VCW-818.1; VCG-508;
        DVG-512.14, .21
    (A) VCW-807.1; VCW-801D.1; VCW-813.2; VCG-804;
        VCW-817.2, .6, .7, .9; VCW-818.3; VCW-815.5, .6;
        VCJ-820; DVW-840; DVG-808; DVW-844; VCI-805.2;
Images of - (Y) VCY-516 (Y/A) DVG-512.21 (A) VCW-803.41,
        VCW-848.48, .61; VCG-801; VCG-804; VCW-803.6

Kingdom of - (K/Pri) VCB-308.6
    (E) VCB-300, VCN-301.10; DVB-308.6
    (E/JH) VCJ-307.1 (J/A) VCN-403
    (Y) VCY-519.2 (Y/A) VCW-803.16, .26; DVJ-833
    (A) VCW-813.2; VCJ-806.3, .5; VCW-816; VCW-817.5;
        VCW-825.3,.4; VCW-824, 833.2; VCG-806; DVW-839;
        DVW-844, 850.3; VC & DVN-826; DVJ-832; DVW-857
Listening to God - (E) VCB -201.6 (Y) VCY-511.7
    (Y/A) VCW-531; DVG-512.5, .14 (A) VCW-828.3; DVG-808;
        VCW-527; VCW-529; VCG-803.5
Obedience to - (E) VCB-310.1, .4
Power of - (K/E) VCB-306.2; 310.4, .6
    (Y/A) DVG-811.1
    (A) VCW-801E.1; VCW-803.47; VCW-815.6;
Presence of – (Y/A) DVJ-829
Promises - (E) VCP-323.1; VCG-302 
    (Y/A) VCF-811.2
Purpose for Life - (Y) DVY-532
    (Y/A) DVG-512.18; DVP-808
Relationship with God’s people - (C/A) VCT-513
    (K/E) VCB-306.2 (E) VCG-302 (Y) DVY-543
    (Y/A) VCW-811.1 VCO-503; VCW-831.1;
    VCG-508; DVG-512.4, .11; DVP-808
 (A) VCW-810.2; VCW-815.6, 817; 818.3; VCP-806;
        VCN-813; VCG-805.1; DVG-511; DVG-807;
Revealed To (and in) Man - (C/A) VCG-211
    (Y) DVY-543
    (Y/A) VCW-803.15; VCI-802; VCF-420; VCB-507
    (A) VCG-801; VCD-804.6; VCJ-819.4- 6; VCW-830;
        VCG-805.1; DVG-511; VCI-805.2
Suffering and God - (K/JH) VCP-342
    (Y) DVY-539.5, 543 (Y/A) VCW-801A.3;
        VCW-811.1; DVG-512.1, .12, .24
    (A) VCW-803.23; VCW-819.2; VCP-525; VCG-803.4;
Trust in - (C/A) VCT-513 (K/E) VCP-349; DVW-306
    (E) VCB-310.3; VCC-307; VCG-302
    (J/JH) VCP-313.5; (Y/A) VCP-520; VCN-403;
        VCG-508; DVG-512.6; DVG-811.1
    (A) VCA-802.6; VCG-805.1; VCW-837; DVW-837

General - (Y/A) VCJ-514 (A) VCB-806.2;
    VCM-805.1; VCJ-808.5; VCJ-813.3; VCW-815.1;
    DVN-824.1, .2
Series - (A) VCB-807; VCB-808, VCJ-825
And Conflict - (A) VCC-534
And Environment - (E) VCI-304
And Evangelism - (Y/A) VCM-638; 
    (A) VCA-502; VCD-803.10; VCD-804.4
And Jewish Perspective - (A) VCJ-523
And Life Today - (HS) VCZ-509
    (A) VCC-540; VCM-617;
Apocryphal - (A) VCJ-825.3A
And Paul - (A) VCN-807.2
Canonical - (A) VCJ-825.3A
Gnostic - (A) VCJ-825.3B; DVW-848.2
James -  (A) VCJ-825.3A
John - (A) VCB-801.4; VCB-808.3; VCN-808 Series;
    And Jesus - (A) VCJ-807; VCW-803.51; DVC-817.1
Judas (A) DVC-817.2
Luke - (Y/A) VCJ-509; VCN-504; VCJ-825.2A, .2B
Mark - (A) VCB-801.1; VCJ-825.1C; DVC-817.2
Mary – (A) DVC-817.4
Matthew - (A) VCN-806 Series; VCJ-825.2A; DVC-817.5
Peter - (A) VCJ-825.3B
Philip - (A) VCJ-825.3C
Thomas - (A) VCJ-825.3A, .3B; DVC-817.3
Musical Drama - (J/A) VCJ-504 (Y/A) VCJ-511
Terrorism and the Gospel - (Y/A) VCM-800

(Y/A) VCW-801C.6; VCW-803.16, .25, .27, .43
(A) VCW-815.4; VCF-828; VCP-807; VCG-806;

General (K/JH) VCP-342
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.27, .37 (Y) VCY-513.2;
    (Y/A) VCG-800; VCG-502; DVG-512.12
    (A) VCP-517, 803.1; VCW-803.3, .59; VCG-503;
        VCG-800.1, .2; VCW-812.3; VCW-801B.6;
        VCW-815.5; VCG-802; VCG-507; VCC-813.1, .3
Death of a Child - (A) VCG-506
Despair (A) VCP-517, 525; VCP-448; VCW-832.1

General - (A) VCP-522; VCH-800.1
Mental - (E) VCP-3l7; VCJ-300 (A) VCT-806
    (E) VCP-311.1 (E/JH) VCP-306.1, .6
    (J/A) VCW-401; VCP-312 (Y/A) VCP-514; VCV-543
General – (Y) VCY-526.6 (A) VCW-826.1, .2
And Youth - (J/JH) VCV-542 Series
(Y) VCY-512; DVY-537; VCY-526.6
Care-giving - (A) VCM-644; DVP-537
Eating Disorders –(Y) DVY-537.1 (A) VCM-646
Health Ministries -
    General - (Y/A) VCM-518
        (A) VCK-579; VCK-504.8; VCK-800.4;
    For Children - (Y/A) VCM-518
Mental Illness - (A) VCM-646, 647; DVM-705
Miracles of Jesus - See JESUS:  Miracles and Healing
Modern - (A) VCW-807, 803.23, .60
New Testament - (A) VCN-805.2
Old Testament - (E) VCO-304.8
Physical Fitness – (Pre-K) DVP-350

Chinese New Year (E) VCQ-305
Columbus Day - (E) VCQ-300
Jewish -
    Hanukkah - (E) VCD-300; VCQ-304, 305
    Passover - (K/Pri) VCB-308.5
        (E) VCB-300.1; VCO-306.12; DVE-311
        (Y/A) VCD-500; VCE-505
        (A) VCD-508; VCE-504; VCC-510
    Purim - (A) VCB-806.5
    Sukkot - (A) VCB-807C.2 (A) VCD-508
Kwanzaa - (E) VCH-304; VCQ-305
Martin Luther King Day - (K/E) VCC-302
Thanksgiving - (Pre/Pri) VCR-307 (K/E) VCQ-301
    (E) VCQ-302; VCP-336.8 (E/JH) VCP-313.12
    (J/A) VCW-504.5; VCH-204; VCO-401
    (Y/A) VCW-524
Valentine's Day - (J/JH) VCQ-303

(Y/A) VCO-806.2 (A) VCW-803.47; VCW-812;

General - (K/E) VCB-302 (E) VCB-304
    (Y/A) VCE-504, 505; VCJ-802; VCO-800
    (A) VCB-509, 510; VCX-507; VCD-804; VCJ-805;
        VCB-807E; DVW-849.2, 846.4; DVJ-824;
Ecology of - (A) VCB-510
Galilee (Y/A) DVJ-829
Old Testament Times – (Y/A) DVO-508; DVB-812
Today - (Y/A) VCB-515; VCM-681 (A) VCM-723

(Pre/4th)  VCW-304 (E/JH) VCJ-307.1 (Y) VCZ-509, 518
(Y/A) VCJ-801; VCW-803.37, .40; VCN-803, 501;
(A) VCW-801D.4, 803.45; VCJ-806.1, .5;
    VCD-804.6; VCN-813; VCF-834.1;

(E/JH) VCP-516.6
(Y/A) VCW-504, 803.37; VCX-510
(A) VCW-808, 809; VCJ-806.3; VCC-531
    VCJ-809.2; VCP-803.1; VCM-805.2; VCC-546;

(K/Pri) VCR-300; VCV-235(also DVJ-518)
(E) VCP-338
(Y) VCV-510.1; VCV-504, 505; DVY-547
(Y/A) VCW-831.1
(A) VCW-801D.4; VCW-803.42, 801E.6;
    VCN-502; VCW-815.4

General -   
    (Y/A) VCM-516; VCW-808.18; VCM-570, 624;
VCW-803.18, 813.2; VCM-651, 654, 691
    (A) VCM-548;
        VCU-553 ('96 Spring); VCM-628; VCU-553 ('97 Fall);
        VCK-585; VCM-653, 801.10; 676; DVM-689;
Bread for the World - (Y/A) VCM-643, 659; 676, 679, 691
Crop Walk - (Y/A) VCM-682

(Y/A) VCW-801B.6; VCW-803.23

(E) VCD-301; VCO-300.3, 301.4 (E/A) VCN-404
(Y/A) VCN-801.1; VCD-504; VCB-506.1
(SH/A) VCJ-813.2; VCB-803.7, VCN-801.1;
    VCD-803.7; VCJ-800.1, VCJ-802.2; DVB-519
    VCJ-806.1, .2, .6; VCN-807; VCB-806.3, .6;
    VCB-807D.1; DVO-811; DVC-817.3
Series (A) DVJ-824.3
History – (SH/A) DVB-519
Council (Y/A) DVB-814.2
Tombs - (A) DVJ-824.3
Series - (Pre/Pri) VCJ-313 (E) VCJ-305; VCJ-301;
    (E/JH) VCJ-519 (J/A) VCJ-800; VCN-401-404
    (Y/A) VCJ-801, 802, 804, 805;
        VCN-803, 502, 806; VCB-807D.1;
        VCJ-526; DVG-512.12; DVJ-527; DVB-812.1,  ,2
    (A) VCW-809; VCJ-806, 807, 809; VCX-800;
         VCJ-811, 813, 814, 815, 816, 817, 818, 821;
        VCJ-823; VCW-817;
        DVN-820; DVG & VCG-806.3; VCJ-825;
        DVJ-826, 828; VC & DVJ-831.1, .2
General – (Pre/Pri) VCJ-313.2
    (E) VCJ-309; 317; 318; VCN-301.16, .19
    (Y) CDY-500 (Y/A) VCB-506; VCJ-509,
        VCJ-511, 513, VCJ-514, 517, 525, 526, 527, DVJ-531
    (A) VCW-803.48, 58; VCB-806.6; VCJ-512;
        VCG-801; VCW-816.3; VCZ-801.16; VCJ-516;
        VCJ-521; VCN-813; VCJ-821, 822; VCB-811.2,.3;
        VCW-835; VCG-806; DVN-820.1, .3;
        DVW-839, 840, 844; VCJ-825; DVJ-528;
        DVJ-826, 827, 828; DVW-849.2, 850.1 & .2;
        DVC-817.6; VC & DVN-826; DVJ-832
And Art - (Y/A) VCJ-510 (A) VCJ-519
Ascension - (Pre/Pri) VCB-305.6 (E) VCE-303
    (J/A) VCN-404 (Y/A) VCJ-513
    (A) VCJ-815; VCB-811.2
Atonement - (A) VCJ-808; VCK-802.6; VCW-818.1
Baptism - (E) VCN-301.2; VCJ-301.1; VCB-310.10
    (Y/A) VCJ-804.2; VCN-806.1; VCJ-514 (A) VCB-811.2
Beatitudes - (J/JH) VCJ-310, 311
    (J/A) VCJ-800.2; VCJ-415; VCN-502.3, .4
    (A) VCJ-812, 815
Childhood & Youth - (C/A) VCJ-316
    (K/Pri) VCJ-301.1; VCJ-313
    (K/E) VCB-302.1, 201.3
    (E) VCB-300.4; VCJ-301.1; VCN-301.14
    (J/A) VCN-401 (Y/A) VCJ-804.1 (A) VCJ-807.1;
        VCJ-811.1; VCJ-818.2, 823.1; VCJ-825.3A; DVJ-528
Disciples - (C/A) VCJ-316 (K/E) VCB-201.5
    (E) VCB-300.4; VCJ-301.1 (J/A) VCJ-524 (Y) VCY-523
    (Y/A) VCB-801.4; VCN-401.2; VCW-449; VCJ-805.1;
        VCN-807; VCJ-513 (A) VCJ-818.3; VCJ-825; DVB-814.2
Emmaus Road - (C/A) VCJ-316; VCN-404 (E) VCN-301.20
        (Y/A) VCN-502.13; VCN-803.1
Faith in Jesus today - (E/JH) VCJ-307
    (Y/A) VCW-801B; VCW-803; VCJ-511; VCB-807D.1; DVJ-527;
    (A) VCK-800.5; VCB-804.2; VCJ-809.1; 821.2
        VCW-803.51, 58, 59; VCB-807C.1; VCZ-801.16
        VCW-837; DVW-837, 839, 840, 844; DVW-848.2
Friends and Followers - (E) VCB-300.4; VCJ-301.2
        (J/A) VCJ-524
    (Y/A) VCJ-513; VCJ-524.2 (A) VCJ-813; VCB-809.2
Incarnation – (A) DVW-850.3
Jesus Movement - (A) VCW-836.3; VCJ-512, 821.2;
Jesus Seminar - (A) VCJ-512, 821
Land where Jesus lived - (K/E) VCB-302
    (Y/A) VCJ-800; VCX-511; DVJ-527 
    (A) VCJ-818.1, .2; VCN-815A; DVJ-824; DVJ-827, DVJ-528;
    DVJ-830; DVE-800
Last Judgment - (A) VCW-832.2; VCB-811.3
Life & Teachings - (C/A) VCJ-504; VCJ-316
    (K/Pri) VCB-308.6; VCJ-312; DVE-314
    (E) VCB-300.4; VCN-301.8, .9, .14, 15 VCN-303;
        VCJ -308; VCN-301.16, 19, 20; DVB-308.6; DVE-313
    (E/JH) VCJ-305.1-.3; VCJ-307
    (JH/A) VCJ-506; VCN-401-404
    (Y/A) VCJ-505; VCJ-804.2; VCJ-509; VCN-806.2;
        VCB-807D.1; VCJ-517, 525, 526; DVG-512.8; DVJ-829
    (A) VCT-517; VCJ-805.2, 806, 807.5, .6; VCW-827;
        VCF-824; VCW-809.1; VCJ-808.4, 809.1;
        VCW-803.51; VCB-807C.2; VCJ-813; VCW-820.5;
        VCN-810.5; VCJ-821, 822, 823; VCB-811.2; DVJ-824;
        VCJ-825; DVJ-826, 827, 828; VC & DVN-822; DVB-813;
        VC & DVJ-831.1, .2; DVW-850.3; DVJ-832
    Sermon on the Mount - (Y/A) VCJ-505; VCN-502; DVB -814.2
        (A) VCB-807C.1; VCB-811.3; VC & DVN-822;
    Widow's Mite - (E) VCN-303.7
Living His Teachings Today - (C/A) VCT-513
    (K/E) VCX-317
    (E) VCP-333; DV/VCJ-308; VCP-340.1
    (J/Y) VCP-339.1, .2 (J/A) VCW-401 (JH/A) VCJ-506
    (Y) VCW-444; VCY-502A.1, 502B.2;
        VCZ-509; VCY-520.1
    (Y/A) VCJ-505; VCK-800.3; VCW-801B.l, 803.24;
        VCW-800, 813.1; VCP-514; VCN-502
        VCW-834; DVG-512.8, .11; DVJ-527,
        DVJ-829, 833
    (A) VCW-802; VCJ-805.3, 806.1, .2, 807.3, .4;
        VCK-803; VCB-804.2; VCW-809.1, 819.5;
        VCA-502; VCJ-809.1; VCW-803.59;
        VCZ-801.10; VCN-809.2; VCN-810.5
        VCW-816.1, .3, .4; VCJ-816.4; VCW-827;
        VCB-811.3; VCB-807E; DVG- & VCG-806.3;
        DVW-840, 842.1, .2, 844;VCJ-825.3C; DVW-853
            Golden Rule - (J/JH) VCY-509.4
Love for Children -
Love and forgiveness - (E) VCN-301.8
    (E/JH) VCJ-314 (A) VCJ-806.1
Meaning of - (E) VCJ-300  (J/A) VCN-401, VCJ-500
    (Y) VCY-502.1 (Y/A) VCJ-401, 420 VCW-801B.1;
        VCJ-805.3; VCJ-517; DVJ-527
    (A) VCK-802.3; VCX-800.3; VCJ-809.1; VCJ-817;
        VCN-811; VCW-827
Messiah – (E) VCN-301.20; VCX-319.2
    (J/JH) VCO-306.24, .25
    (Y/A) VCE-503 (A) VCJ-825.2A; VCJ-806.5;
        VCJ-814.3; VCJ-817; VCJ-818; VCN-816;
        DV & VCN-822; DVJ-832
Miracles and Healing -
    General - (C/A) VCN-402, 403; VCJ-316
        (K/Pri) VCJ-312 (K/E) VCB-201.4, .8
        (E) VCN-301.5, .13; VCN-303.1, .2, .8; VCJ-304;
            VCJ-301.1, .2; VCN-303.5, .7, 301.19;
            VCB -305.13
        (E/JH) VCJ-305.2, .3; VCJ-307.2; VCN-301.17
        (J/A) VCJ-800.3; VCN-402, 403
        (Y/A) VCW-801C.6; VCJ-804.2; VCW-803.16;
            VCJ-803.1; VCJ-805.2; VCN-502.3, .4;
            VCN-806.1; VCB-807D.1; VCJ-801.4
        (A) VCB-803, 804.2; VCJ-800.3, 4; VCJ-801;
            VCJ-815; VCJ-803.1; VCJ-804.2; VCJ-805.2;
            VCJ-806.6; VCN-806.1; VCW-801C.6;
    Calming the Storm - (C/A) VCJ-315
        (E) VCJ-309; VCB-310.10
    Centurion's Servant – (Pre/Pri) VCJ-313.2
        (E) VCN-303.8, 301.19; VCB-310.10
        (J/A) VCJ-524
    Feeding the 5,000 - (Pri) VCZ-307
        (E) VCB-300.4; VCN-301.13; VCJ-309;
        (E/JH) VCJ-305.2
        (Y/A) VCN-502.9, .10; VCN-806; DVB-814.2
    Fishing Nets (C/A) VCJ-316
    Healing the Blind Man - (E) VCN-301.20, 301.11;
        VCJ-305.3 (E/JH) VCJ-519.2 (Y/A) DVN-820.1
        (A) VCB-803.4
    Healing the Lame Man (E) VCN-301.20
        (Y/A) DVN-820.1
    Healing the Leper - (E) VCJ-309; VCB-310.10
        (A) VCJ-803.1; VCN-806
    Jairus's Daughter - (C/A) VCJ-316 (E) VCB-310.10
        (J/A) VCJ-524 (Y/A) DVJ-833
    Nobleman’s Son (J/A) VCJ-524
    Raising of Lazarus - (C/A) VCJ-316
        (E) VCB-300.5; VCJ-301; VCN-301.18
        (J/A) VCN-403 (Y) VCJ-513 (Y/A) VCN-502.9
        (A) VCJ-803.1; VCJ-806.6
    Syro-Phoenician Woman - (A) VCB -809.2, VCJ-807.3
    Walking on Water - (E) VCJ-304; VCN-301.5; VCJ-309
        VCB-310.10 (Y/A) VCJ-514
    Water into Wine at Cana - (Pre/Pri) VCJ-313.2
        (E) VCJ-301.1; VCB-310.10
         (Y/A) VCN-502.2; VCJ-514; VCJ-803.1; VCJ-811.1
Parents of Jesus - (A) VCJ-818.2
Pharisees (and) - (K/E) VCB-201.7 (E) VCN-301.8
Second Coming – (E) DVN-301.23 (Y) VCY-504.3
        (A) VCW-809.1
Shroud of Turin - (Y/A) VCJ-508 (A) VCJ-811.2
Temptation - (C/A) VCJ-316 (E) VCV-308; VCN-301.14
    (J/JH) VCJ-319.1 (Y/A) DVB-814.2
    (A) VCB-807C.1; VCN-806.1; VCJ-815; DVJ-528
Transfiguration - (E) VCN-303.9 (J/A) VCN-402
        (Y/A) DVB-814.2

(K/E) VCX-314, 319.2
(E) VCM-305 (E/JH) VCZ-305
(Y/A) VCJ-418; VCC-520; VCW-520.3; VCW-821;
(A) VCW-504.2; VCN-814;
    VCC-813.1; VCW-818

    (J/JH) VCM-301 (Y) VCM-715
    (Y/A) VCW-803.8; VCC-527; VCW-803.30
     (SH/A) DVV-555
    (A) VCW-803.6, .62; VCU-557; VCP-802.2; VCK-802.5;
        VCI-804.5; VCW-831.9
        VCU-553 ('98); VCK-802.8; VCA-504; VCN-813;
        VCI-510; VCM-664, 666, 667; VCG-806; VCC-546;
        VCM-723; DVW-844, 849.2;
        VCW-831.9; DVW-850.3, 853; DVU-600
    Environmental - (E) VCI-304 (Y/A) DVI-516;
             DVM-721; DVI-517
        (A) VCI-803, 804; VCW-801D.3;
            VCW-803.30; VCW-820.5; VCM-801.10

(C/A) VCP-205; VCP-312
(Pre/E) VCP-329.3; VCB-306.1
(K/E) VCV-313.2; VCP-346
(E) VCH-300; VCP-313.4; VCO-302.6; VCP-323.3;
    VCC-304; VCP-340
(E/A) VCP-319 (J/JH) VCQ-303
(J/A) VCW-401; VCV-309; VCW-829.1, .4
(Y) VCY-519.2
(Y/A) VCF-811; VCG-409; VCW-803.37, .39;
    VCW-811.2, 813.1; VCP-514; VCW-518;
    VCO-503;VCW-831.2; VCG-508; DVG-512.2, .9;
(A) VCP-800; VCF-815, 819; VCP-512, 802.3, .8;
    VCW-801E.5, 803.47; VCN-804.5-7;
    VCW-815.2, 816.4; VCN-810.8; DVF-&VCF-835;
    VC & DVW-845
Of Christ - (Pre/Pri) VCZ-303.1 (Cath)
    (E) VCN-301.4, .7
    (A) VCJ-808.3; VCB-807C.1; DVG- & VCG-806.3
Of Enemy - (Y/A) VCO-806.3
Of Family - (E) VCB-306.16
Of God - (E) VCN-303.6; VCP-339.2; DVE-312
    (Y/A) VCJ-500; DVJ-829
    (A) VCJ-808; VCP-803.1; VCT-805.3;
        VCW-817.2; DVW-850.2
Teenage love - (Y) VCV-505.3,
    VCV-514.31; VCY-505.1; DVY-538.2

(Y) VCG-503 (Y/A) VCV-800.1; DVG-512.17
(A) VCW-801D.2; VCK-802.3; VCJ-807.2;
    VCW-803.45, .49; VCI-804.2; VCZ-801.10;
    VCV-801.1; VCN-809.1; VCI-511; VCW-824;
    VCN-814; VCP-528; VCG-806; VCW-533;
    VCC-816; DVG-809; DVW-847; DVB-813

General - (A) VCW-822.2
Miracles and Healing (E/JH) VCN-305
    (JH/A) VCO-501.6
    (Y/A) DVB-814.2 (A) VCW-801C.6, 803.23, 822.2
Of Jesus - See JESUS:  Miracles and Healing
Of Today - (K/E) VCZ-316 (Y/A) VCI-802.1
    (A) VCW-801C.6; VCW-803.3, .23; VCP-517
Old Testament - (E) VCO-301.2 (JH/A) VCO-501.6
Stories - (C/A) VCX-311 (J/A) VCX-502 (Y/A) VCX-508

General - (E) VCX-340
    (Y) VCY-505.7
    (Y/A) VCW-413; VCK-551;
        VCM-630; VCM-638; VCW-829.5; VCK-595;
        VCM-651; VCM-678; DVM-722
    (A) VCP-803.5; VCW-803.42; VCM-635; VCM-640;
        VCM-665, 670; DVK-606; VCM-707.4, .5; DVM-707.1
Series - (A) VCM-707
By Denomination
    Catholic - (A) VCC-805.3, .6, 811.3A
    Presbyterian - (Y/A) VCK-595; VCK-602; DVI-516;
    (A) VCK-528, 546;VCK-557; VCK-604; CDK-501
    United Church of Christ -(Y/A) VCM-678;
    (A) VCA-505, 507; VCA-510; DVA-510; VCM-707.2, .5
    United Methodist – (Y/A) DVU-597
    (A) VCC-805.1; VCU-592;
Bread for the World - (A) VCM-643, 653, 659, 708
Church World Service – (JH/A) VCM-701, 719
    (Y/A) DVM-725 (A) VCM-655
Crop Walk – (Y/A) VCM-654, 682
Disaster Assistance -  (JH/A) VCM-719 (Y/A) DVK-608,
        DVU-595; (A) VCI-803; VCM-801.5, .6; DVM-730
For children - (K/E) VCM-308, 302
    (E) VCM-305
Foreign Countries
    Africa -
        (E) VCH-304; VCM-305
        (K/E) VCM-304, 308
        (Y) VCV-531; VCY-505.7; VCY-520.5
        (Y/A) VCM-513; VCU-504, 553;
            VCK-503; VCM-638; VCM-653
        (A) VCU-553(1994); VCF-819.5; VCU-553 ('98);
             VCU-579, 585; VCM-648, 701, 707.2; DVM-707.1
        Congo - (Y/A) VCM-708 (A) VCU-553, Ed. 3, 01;
        Egypt – (A) DVM-728
        Ethiopia - (Y/A) VCK-503.13; VCM-801.2; (A) DVM-728
        Kenya – (Y/A) DVM-717
        Ghana - (Y/A) VCK-503.13; VCM-622
        Madagascar – (Y/A) VCM-712
        Malawi - (Y/A) VCK-601
        Nigeria – (Y/A) DVM-717
        South Africa - (Y/A) VCC-808.1 (A) VCM-809.1, .2
        Sudan - (A) DVM-728; DVM-733, 734
        Uganda - (Y/A) VCM-604; DVM-717
            (A) DVM-728
        Zaire - (A) VCU-583; VCU-553 ('96 Winter)
        Zimbabwe – (Y/A) DVN-724
        General - (K/E) VCM-308 (A) VCM-700;
            DVW-846.4; DVM-707.1
        China - (E/JH) DVC-310.5 (Y) DVY-536
            (Y/A) VCK-503.10
            (A) VCU-553 ('96 Sum); DVM-684;
                VCM-706; VCM-707.3
        Hong Kong - (A) VCU-553 ('96 Sum)
        India - (E) VCM-305; DVC-310.8 (Y/A) VCK-503.4;
            VCC-412, 503
            (A) VCM-696, 698; DVM-697; VCM-710
        Indonesia (A) VCU-553 '98, ed.3;
        Korea - (A) VCM-674
        Laos – (A) VCM-707.3
        Middle East – General
            (A) VCM-611, 803; VCU-592; DVW-846.4;
                DVM-707.1; CDK-501
            Afghanistan – (A) VCM-700
            Israel – (J/A) DVM-720 (A) DVM-737
            Palestine –(J/A) DVM-720 (A) DVM-737
            (A) VCM-723: VCM-707.4; DVM-810
        Pacific Islands - (A) VCM-707.7; DVM-707.1
        Philippines - (Y/A)  VCM-638
            (A) VCM-622
        Southern - (Y/A) VCK-503.8; VCM-506
        Sri Lanka - (Y/A) VCK-503.13
        Thailand - (Y/A) VCK-503.13; VCM-604
        Vietnam - (Y/A) VCM-654, 655
    Central America - (Y/A) VCW-803.29
        Caribbean - (J/A) VCM-683 (Y/A) VCM-558
            VCM-586; (A) VCM-686
        El Salvador - (Y/A) VCC-527; VCM-801.2
        Guatemala - (Y) VCY-505.13
            (A) VCP-803.5; VCM-801; VCM-707.6
        Nicaragua - (Y) VCY-510.4
            (Y/A) VCU-543; VCM-638; DVM-735
    Europe- (A) DVM-707.1
        Bosnia - (A) VCM-802.1, 700;
            VCU-553 ('96 Win);
        Croatia - (A) VCU-553 ('96 Win)
        Czechoslovakia - (Y/A) VCK-503.11
        Eastern Europe - (A) VCK-503.13; VCU-553;
        Germany - (Y/A) VCU-523; VCK-503.11, .13;
        Hungary - (A) VCM-707.4
        Ireland - (Y/A) VCK-551; VCM-801.7
        Russia -
            (A) VCU-568
        Turkey - (A) VCM-707.4
    North America -
        Mexico - (C/A) VCM-306 (Y) VCY-505.5
            (Y/A) VCK-503.13; VCW-803.29
            (A) VCM-670
        United States -  (Y) VCY-520.5
                (Y/A) VCK-503.14
                (A) VCU-543, 553, 564, 565;
                    VCK-557; VCU-553 ('98); VCM-649
            Alaska - (A) VCU-566
            Native Americans - (Y) VCY-505.7
                (A) VCU-563, 568; VCU-553, '99 Ed. 4
    South America - (A) VCU-553; VCK-557;
        Bolivia - (Y/A) VCM-604
        Brazil - (Y/A) VCK-503.12, .13
            (A) VCM-622, 625, VCM-801.8; VCM-650, 711
        Chile (A) VCM-707.6
        Colombia – (Y) DVY-535
        Latin America - (A) DVM-707.1
    West Indies -
        Haiti - (Y/A) VCK-503.6, .1; VCM-801.2
            (A) VCM-707.6
Global Gathering (UMC) - (A) VCU-553
Global Village - (Y) VCM-642
Habitat for Humanity - (Y/A) VCM-703
Heifer Project - (K/E) VCM-302, 305
(Y/A) VCM-604, 651, 661
Helps in Disaster -
    (Y/A) VCM-801.5;
    (A) VCU-545, 553 ('95); VCI-803.1;
        VCU-553 ('96 Spring); DVG-511
Mission Planning - (Y/A) VCM-596
Missionaries- (E) VCC-304
    (Y/A) VCW-829.5; VCM-678; DVC-814.2
    (A) VCF-815.5; VCK-503.13; VCF-819.5; VCA-502;
    Aylward, Gladys – (E/JH) DVC-310.5
    Bonaventure, Lucille (A) VCU-533, Ed. 3, 01
    Carmichael, Amy – (E) DVC-310.8
    Carey, William - (E) VCC-306.2
     (Y/A) VCC-530, 809.4-.6
    Liddell, Eric – (E.JH) DVC-310.4; VCC-306.3
    Livingstone, David - (Y/A) VCC-809.4-.6
    Martyn, Henry - (Y/A) VCC-809.4-.6
    Moon, Lottie - (Y/A) VCC-809.4-.6
    Mother Theresa - (E) VCC-307 (Y/A) VCC-412
    Taylor, Hudson - (Y/A) VCC-809.4-.6
One Great Hour of Sharing -
    (C/A) DVM- & VCM-599.6 (J/A) VCM-579, 599
    (Y/A) VCM-599.3, .5; VCM-659; DVU-595
Twenty-First Century - (Y/A) VCM-678
    (A) VCM-635, VCU-553 (Su'99)
Women in - (A) VCU-552; U-553; Ed. .3, 01;
Worldwide - (A) DVM-707.1
Youth in - (Y) VCY-503, 505.5, .13; VCW-444;
        VCM-630.1; VCY-501.4, 528; DVY-539.6
    (A) VCF-815.5

General - (A) VCW-820.3; VCW-823.2
Financial Concerns - (E) VCP-311.5, 336.2
    (Y) VCY-502B.3
    (A) VCM-612; VCF-822.1; VCK-800.4;
VCV-800.1; VCW-801E.2; VCZ-802.2 (Cath)
Money Management -
    (Y/A) VCM-559, 612; VCM-802.6
    (A) VCM-586, 612; VCV-801

General - (Y/A) VCC-532 (A) VCW-803.34
American History -Songs - (C/A) VCQ-300M
Christmas - (C/A) VCX-308, 320, 324, 502, 504
    (Y/A) VCX-506
Hymnals - (A) (Presby.) VCK-527 (UCC) VCA-500
Hymns –(Y/A) DVC-550 (A) DVS-501
Liturgy - (A) VCK-802.2
Musicals - (Y/A) VCJ-504, 511 (A) VCM-628
New Testament Songs - (E) VCN-301M
Teenage music - (Y) VCY-506.13; DVY-548
Young children's music- VCR-300, 303; 308
        VCB-306.8M; VCR-309.3

God revealed in - (C/A) VCI-300
    (K/Pri) VCR-304; VCG-300
    (Y/A) VCW-411; VCI-802.2
    (A) VCP-802.7; VCI-805.1
Animals - (I/Pre) VCR-309.2 (K/Pri) VCP-307
    (K/E) VCB-302.2 (E) VCB-304
    (Y/A) VCI-802.2 (A) VCI-804.6
Man and - (Y/A) VCI-509 (A) VCI-804.4; VCI-508
Plants - (K/E) VCB-302.2

Series - (Y/A) VCN-807; DVC-814.1 (A) VCN-401 - 404;
    VCN-804; VCN-814; VCN-815, 16; VC & DVN-822
Acts - (E) VCN-300; VCN-301.12; VCJ-318.2
    (E/JH) VCN-304, 305
    (Y) VCN-500  (Y/A) VCN-803; VCN-805
    (A) VCB-810.1, 811.2; VCN-816.2; VCJ-825.2B
Apocalypse - (A) VCB-806.7; DVN-824.1, .2
Apostles - (Y) VCN-500
    (Y/A) VCC-801; VCN-805, 806, 815B; VCN-505; DVC-814.1
Background - (E) VCB-301, 302 (Y) VCN-500
    (Y/A) VCB-506 (A) VCB-807C.1, .2; VCN-815A, 816.1
Emmaus Road - (C/A) VCJ-316 (Y/A) VCN-502.13
Epistles - (Y/A) VCB-801; VCN-800
    (A) VCN-804.5, 815B, 816.2
    Of Paul (Y/A) DVN-510 (A) VCN-810; 813, 814; VCB-801.1;
        VCD-805.1; VCN-815A, 816.2, 818; VCB-811.2;
        DVN-824.1, .2; DVN-825.2; VC & DVN-826
    General - (A) VCJ-813; VCN-812; VCD-805.1; VCJ-523;
        VCB -811.2; VCC-810; VC & DVN-811; DVN-824.1, .2
    John - (Y/A) VCB-801.4; DVN-820
        (A) VCN-808; VCH-800.1; VCB-810.1; VCN-815B,
                VCN-816.1; VCB-811.2
    Luke - (J/A) VCN-401-404
        (A) VCB-810.1, 811.2; VCN-815B, 816.1,
    Mark - (Y/A) VCB-801.1
        (A) VCN-815B, 816.1; VCB-811.2
    Matthew - (Y/A) VCN-806
        (A) VCB-810.1, 811.2; VCN-815B, 816.1
Pentecost - (C/A) VCT-513 (Pre/Pri) VCK-300
        (Y/A) VCN-803; DVB-814.2 (A) VCK-800.3; VCN-501
    Andrew - (Y) VCY-519.3, 523 (Y/A) VCN-502, 505, 819
    Annas – (Y/A) VCJ-524.2
    Barnabas - (Y/A) VCN-805, 807
    Barrabbas – (E) DVE-313
    Bartholomew - (Y/A) VCN-505, 819
    Bartimaeus - (E) VCN-301.11 (E/JH) VCJ-305.3
    Caiaphas – (Y/A) VCJ-524.2
    Canaanite Woman -(Y/A) VCB-809.2; DVN-512
         (A) VCG-806.2
    Cleopas - (E) VCN-301.20
    Elizabeth - (Y/A) VCB-802; VCN-504; DVN-512
    Herod – (E) DVB-308.2 (Y/A) VCB-505; VCX-511
        (A) VCX-800.4; VCB-807C.1, 811.2; VCJ-811.1
    James - (Y/A) VCN-800, 819, 505; DVN-508
         (A) VCJ-825.3A; DVC-817.6
    James the Less - (Y/A) VCN-505, 819
    John - (Y) VCN-500 (Y/A) VCN-800; VCB-801.4, .5;
        VCN-805, 505, 819; DVN-820 (A) VCJ-808.3
    John the Baptist - (E) VCB-300.4; VCN-301.2;
        (Y/A) VCJ-801; VCB-505; VCJ-818.1; DVJ-833
        (A) VCB-807C.1; VCW-819.4; DVC-817.5
    Joseph - (A) VCX-800.2
    Joseph of Arimathea - (Y/A) VCJ-524.2
    Judas - (Y/A) VCN-505, 819; VCJ-524.2
        (A) VCJ-807.5
    Jude - (Y/A) VCN-800, 505
    Lazarus - (E) VCB-300.5; VCJ-301.2; VCN-301.18
        (Y/A) VCN-502; VCJ-513
    Luke –(Y) DVY-535 (Y/A) VCN-805
        (A) VCJ-825.2B
    Lydia - (Y/A) VCN-805
        (A) VCN-804.12; VCG-806.2
    Mark - (Y/A) VCB-802 (A) VCJ-825.1C
    Mary - (E) VCO-306.24; VCZ-308 (Y/A) VCB-802;
            VCN-504; DVJ-833; DVN-512
        (A) VCE-502; VCJ-807.1; VCN-804.9, .10;
            VCJ-811.1; VCZ-801.17; VCB-507;
    Mary and Martha - (K/E) VCB-201.7
        (E) VCB-300.5; VCN-301.18 (J/A) VCN-402
        (Y/A) DVN-512
        (A) VCN-804.9, .11; VCB-809.2; VCJ-822;
    Mary Magdalene -
        (SH/A) VCB-512; VCN-819; DVN-506, 512
        (A) VCE-502; VCG-806.2; DVC-817.4
    Matthew - (J/JH) VCN-301.17 (J/A) VCJ-524
        (Y/A) VCN-505, 819 DVJ-833 (A) VCB-810.1
    Nicodemus - (E) VCN-301.20 (J/A) VCJ-524
        (JH/A) DVJ-503.3 (A) VCE-502
    Paul - (K/E) VCB-201.8
        (E) VCB-300.5; VCN-301.6, 300, 302.1, 305
        (E/JH) VCN-304, 305; DVN-306
        (J/JH) VCB-307.2 (Y) VCY-519.2
         (Y/A) VCB-801.3; VCN-801.1, 802, 803;
            VCN- 503; VCN-805, 807, 817; VCC-809.1-.3;
            DVC-814.1; DVN-510; DVJ-829, 833;
            DVN-511; DVB-814.2
        (A) VCN-811; VCJ-820; VCB-810.1;
            VCD-805.1; VCN-815A, 816.2, 818; DVW-844;
            VCB-811.2; DVM-507; VCJ-825.1B;
            DVJ-830; DVN-824.1, .2; DVN-825;
            DV &VCN-826
    Peter - (E) VCN-301.9; VCJ-301.2; VCN-300;
        (E/JH) VCN-305 (J/A) VCJ-524
        (Y) VCN-500; VCY-519.3, 523
        (Y/A) VCN-800, 803; VCB-802; VCN-805, 807;
            VCN-502; VCJ-513; VCC-809.1-.3; DVJ-833
            VCN-505, 819; DVN-509; DVB-814.2;
        (A) VCJ-808.5; VCN-809, 816.2; VCB-811.2;
            VCW-837; DVW-837; VCJ-825.3B
    Philip - (Y/A) VCN-803, 805, 505, 819; DVJ-829;
        (A) VCJ-825.3C
    Pilate - (Y/A) VCN-803; VCJ-524.2 (A) VCE-502
    Priscilla and Aquila - (Y/A) VCN-803 (A) VCN-804.9
    Silas - (E) VCN-301.12 (E/JH) VCN-305 (Y/A) VCN-805
    Simeon and Anna - (E) VCX-319.2
    Simon the Zealot - (Y/A) VCN-505, 819
    Stephen - (E) VCW-301 (Y/A) VCN-800, 803, 805; DVJ-829
    Thaddeus - (Y/A) VCN-505, 819
    Thomas –(PRE-K) VCE-310 (K/E) VCB-201.5
        (Y/A) VCJ-513; VCN-505
        (A) VCJ-807.6; VCJ-825.3A, .3B
    Timothy - (Y/A) VCN-800 (A) DVJ-830
    Titus - (Y/A) VCN-800
    Woman at the Well - (E) VCJ-318.1 (J/A) VCJ-524
        (SH/A) VCB-512; DVJ-833; DVN-512
    Zacchaeus - (K/E) VCB-201.6
        (E) VCB-300.5; VCN-301.11, 303.1; VCJ-301
        (E/JH) VCJ-305.3 (J/A) VCN-403 (A) VCJ-810.10
Prophecy – (A) DVW-850.2
Rapture – (A) DVW-850.2
Revelation, Book of - (Y/A) VCN-800; DVB-814.2
    (A) VCB-806.7, 810.1; VCN-816.2, 815B; DVN-821; VCN-823
Sabbath - (A) VCB-807C.2; VCW-809.1
Synagogue - (A) VCB-807C.2

Series - (E) VCO-300, 304; 306, 307, 308
    (J/A) VCO-804 (JH/A) VCO-501, 550 - 564
    (Y/A) VCO-805 (A) VCB-800, VCO-800, 801, 802, 803;
        VCO-809; VCO-813
General - (Y/A) VCO-502; VCB-506; DVO-811; DVO-509
    (A) VCJ-811.1; VCO-808; DVB-517
Angels - (A) VCO-809.2
Burning Bush - (K/Pri) VCB-308.5
    (E) VCO-306.11, 304.7, 300.2 (A) VCO-556
Covenant - See COVENANT
Creation - (C/A) VCB-211; VCI-300
    (I/Pre) VCR-309.1 (Pre/Pri) VCZ-303.3; VCG-301
    (K/Pri) VCG-300; VCB-308.7
    (K/E) VCB-300.1, 302, 201.1 (E) VCO-302.5; VCO-308.1
    (JH/A) VCI-500; VCO-501.6
    (Y/A) VCW-803.15; VCB-409; VCH-505; 
        VCO-803.1; VCI-506; VCO-504; DVG-517; DVO-509;
         DVW-858; DVB-814.1; VCI-802;
    (A) VCI-511; VCM-805.1; VCB-811.3;
        DVO-811; DVW-850.1, .851
    And Evolution – (Y/A) VC & DVM-811
        (A) DVI-514, VCI-805.3
Deuteronomy -  (K/E)  DVB-312.3 (A) VCO-808
Ecclesiastes - (A) VCJ-822; VCO-808
    Meditation - (A) VCW-512
Exile, Assyria - (A) VCB-807B.1
Exile, Babylonia - (E) VCO-306.22, .23
    (A) DVO-811, 813.2
Exodus - (K/Pri) VCB-308.5; DVB-312.2
    (E) VCO-302.1; VCO-308.4; VCB-300, 302;
        VCO-300.2; VCO-306.12-.16; VCB-810.8
    (J/A) VCO-307.2 (Y/A) VCW-803.15; DVO-507;
    (A) VCO-804.2; VCB-810.1; VCO-807.1A;
        VCB-811.1; VCM-670; DVO-811; DVB-517, 813
Genesis- (K/E) DVB-312.1 (A) VCB-800.4; VCO-802.1; VCO-803;
History of  (A) DVB-517
Idol Worship (Y/A) VCO-806.1; VCB-817.3;
    (A) VCB-807B.1
Jericho -  (E) VCO-306.17 (Y/A) VCO-501.8
Kings (II) - (Y) DVY-535
Leviticus –(K/E) DVB-312.3 (Y/A) DVB-814.1 (A) VCO-807.2B
Megiddo - (A) VCB-807B.1
Numbers – (K/E) DVB-312.3
Passover - (C/A) VCN-404  (K/Pri) VCB-308.5
    (E) VCH-305; VCO-300; DVE-311
    (J/JH) VCO-306.12  (J/A) VCN-404
    (Y/A) VCW-449; VCD-500; VCE-504
    (A) VCO-508, 510; VCJ-807.1
Pentateuch - (A) VCB-811.1
    Aaron - (E) VCO-306.15, .16 (Y/A) VCO-504
    Abigail – (E) VCO-313.2 (A) DV&VCG-806.4
    Abraham - (K/Pri) VCB-308.3; VCO-311.3
        (E) VCB-300.1; VCO-301.2; VCO-304.1;
            VCO-308.2; VCO-313.1
        (J/JH) VCO-306.4, .5, .7
        (J/A) VCO-402; VCO-506.4
        (Y/A) VCB-802; VCO-504
        (A) VCB-800.4; VCO-802.3; VCB-806.1;
            VCJ-811.1; VCO-803.3, .4; VCJ-820;
            VCO-809.1; DVB-812.1, .2; DVO-811;
            VC & DVN-826;
    Adam and Eve - (Pre/Pri) VCB-305.2
        (K/Pri) VCB-308.7
        (E) VCB-300.1; VCO-308.1
        (J/JH) VCO-306.1 (J/A) VCO-804.3
        (A) VCB-800.4; VCO-401; VCO-802.1;
            VCN-803.1; VCB-809.1; VCO-809.1;
    Amos - (A) VCB-806.4; VCO-807
    Athaliah - (SH/A) VCB-513
    Balaam - (E) VCO-306.16
    Bathsheba - (K/E) VCB-306.11
        (SH/A) VCB-513; VCO-804.1; VCB-809.1;
        VCO-800.7; DVB-814.1
    Cain and Abel - (E) VCO-306.1
        (Y/A)  VCO-504; DVB-814.1
        (A) VCO-802.2; VCO-803.2, 809.1
    Caleb - (E) VCO-306.16
    Daniel - (K/Pri) VCO-311.5
        (K/E) VCB-201.2; VCB-306.2; VCP-336.9
        (E) VCO-302.3; VCB-300.3; VCO-303; VCO-304.5;
            VCB-305.8; VCO-308.6
        (3rd/E) VCB-307.3 (J/A) VCO-506.14, .15,
        (Y) DVY-535 (Y/A) VCO-501.12
        (A) VCB-806.4; VCW-816.7; VCO-809.2
    David - (I/Pre) VCR-309.3 (Pre/Pri) VCB-305.4;
            VCO-306.19, .20
        (K/Pri)  VCO-311.2, .4
        (K/E) VCB-201.2, 303; VCB-306.5
        (E) VCB-300.2; VCO-300.2, 304.10; VCO-308.9;
            VCB-306.11, 310.3; VCO-302.8; VCO-313.1, .2
        (J/JH) VCB-307.1 (J/A) VCO-506.10
        (JH/A) VCO-501.10
        (Y/A) VCO-800.5, .6, .7; VCO-804.1; VCB-802;
            VCO-802.6; VCB-807D.2; DVB-812.1, .2;
            DVO-508 DVB-814.1
        (A) VCO-801; VCB-806.3; VCB-807A.2, C.1;
            VCJ-820; VCB-809.1; VCO-809.2, 813.2
    Deborah - (Y/A) VCB-802; VCO-800.2
        (A) VCO-807; VCO-809.1; DV & VCG-806.4
    Delilah - (SH/A) VCB-512; VCO-804.5, 800.4;
            VCO-506.12; VCO-501.9
    Elijah - (E) VCB-300.3; VCO-300.1; VCO-308.8; DVO-304.4
        (Y/A) VCB-802; VCO-805.7 (A) VCB-806.4;
            VCB-807B.1; VCO-807.2A, 809.2; DVJ-830
    Elisha - (K/Pri) VCO-311.1 (E) VCO-304.8
    Esau - (E) VCB-300.1; VCO-301.5 (Y) VCY-519.1
        (Y/A) VCO-805.1; DVB-814.1 (A) VCB-800.4; VCO-403
    Esther - (E) VCB-300.3; VCO-300.3, 304.6; VCB-306.12;
        (J/A) VCO-506. 13 (A) VCB-806.5; VCO-809.2
    Eve - (A) VCN-804.9
    Ezra –(Y) DVY-535 (A) VCB-805.1
    Gideon - (E) VCB-300.2
        (Y/A) VCB-802; VCO-800.2, .3; VCO-805.8
        (A) VCO-809.1
    Hagar - (A) DV & VCG-806.4; VCO-813.1
    Hannah - (K/Pri) VCO-311.6 (A) VC & DVG-806.4
    Herod - (C/A) VCN-401, 402, 404
        (K/Pri) VCB-308.2 
        (J/A) VCJ-800.1, .2
        (Y/A) VCB-807D.2; VCB-505; VCJ-524.2
        (A) VCB-807C.1, B-807D.1; VCX-800.4
    Herodias - (SH/A) VCB-513
    Hezekiah -  (A) VCB-807B.2
    Hosea - (Y/A) VCO-503
        (A) VCB-806.4; VCO-807
    Isaac - (E) VCO-301.2; VCO-304.1; VCO-306.6, .7
        (Y/A)  VCO-504
        (A) VCB-800.4; VCO-802.3; VCJ-811.2;
            VCO-803.4; VCB-809.1; VCO-813.1
    Isaiah - (E) VCO-306.24 (A) VCO-801;
        VCJ- 808.2; VCB-806.4; VCJ-820; VCB-810.1;
    Ishmael - (E) VCO-306.6
    Jacob - (E) VCO-300.1, 301.5; VCO-304.12;
            VCO-306.8, .9 (J/A) VCO-506.5
        (Y) VCY-519.1 (Y/A) VCO-805.1, .2; DVB-814.1
        (A) VCB-800.4; VCB-806.4; VCB-807C.1;
            VCO-803.5; VCJ-822; VCO-809.1; VCO-813.1
    Jael - (SH/A) VCB-513
Jeremiah - (E) VCB-300.3; VCO-300.3
        (Y/A) VCB-800.2; VCO-504, 507; DVB-814.1
        (A) VCO-801; VCB-806.4
    Jezebel - (E) VCO-308.8 (SH/A) VCB-512
    Job - (E) VCO-301.4 (Y/A) VCW-819.2
        (A) VCO-802.4; VCB-810.1; VCO-807.2B, 808,
    Jonah - (K/Pri) VCO-311.5 (K/E) VCB-306.14
        (E) VCB-300.3; VCO-301.3, 302.7, 307.4;
            VCB-305.10; VCO-308.7
        (Y/A) VCO-805.5; VCO-504; DVJ-833;
            DVB-814.1 (A) VCO-809.2
    Jonathan - (K/E) VCB-201.2; VCO-313.2
        (Y/A) VCO-800.6
    Joseph - (K/E) VCB-303; 306.15
        (K/Pri) VCB-308.4; VCO-311.3
        (E) VCO-300.1; VCO-301; VCO-302.6;
            VCB-300.1; VCO-304.2, .12; VCB-305.7;
            VCO-308.3; VCO-309
        (J/JH) VCO-306.8,  .9 (J/A) VCO-506.6
        (Y/A) DVB-812.1, .2; DVB-814.1
        (A) VCB-800.4; VCB-806.2; VCO-803.5, 809.1
    Joshua - (E) VCB-300.2; VCO-302.2, VCB-305.9; 310.4;
            VCB-306.7 (J/JH) 306.16, .17
        (J/A) VCO-506.9 (Y/A) VCB-802; VCO-800.1, 501.8;
        (A) VCB-807A.1; VCO-809.1
    Josiah - (A) VCB-807B.2; VCO-807.2B
    Judith  - (A) VCO-809.2
    Lot - (C/A) VCO-402 (E) VCB-310.7 (Y/A) VCO-504.3
    Melchizedek - (A) VCJ-820
    Michal - (SH/A) VCB-512
    Miriam - (K/E) VCB-300.1, 303, 306.16
        (J/JH) VCO- 306.10, .16
    Moses - (Pre/Pri) VCB-305.5 (K/Pri) VCB-308.5;
        (K/E) VCB-303 (E) VCO-300.2; 302.1; VCO-308.4;
            VCO-304.7; VCB-300.1, 310.2, .11, .18; VCB-306.16;
            VCO-313.1; DVB-312.2
        (J/JH) VCO-306.10-.16 (J/A) VCO-506.7, 307.2, .3
        (JH/A) VCO-501.6, .7; VCO-804.2
        (Y/A) VCB-409; VCO-504; DVO-507
        (A) VCO-801.4, 802.5; VCJ-820; VCM-670; VCO-809.1;
            DVB-517, 813; VCO-813.1
    Naaman - (K/Pri) VCO-311.2 (E) VCB-300.3
    Nabal – (E) VCO-313.2
    Nathan  - (A) VCO-807.2A
    Nebuchadnezzar - (E) VCB-300.3; VCO-303
    Nehemiah - (E) VCB-300.3; VCO-301.4
    Noah - (I/Pre) VCR-309.2 (Pre/Pri) VCB-305.3
        (K/E) VCB-201.1, 303
        (E) VCO-301, 302.4, 305, VCB-300.1; VCO-308.1;
            VCB-310.1; VCB -308.9 (J/JH) VCO-306.2
        (J/A)  VCO-401; VCO-506.1; VCO-804.4
        (JH/A) VCO-501 (Y/A) VCO-504; DVB-814.1
        (A) VCB-800.4; VCO-803.2; VCO-809.1; DVW-846.4;
    Potiphar's Wife - (C/A) VCO-404 (E) VCB-310.4;
        VCO-300.1, 304.2; VCO-308.3 (J/JH) VCO-306.9
        (J/A) VCO-506.6 (SH/A) VCB-512 (A) VCO-803.5
    Rahab - (E) VCO-306.17; (J/A) VCO-506.
        (SH/A) VCB-512 (A) VCO-800.1, 805.3, 809.1;
            VC & DVG-806.4
    Rebecca (E) VCO-301.2 (A) VCO-803.4
    Ruth - (K/Pri) VCB-308.8; VCO-311.1 (K/E) VCB-303
        (E) VCB-300.2; VCO-308.5; VCB-306.16; DVO-304.9
        (Y/A) VCO-805.6 (A) VCJ-822; VCO-809.2
    Samson - (E) VCB-300.2; 310.6
         (J/A) VCO-506.12; VCO-804.5
        (Y/A) VCO-800.3, .4, 501.9; VCO-805.4
        (A) VCB-806.3; VCO-809.1; DVW-846.4
    Samuel - (K/Pri) VCO-311.4
        (E) VCB-300.2; VCO-304.3; VCO-313.1, .2
        (Y/A) VCB-800.3; VCO-800.4, .5; VCO-504
        (A) VCO-801; 807.1A, 809.2; VCO-813.2
    Sapphira -  (SH/A) VCB-512
    Sarah - (C/A) VCO-402, 403
        (E) VCO-301.2, 306.4 & .6; VCO-313.1
        (A) VCO-803.3, 809.1
    Saul - (E) VCB-300.2; VCO-301.3; VCO-308.9;
        (J/JH) VCB-307.1; VCO-306.18, .19
        (Y/A) VCO-800.5, .6, .7
        (A) VCO-801, 809.2; VCO-813.2
    Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego - (K/E) VCB-306.4
        (E) VCO-303; VCB-310.5
    Solomon - (K/Pri) VCO-311.2
        (E) VCO-301.1; VCB-300.2; VCO-304.11;
        (J/A) VCO-506.11; VCO-804.6
        (A) VCO-809.2, 813.2
    Tamar - (SH/A) VCB-513
    Witch of Endor - (SH/A) VCB-513; VCO-800.7
Prophets - (K/Pri) VCB-308.2
        (E) VCB-300.3; DVB-308.2
        (J/JH) VCO-306.23 (Y/A) DVB-814.1
        (A) VCB-811.1, 806.4; VCO-808; DVO-811;
            VCO-813.2; VCN-804.9, .11
        (See individual names)
Proverbs - (Y/A) VCO-504 (A) DVO-811
Psalms - (K/E) VCB-300.2; VCP-336.9
        (Y/A) VCW-504 (A) VCG-801; VCO-808;
            DVO-810; DVW-536; DVJ-828
    Psalm 23 (K/E) VCP-336.9 (Y/A) VCW-504.1
        ( A) DVJ-828; DVW-536
Sacrifice - (E) VCO-301.2, 304.1 (J/JH) VCO-306.7
    (Y/A) VCO-502 (A) VCO-802.3; VCJ-811.2
Shema – (Y/A) DVJ-833
Sodom and Gomorrah - (E) VCO-308.2
    (J/JH) VCO-306.5
    (J/A) VCO-506.3, 501.2
Song of Solomon - (Y/A) VCO-504; DVB-814.1
Tabernacle - (JH/A) VCB-514
Temple - (E) VCO-306.21; VCB-300.2
     (A) VCB-807B.2; DVO-811
Temptation - (J/JH) VCO-306.1; VCO-804.3
    (A) VCO-401; VCO-803.1; VCB-809.1
The Ten Commandments - (K/Pri) DVO-312
    (E) VCO-300.2; O-306.14, 307.3; VCB-310.2; DVO-314
    (J/JH) VCO-306.14, .15; VCO-310
    (J/A) VCO-506.8; VCO-307.3; VCO-806.1 - .5
    (JH/A) VCO-501.7 (Y) VCO-804.2
    (Y/A)  VCO-505; DVO-507; DVO-812.1, .2
    A) VCW-809.1; VCJ-806.5; VCB-811.3
Torah (A) DVB-517
Tower of Babel - (E) VCB-310.9
    (J/JH) VCO-306.3 (J/A) VCO-506.2, 501.1
    (Y/A)  VCO-504; DVB-814.1
Wilderness - (A) VCB-807B.2
Women -  (For specific names, see Old Testament:  People)
    (K/Pri)  VCO-311.6
    (E) VCO-301; VCO-301.2; VCO-304.6, .9; VCO-308.5;
    (J/A) VCO-804.5, .6; VCO-805.4, .6
    (SH/A)  VCB-512, 513

Series - (K/Pri) VCJ-302 (E) DV/VCJ-308
    (J/A) VCN-402, 403 
    (Y/A) VCJ-803.2; DVJ-530; DVB-821 (A) VCJ-810
General - (K/Pri) VCB-308.6 (E) DVN-301-23; DVB-308.6
     (J/A) VCN-403
    (Y/A) VCV-516; VCJ-804.2; VCN-502.7; VCN-806
    (A) DVJ-828
Father's Gift - (A) VCJ-810.12
Fig Tree - (J/A) VCN-403 (Y/A) DVJ-530.1. .6
    (A) VCJ-810.14
Foolish Rich Man - (Pre/Pri) VCJ-306.3 (K/E) VCJ-302.5
    (J/A) VCN-403 (Y/A) VCJ-803.2
    (A) VCJ-810.7
Friends at Midnight –(Y/A) DVJ-529, 530.1 (A) VCJ-810.12
From Science - (E/JH) VCJ-307
Good Samaritan – Pre/Pri) VCJ-313.2 (K/E) VCB-201.9;
        VCP-336.6 (K/A) VCJ-302.5; VCB-306.1
    (E) VCB-300.4; VCN-301.4, 303.3; VCB-305.12
    (E/JH) VCJ-208; VCJ-305.1
    (J/A) VCN-402 (Y/A) DVJ-528; DVB-518.2; DVJ-530.3
    (A) VCB-803.6;
        VCJ-808.4, 810.2; VCJ-520; VCB-811.3
Great Banquet - (K/E) VCJ-302.3
    (E) VCB-300.4; (J/A) VCN-403 (Y/A) DVJ-529
    (A) VCJ-810.8
Kingdom Parables - (C/A) VCN-403; VCJ-316
    (K/Pri) VCB-308.6 (E) VCN-301.10; DVB-308.6
    (A) VCJ-806.5; VCW-817.5
Log and the Speck - (C/A) VCJ-316 (E/JH) VCJ-305.1
Lost Coin - (K/E) VCJ-302.6 (E/JH) VCJ-305.1
    (J/JH) VCN-301.17 (J/A) VCN-403
     (A) VCJ-810.3; DVJ-828
Lost Sheep - (Pre/Pri) VCJ-306.1
    (Pre/E) VCP-329.3 (E) VCN-303.7
    (K/E) VCJ-205(also DVJ-518); VCP-307; VCJ-302.6;
        VCB-300.5; VCB-201.9 (J/JH) VCN-301.17
    (J/A) VCN-403  (Y/A) VCJ-803.2; DVJ-530.6
    (A) VCJ-810.3; DVJ-828
Modern Day – (Y/A) DVB-821; VC/DVJ-518; DVJ-530
Mustard Seed - (C/A) VCJ-316 (E/JH) VCJ-319.3
    (J/A) VCN-403 (Y/A) DVJ-530.2
New Wine – (Y/A) DVJ-530.4
Pearls - (K/E) VCJ-302.1; VCN-301.10;
    (Y/A) DVJ-529
Persistence and Prayer - (A) VCJ-810.15
Pharisee and Publican - (K/E) VCJ-302.6
    (E) VCN-303.5 (J/A) VCN-403
     (Y/A) VCJ-803.2 (A) VCJ-810.13
Prodigal Son – (Pre/Pri) VCJ-313.2 (K/E) VCP-307;
        VCJ-302.5; VCB-201.9 (E) VCW-300.1;
        VCN-301.3; VCJ-301.1; VCN-303.8;
    (E/JH) VCJ-307.2; VCJ-319.4
    (J/A) VCJ-418, 419; VCN-403 (JH/A) DV & VCJ-518
    (Y/A) VCJ-803.2; VCH-505; DVB-518.2; DVJ-532;
    (A) VCJ-810.4; VCJ-515; VCJ-520; VCB-809.2;
Rich Fool (Y/A) DVJ-530.4
Rich Man and Lazarus - (J/A) VCN-403 (Y/A) DVJ-530.6
Rich Young Ruler - (E) VCN-301.11; DVN-301.24
    (J/A) VCJ-524
    (A) VCJ-807.2
Soils - (K/Pri) VCB-308.6 (E) DV/VCJ-308.2;
        DVB-308.6 (Y/A) DVB-518.2
Sower - (K/Pri) VCB-308.6
    (K/E) VCJ-302.1; VCB-300.4; VCN-301.10;
    (E) VCN-303.3; DV/VCJ-308.1
    (J/A) VCN-402 (Y/A) VCJ-803.2 (A) VCJ-810.9
Talents - (E) DVN-301.24 (Y) VCY-519.3
    (Y/A) VCJ-803.2; DVJ-530.3 (A) VCJ-810.10; VCJ-520
Ten Virgins - (K/Pri) VCB-308.6
    (K/E) VCN-301.10 (E) DVB-308.6
    (Y/A) VCJ-803.2; DVB-518.2
Three Disciples - (A) VCJ-810.12
Two Brothers - (K/Pri) VCJ-306.2
    (E) VCB-300.4; DVN-301.24
    (Y/A) DVJ-530.4
Two Builders - (C/A) VCJ-316
    (K/E) VCJ-302.3; VCB-201.6
    (E) VCN-303.5; DVN-301.22
    (Y/A) VCJ-803.2; DVJ-530.2 (A) VCJ-810.9
Unforgiving Debtor - (K/E) VCJ-302.2
    (E) VCN-301.9; VCN-303.3
    (J/Y) VCP-339.1
    (Y/A) VCJ-803.2; DVJ-529, 530.5 (A) VCJ-806.2; DVJ-828
Unjust Judge - (E) VCN-301.16 (Y/A) DVJ-529, 530.1
    (A) VCJ-810.12, .15
Unjust Steward – (Y/A) DVJ-530.5 (A) VCJ-810.11; VCJ-520
Vineyard - (K/Pri) VCB-308.6
    (E) VCN-303.9; DVB-308.6
Vineyard Laborers - (K/E) VCJ-302.2 (E/JH) VCJ-307.2
    (J/A) VCN-404 (Y/A) DVB-518.2
Wedding Garment - (K/E) VCJ-302.3
    (A) VCJ-815
Wheat & Weeds - (K/E) VCJ-302.1; VCN-301.10
    (Y/A) DVJ-530.2
Wicked Tenants - (K/E) VCJ-302.2
Woman of the House of Simon - (A) VCJ-810.6

        (C/A) VCM-680; DVM-720 (E) VCM-307;
        VCG-302 VCM-309 (Y) VCV-549; DVY-535
    (Y/A) VCM-800; VCM-551;
        VCF-810.1; VCW-803.6; VCW-803.21, .40;
        VCW-413; VCM-507; VCM-806, 681;
        DVY-533; DVM-721; DVB-816.1, 820
    (A) VCM-666; VCW-809;
        VCM-802.1, 664, 666; VCM-610, 674; VCM-623;
        VCW-803.62; VCM-709; VCC-547; VCM-687; DVM-704;
        VCM-723; DVW-844, 846.1; DVM-714; CDK-501

Series - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305, 306, 307; VCP-344
    (K/Pri)VCP-335; VCH-308
    (K/E) VCP-329; VCZ-303; VCB-306; VCP-336
    (E) VCP-318; VCW-300; (E/JH) VCP-334
    (J/JH) VCV-514; VCP-306; VCV-542 (J/Y) VCP-339
    (Y) VCY-502, 505, 506, 510, 520, 525; DVY-509, 539
    (Y/A) VCW-829; DVB-818; VCB-816.2
    (A) VCP-800, 805
General - ("Me") (C/A) VCT-513
    (E) VCP-346; VCW-300
    (JH) VCV-514.12 
    (Y) VCY-519.4, 530; DVY-509, 511; DVY-551
    (Y/A) VCV-516; VCP-512; VCF-517; VCP-533;
        DVG-512.15, .17, .18, .22, .24; VCB-820.2
    (A) VCP-523; VCF-517(98)
Acceptance - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.4 (K/E) VCP-343
    (E) VCH-300; VCP-318.1; VCP-315; VCH-305; VCZ-314;
    (E/JH) VCP-313.12; VCP-334.6, .7
    (J/JH) VCP-306.1 & 11; VCP-208; VCV-542.6
    (J/Y) VCP-339.2, .3
    (Y) VCV-531; VCY-510.1;
    (Y/A) VCV-512; VCW-803.25;
        DVP-513; VCP-533; VCB-815.1, 817.3
    (A) VCP-801.1, 803.3; VCP-804.2, 805;
Adolescence - (E/JH) VCP-313.11
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.29, .34, .39
    (Y) DVY-538
Attitude - (K/Pri) VCH-308.1 (K/E) VCP-336.5
    (J/JH) VCP-306.6; VCP-313.11; VCV-542.4, .7
    (Y) VCY-506.14; VCY-508; VCY-501.5
    (Y/A)  DVP-539
    (A) VCF-516, 518, 815; VCP-803.3; 
        VCW-801D.3; VCW-801B.6; VCF-822.2;
        VCB-802.2; VCP-528; DVG-514; DVW-854
Behaving - (Pre/E) VCP-329.2 (K/Pri) VCP-303;
        VCP-307, VCR-305; VCP-348
    (E) VCW-300.1; VCP-323.3
    (E/JH) VCP-306.10 (A) VCF-817.2
Blame - (Y) VCY-510.3
Bullying - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.2; VCP-344
    (K/4th) VCP-335.4; VCH-308.1
    (E) VCP-313.4; VCJ-208; VCP-309, 315, 331;
        VCP- 345.1; VCP-346
    (J/JH) VCP-306.8 (J/Y) VCP-339.3, 534.1
    (Y) VCV-549.4; DVY-509 (A) VCP-534T
Character Development - (E) VCP-345.1
    (Y/A) VCP-531
    (Y) VCY-525; DVY-509
Choosing a career (Y/A) DVP-539, 808
Cooperation - (E) VCP-318.2
Creativity - (C/A) VCT-513 (Y) DVY-535
    (Y/A) VCT-515; DVP-539
    (A) VCT-521, 803; VCW-515, 812.3
        VCH-800.1; VCP-802.4, 528; DVG-514
    General - (J/JH) VCV-542.6
        (Y) VCY-525; DVY-538.1, 550
        (A) VCF-817.1; VCP-804.1
    Anger - (C/A) VCH-301
        (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.2, .5
        (K/E) VCP-329.2 (K/4th) VCP-335.1
        (E) VCW-300.2; VCP-313.6; VCP-311.3;
            VCP-311.4; VCP-301
        (J/JH) VCP-322, V-542.7 (Y) VCY-510.2; VCV-549;
        (Y/A) VCP-514; DVB-818
        (A) VCF-820; VCP-803.4; DVG-512.16;
    Anxiety - (E) VCP-345.1
    Compassion - (K/E) VCP-336.6 (Y) VCY-530
        (Y/A) VCW-433, 829.1; VCB-815.2
        (A) VCV-802.1;DVW-850.3, 853
    Courage - (K/Pri) VCP-338 (K/E) VCP-336.3, 349
        (E) VCW-300.2; VCH-300; VCV-306.3
        (E/JH) VCP-306.8; VCP-313.10, 334.6
        (J/JH) VCH-303.2 (Y) VCV-549.10; VCY-530
        (Y/A) VCP-507; VCP-520; VCB-816.3
        (A) VC & DVW-845
    Depression - (Y) VCY-506.11 VCY-505.14 (Y/A) DVY-552
    Despair - (E) VCW-300.2
        (J/JH) VCP-306.2
        (J/A) VCW-401; VCG-500 (Y) DVY-539.4
        (Y/A) VCP-514; VCW-811.1 (A) VCP-517; VCW-832.2
    Discouragement - (K/E) VCP-343
         (E) VCH-300; VCP-318.6, .9; VCX-340;
         (E/JH) VCP-334.6
        (J/Y) VCP-339.3 (Y) VCY-505.12
        (Y/A) DVG-512.24 (A) VCP-521
    Doubt –(Y) DVY-539.4; VCY-526.5
        (Y/A) VCB-817.2
        (A) VCG-805; VC & DVW-845
    Encouragement - (Y/A) VCP-514, 527; VCB-816.4
        (A) VCF-817.5, 823
    Fear -(K/E) VCB-306.2; VCP-349
        (E) VCW-300.2; VCP-313.5; VCP-318.3; P-323.1;
        (E/JH) VCP-310; VCH-303; VCP-313.10
        (J/Y) VCP-339.2
        (A) VCW-801E.3, 803.49; VCW-837; DVW-837
    Guidance –(E) VCP-318 (E/JH) VCJ-307.1 (Y) VCY-525
        (Y/A) VCB-816.4; VCG-800; VCW-811.1
            (A) ; DVW-841; VCW-833.4
    Guilt - (E) VCP-311.3
        (E/JH) VCP-306.10 (J/JH) VCV-514.4; VCP-322
        (JH/Y) VCV-514.27 (Y) VCY-505.9
        (Y/A) VCB-815.2
        (A) VCC-802.4; VCW-822.5
    Happiness - (K/E) VCB-306.9 (E/JH) VCP-306.11
        (Y/A) VCW-803.39/ VCP-527; VCB-820.3
         (A) VCP-804.2
    Hate - (K/E) VCB-306.1 (E) VCP-301 (Y/A) VCP-514
        (A) VCW-801E.5
    Hope     (Pre/E) VCP-329.3 (K/E) VCP-323.1
        (E) VCV-306.3 (E/JH) VCP-334.6
        (J/JH) VCH-303.1 (J/Y) VCP-339.2
        (Y) VCY-505.12 (Y/A) VCP-527
        (J/A) VCG-500  (A) VCW-801D.6; DVG-514
    Humility - (Pre/E) VCP-329.2
        (K/E) VCP-336.8, .10 (E) VCP-313.2
        (Y) VCP-444 (Y/A) VCB-817.2
    Jealousy - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.4
        (Pre/E) VCP-329.1
        (E) VCP-313.6; VCP-311.3, .5, 331
        (E/JH) VCP-334.1
        (J/JH) VCV-514.13; VCP-322; VCY-509.3
        (Y/A) VCB-815.3; DVB-818
    Joy - (A) VCP-517
    Loneliness - (C/A) VCP-347; VCF-524
        (E) VCP-313.5 (J/JH) VCP-322; VCH-303.1
        (J/Y) VCP-339.3
        (Y) VCY-506.12, 513.3; VCY-505.14;
            DVY-546, 549
        (Y/A) VCP-514
        (A) VCW-803.49; VCW-822.3; VCV-802.6
    Pain (Y)  VCY-526.5 (Y/A) DVG-512.24
    Peace - (Y/A) VCJ-522.1
    Pride - (E) VCP-318.8 (Y/A) VCB-816.2; DVB-818;
    Sadness - (A) VCP-517, 803.1
    Shyness - (E) VCP-313.5 (JH/Y) VCV-514.31, .34
    Stress (J/JH) VCV-542.5, .6
        (JH/Y) VCV-514.32
        (Y) VCY-506.7; VCY-505.10, 513.1;
        (A) VCP-803.2; VCW-807.3; VCW-809.1;
            VCP-804; VCV-802.3
        Worry – (Y/A) VCB-820.1
Failure - (E) VCP-318.8, 345.1
    (E/JH) VCP-313.10 (J/JH) VCV-542.4
    (Y/A) VCP-507; VCG-409; VCP-514
Generosity - (K/E) VCP-320; VCP-336.8
     (E/JH) VCP-313.12, 231
    (Y) VCY-530 (Y/A) VCP-514, 533;
        VCB -816.3, 817.1, .2
Goal-setting (J/JH) VCV-542.4;
 (Y/A) VCP-527 (A) VCF-822.1
Greed - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.3; VCP-320
    (K/E) VCB-306.4; VCP-336.2; VCB-306.9; DVP-351
        (Y/A) VCB-815.2, 817.3
Growing up - (Y) VCP-444
Helping Others - (Pre/Pri) VCR-307; VCR-305.6;
        VCP-344 (K/E) VCP-336.5; DVP-351
    (E) VCW-300.3; VCX-317; VCP-331
        VCN.301.15; VCP-345.1
    (E/JH) VCP-334.3; VCP-313.12
    (J/JH) VCP-306.5; VCH-303.2; 
    (J/Y) VCP-339.2, .3 (J/A) VCJ-309
    (Y) VCY-501; VCP-444; VCY-510.4, 530
    (Y/A) VCP-514, 533; VCW-813.2; VCW-433;
Identity (Y) VCV-505.1; DVY-509.6; DVY-543.3;
        DVY-545, 549 (Y/A) VCH-510; DVG-512.18
        (A) VCP-448; VCK-516.1; VCW-824; DVF-840.1
    Church – (A) VCW-814; VC & DVN-822; DVC-548
    Sex -  (SH) VCY-522 (A) DVM-713
Kindness - (K/E) VCP-348 (E) VCB-306; VCP-313.4;
        VCP-336.6; VCV-306.1; VCX-312 
    (Y) VCY-530 (Y/A) VCP-533; VCB-815.3, 820.3
    (A) VCW-830.2
Leadership - (E) VCP-336.10; VCN-303.4
(Y) VCY-517 (A) VCC-537; VCG-801.2; VCJ-810.14;
Listening - (K/4th) VCP-335.3
    (Y) VCV-510.11;
    (Y/A) VCW-800.3 (A) VCM-617;
        VCF-817, 819.4, 821.1; DVW-847.1
Maturity - (E/JH) VCP-306.7  (JH/Y) VCV-514.39
Obedience - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305
    (K/Pri) VCO-311.5, .6; VCP-348
    (Pre/E) VCP-329.1, .3 (K/E) VCB-306.4
    (E) VCO-304.1; VCP-313.3, 323.3
    (A) VCW-808
Patience - (K/E) VCP-341.1, 343 (A) VCN-804.6
Perseverance - (K/Pri) VCP-344 (Y) DVY-551
Repentance - (E) VCO-302.7 (E/JH) VCP-306.6, .10
    (J/Y) VCP-339.1, .3 (Y) VCY-521 (A) VCW-808
Respect (K/Pri) VCO-311.4 (K/E) VCP-341.1
    (Y) VCV-549.2, .5, .10 (Y/A) VCW-518
    (A) VCV-802.2
Responsibility - (Pre/Pri) VCZ-303.1
    (K/Pri) VCO-311.3 (K/E) VCP-336.1
    (E) VCP-318.1;
    (E/JH) VCP-306.7, .10; VCP-334.1, .2
    (J/JH) VCP-322; VCH-303.2; VCM-301;
        VCV-542.1, .11 (JH) VCV-514.7, .8
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.27, .30, .36, .37, .38, .42
    (JH/A) VCP-548, 531
    (Y) VCY-505.12; VCY-521; DVY-509
    (Y/A) VCP-531
    (A) VCF-823; VCZ-801.8; VCV-802.3
Self-control - (K/Pri) VCO-311.2
    (K/E) VCP-336.2 (Y) VCV-549.3
Self-esteem - (Pre/Pri) VCR-306.2
    (K/E) VCP-343
    (E) VCP-313.2; VCP-311.2; VCH-300; VCP-315;
        VCP-318.1, .7, .9; VCP-333, 345.1
    (E/JH) VCP-334.4 (J/JH) VCP-306.1, .11;
        VCP-310; VCV-514.4; VCV-542.2, .3
    (JH) VCV-514.5, .10
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.29, .32, .35, .41, .42;
    (Y) VCV-510; VCY-502A.2;
        VCY-502B.6, 504.4, 506.8; VCV-543, 544;
        VCY-513.5; DVY-509, 545; VCY-526.5
    (Y/A) VCV-516; VCP-507; DVP-513; VCB-409;
        VCP-514; DVG-512.18VCW-803.39; VCW-518
    (A) VCF-815; VCF-817.4, .6; VCB-820.3
        VCP-802.6; VCF-823; VCW-803.47; VCV-802.1;
         DVW-847.1; DVP-809
Selfishness - (A) VCV-802.6
Sharing - (K/Pri) VCP-320
Singles - (A) VCP-801
Suicide - (Y) VCV-510, 517; VCY-504.1;
        VCY-502B.6; VCP-535; DVY-539.4, .7
     (Y/A) VCP-526; DVP-536; DVG-512.24
Thoughtfulness - (E) VCN-301.15

    General - (K/E) VCM-302 (E/JH) VCP-313.12;
        (JH/A) VCM-581
        (Y) VCV-531; VCP-444; VCY-506.6; VCM-715;
            DVY-539.4; VCY-526.3
        (Y/A) VCM-515, 516, 518; VCW-803.18 & .29;
            DVK-608; DVM-721, 722; VCM-524, 559;
            VCC-412; VCM-570; VCK-503.12; DVM-726
            VCW-803.18; VCM-654
        (A) VCU-553; VCM-586; VCK-802.1;
            VCB-804.1; VCO-801; VCM-622, 631, 640;
            VCW-820.3; M-802.7; VCK-585; 801.10;
            VCU-583; VCM-671, 676, 679; VCW-836.2;
            VCC-547; DVK-606; VCM-688; DVM-689;
            VCM-709, 710
    Children and - (A) VCU-583
    Christian Commitment – (J) VCJ-311
            (Y) VCV-505.1; 
            (Y/A) DVM-726; VCB-816.1, .4; VCJ-522.1
            VCM-801; VCF-826.1; VCV-800.1; VCC-520;
            VCM-630, 668, 682, 689, 691, 700, 708, 718, 721
        (A) VCM-802; VCF-819.5; VCJ-809;
    Teenagers and - (Y) DVY-538.5, 539
        (Y/A) VCM-518,
            VCM-659; DVM-722 (A) VCU-583

    (K/Pri) VCR-304 (J/A) VCN-402 
    (Y) VCY-502B.1; VCY-511; DVY-547
    (Y/A) VCW-504, 801A.2, 803, 811.1;
        VCW-819.3; VCW-821; DVW-843; DVG-512.19
    (A) VCW-807.3, 810; VCK-802.2, .3;
        VCP-802.7; VCW-803.41, .43, .45, .47, .48, .50;
        VCJ-806.4; VCW-801E.4, VCW-815.4; VCN-804;
        VCK-802.6; VCW-816.7; VCZ-801.12; VCW-803.65;
        VCW-818.3; VCW-527, 529, 833.2; VCW-811.1;
        VCG-806; VCW-835; DVW-& VCW-841; DVW-844
        DVW-847.1, 849.2; DVU-598.3; DVW-850.3, 852
And Healing - (Y/A) VCW-819.3 (A) DVJ-503.2;
        VCX-502; VCW-803.60, 831.4
Labyrinth - (Y/A) VCW-531
Lord's Prayer - (C/A) VCN-402 (Pre) VCW-303
    (E) VCN-301.16
    (JH/A) DVJ-503.2 (Y/A) VCW-813.2; VCN-502.5
        DVW-532; DVJ-829, 833
    (A) VCN-804.1-.4; VCW-825; VCJ-820
Meditation - (Y/A) VCW-411, 504; DVG-512.5 (A) VCE-501,
        VCW-522; VCW-527, 529; VCH-800; VCW-807.3, 833.2
        VC & DVW-841; DVW-847.1
Power of – (K/E) DVW-306 (E) VCB-310.7, VCN-301.16
 (Y/A) VCW-524; DVG-512.19 (A) VCW-803.60; VCW-810;
        VCW-819.3; VCM-665; DVW-852
Public Schools - (Y/A) VC & DVM-811
Serenity Prayer - (E) VCP-336.10
Styles of - (JH/A) VCW-534
With Children – (C/A) DVT-528 (K/JH) VCP-342
    (E) VCZ-309
    (A) VCW-515; VCZ-800
    Catholic Rosary (E) VCZ-317

General - (K/Pri) VCH-308 (K/E) VCV-313.1
     (E) VCM-307.1, .2 (J/Y) VCP-534.1
    (Y/A) VCP-533; VCM-703
    (A) VCV-802.2; VCP-534T
Business - (A) VCM-802.2; VCW-820.3
Ethnic - (K/Pri) VCH-308.2, .5 (E) VCH-305; VCM-307.1
    (Y) VCH-507 (Y/A) VCH-506; VCW-803.55;
        VCV-549.5, .7; VCH-508; DVH-510 (A) VCM-671
Handicapped - (E) VCP-306.1, .6; VCP-311.1;
        VCJ-300 (Y) VCV-543
Racial - (K/Pri) VCH-308 (K/E) VCC-302
    (K/4th) VCP- 335.5 (E) VCH-202; VCM-307.1
    (J/JH) VCM-301 (J/Y) VCH-503
    (J/A) VCH-410, 411; VCW-433
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.40
    (Y) VCY-504.1, 506.4; VCH-507; VCY-510.5;
        VCV-549.5, .7; VCY-513.3;
    (Y/A) VCC-515; VCW-803.12, .16, .55; VCU-553;
        VCH-506; VCW-829.4; VCM-806;
        VCO-806.2; VCV-802.2; VCC-808.1; DVH-510;
        VCM-703 (A) VCP-802; VCM-611, 614;
        VCU-553 ('95 Fall); VCM-802.2; VCM-671
Religious - (JH/A) VCH-502 (Y) VCY-505.4
    (A) VCV-802.2
Sexual - (Y) VCY-505.4
Social - (K/Pri) VCP-226; VCH-308.2, .3
    (K/4th) VCP-335.5
    (E/A) VCP-309; VCH-204
    (J/JH) VCY-509.2 (J/Y) VCP-339.3
    (Y/A) VCC-515; VCV-512; VCM-516; VCP-533
    (A) VCW-815.2; VCM-671
Stereotyping - (A) VCP-802.2
    (C/A) VCH-301; VCF-226
    (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.5 (K/Pri) VCO-311.3
    (K/E) VCJ-303; VCV-313.1 (K/4th) VCP-335.2;
    (Pri) VCZ-300; VCV-235(also DVJ-518)
    (E) VCW-300.1; VCP-301, 314; VCV-303;
        VCO-302.6; VCC-305; VCO-306.9; O-308.3;
        VCZ-310.1; VCZ-311; VCO-309; VCZ-313
    (E/JH) VCP-306.3; VCP-313.9; VCJ-208;
        VCJ-305.2; VCP-313.12, 334.4; VCJ-307.1
    (J/JH) VCV-542.7 (J/Y) VCP-339.1, .2, .3
    (J/A) VCJ-418; VCV-309; DV & VCJ-518
    (JH/A) VCW-510; DV & VCJ-518
    (Y) VCV-531
    (Y/A) VCM-800; VCV-512; VCW-508;
        VCW-413; VCW-803.25, .55; VCZ-516.1;
        VCC-543; VCP-532; DVB-815.1
    (A) VCW-807.3; VCJ-807.5; VCJ-809.2;
        VCZ-801.7; VCP-521; VCW-822.1;
         VCW-825.5, .6, .7; VCH-800.1; VCW-815.3;
        VCM-674, 802.12; DVK-606; DVW-850.2
    (E) VCO-302.7 (E/JH) VCP-306.6, .10
    (J/Y) VCP-339.1, .3 (Y) VCY-521 (Y/A) DVB-815.1
    (A) VCW-808

General - (A) DVW-542.1, .2; DVW-849.1
Series - (A) VCP-805; 806
    Abusive Relationships – (Y) VCY-537.2
Communicating - (C/A) VCH-301
    (JH) VCV-514.8, .10, .12;
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.30
    (Y) VCV-510.11; VCV-549.2, 7
    (Y/A) VCW-802; DVP-513; VCW-518
    (A) VCP-800; VCF-817, 812.3; VCO-801;
        VCV-545; VCG-802.5
Community - (C/A) VCP-205
    (K/Pri) VCP-226 (E) VCW-300.3
    (Y) VCV-549.7
    (Y/A) VCW-803.18;
    (A) VCV-802.6
Conflict - (K/E) VCP-335.2; DVP-351
    (E) VCP-318.2, .10; VCF-216; VCM-307.2
    (E/JH) VCP-306.8, .9, .10 (J/JH) VCV-542.7; VCP-339.3
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.30 (Y) VCV-549.2; VCY-513.2
    (Y/A) VCH-506; DVB-819.2
    (A) VCP-800; VCW-809.2; VCP-803.4; VCW-815.2;
        VCP-806; DVW-850.2
Dating - (E/JH) VCP-306.6,.11 (JH) VCV-514.7, .11
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.29, .31, 34, .39, .41, .42
    (Y) VCY-504.1, 505.1; VCV-549.6; VCY-513.2;
    (A) VCF-816; VCV-547
Differences - (C/A) VCH-301; VCP-312
    (K/Pri) VCH-308 (Pre/E) VCP-329.1
    (E) VCW-300.1; VCH-300, 305, 306; VCM-307.1
    (J/JH) VCP-306.1; VCV-514.2; VCH-303.1
    (Y) VCY-502.4; VCY-510.1; VCV-549.5; VCY-519.2
    (Y/A) VCP-514 (A) VCP-800; VCF-817.6;
        VCP-803.3; VCW-823.2; VCV-802.2, .6
Family (Y) DVY-538.1 (A) VCP-806
Friendship - (C/A) VCP-347 (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.2, .6
    (K/Pri) VCH-308.4 (K/E) VCP-320
        VCB-306.1; VCP-336.7, 346
    (E) VCW-300.1, .3; VCP-313.1;
        VCP-313.4; VCP-311.1, .6; VCP-314; VCH-300;
        VCP-315, 318.1, .9; VCP-309, 331;
        VCN-301.15; VCZ-313; VCM-307.2
    (E/JH) VCP-310; VCP-313.9, .11; VCP-306.6, .11;
        VCP-208 (J/JH) VCP-306.1-5; VCV-306.1; VCP-322;
        VCH-303.2; VCV-542.10; VCV-514.1, .3
    (J/Y) VCP-339.1, .3;
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.27, .29, .30, .37, .38, .39
    (Y) VCV-510.9; VCV-504.1, 549.6, .8; VCY-502.4;
        VCY-513.2, .3; VCY-505.14, .15
    (Y/A) VCP-512, 514; DVY-549
    (A) VCW-818.3; VCW-822.4; VCP-806
Getting Along - (K/Pri) VCH-308
    (K/E) DVP-351
    (E) VCW-300.1, .3; VCP-313.4;
        VCH-300; VCP-315, 318; VCP-323.3; VCP-301;
    (E/JH) VCP-334.3 (J/JH) VCP-306.1;
        VCV-514.13; VCJ-208; VCV-542.10, .12;
    (J/Y) VCP-339 (JH/Y) VCV-514.34
    (Y/A) VCM-802.3, .4; VCW-834; VCB-819.2
     (A) VCP-800, 805, 806; VCV-802.1, .6
Harassment - (Y) VCV-549.4; DVY-539.7

Series - (JH/A) VCD-802; VCD-803, 804
    (Y/A) VC & DVD-807 (A) VCD-805
General - (Y) VCY-531
    (Y/A) VCW-801A.5; VCW-801D.5; DVC-821
    (A) VCB-804.4; VCW-803.44; VCD-804;
            VCB-811.3; DVW-848.1, 851
Agnosticism - (A) DVW-846.6
Atheism - (Y) VCY-504.1 (A) DVW-846.2
Buddhism - (J/A) VCD-511
    (JH/A) VCD-505; VCD-802.3
    (Y) VCY-531 (Y/A) VCD-806; VC & DVD-807
    (A) VCD-803.3, .9, 805.5; VCB-811.3;
        VCW-533, 831.5, DVW-846.7
Christianity - (J/A) VCD-511 (JH/A) VCD-505, 802.5
        (Y/A) VCD-504; VCW-803.19; VCC-809;
        VCD-806; VC & DVD-807
    (A) VCM-803; VCD-803.1, .4, .6; VCW-803.63;
        VCD-804.1, .2, 805.1; VCW-832, 533; VCM-687;
        DVC-819; DVG-516; DVW-851
Comparative - (Y/A) VCD-505; VCW-803.20, .22;
        VC & DVD-807
    (A) VCB-804.4, VCW-803.44, .63; VCD-803, 805;
        VCK-600; VCM-687; DVD-518; DVG-516;
Confucianism - (A) VCD-805.4, 803.11; DVD-516
Counter-Cultures (A) VCD-803.12
Cults - (Y) VCD-502, 509, (A) VCB-811.3;
Eastern - (Y/A) VCW-803.4 (A) VCD-805.4
Eastern Orthodox - (Y/A) VCC-805.12
    (A) VCD-805.1
Fundamentalism - (Y/A) VCD-514
    (A) DVW-846.2, .6
Hinduism - (JH/A) VCD-505; VCD-802.1
    (A) VCD-803.2; VCD-805.5; VCB-811.3;
        VCW-533; VCM-698; VC & DVD-807
    Gandhi - (Y/A) VCM-806.1 (A) VCD-805.5
Interfaith - (A) VCM-670; VCA-502; VCG-804;
        VCD-804, 514; DV/VCK-600; VCW-803.4, 815.2;
Islamism - (J/A) VCD-511 (JH/A) VCD-505; VCD-802.2
    (Y) VCY-531 (Y/A) VCD-504;
        VCD-514, 806; VC & DVD-807
    (A) VCD-801.1; VCM-803; VCD-803.5;
        VCD-804.1, .2; VCD-513, 805.2; VCK-600;
        VCB-811.3; VCM-687; DVW-846.1; DVD-517;
    Koran - (A) VCD-804.4, 805.2; DVD-518
Jehovah’s Witnesses - (A) VCB-811.3
Judaism - (J/A) VCD-511 (JH/A) VCD-505, 802.4
    (Y) VCY-531 (Y/A) VCD-504
        VCW-803.22; VC & DVD-807
    (A) VCD-508; VCD-803.7; VCW-803.63;
        VCD-804.1, .2; VCD-805.3, 806; VCC-810;
        VCM-687; VCW-533; DVG-516
    In America - (A) VCC-805.8, 812.2
        (A) VCD-802.4, 804.4, 805.3
Latter Day Saints - (A) VCC-805.4; VCB-811.3
Native American - (Y) VCY-531 (Y/A) VCD-815
New Age - (Y) VCY-504.3
    (A) VCZ-801.11; VCB-811.3
Occult - (Y) VCD-509, (Y/A) VCD-502
Palm Reading - (Y) VCY-504.4; VCD-509
Satanism - (Y/A) VCD-502, 509
Sikhism - (A) VCD-806, 805.5B
Taoism - (JH/A) VCD-505 (A) VCD-803.11, 805.4
Tribal Religions - (A) VCD-803.1
    Witchcraft - (Y/A) VCD-502
Zoroastrianism - (JH/A) VCD-505
Zulu Zion (A) VCD-803.1

    (A) VCW-812.4; VCW-815.3

    (E) VCJ-301.1 (E/A) VCN-402, 403
    Y/A) VCO-806.2 (A) VCJ-806.2; VCW-809.1

Series - (E) VCW-300; VCZ-310 (Y/A) (Cath.) VCZ-801
General –(E) VCZ-318 (JH/Y) VCZ-508 (Y) CDY-500
    (A) VCW-801E.6; VCB-811.3
Baptism - (Pre/Pri) VCK-300 (C/A) DVW-539
    (E) Z-311, 314(Cath.); VCN-301.2; (E/JH) VCZ-305
    (JH/Y) VCZ-508 (J/A) VCW-401, 511
    (Y/A) VCW-505; VCZ-801.4 (Cath.)
    (A) VCZ-506 (Cath.); VCT-800; VCJ-809.3; VCW-815.3;
        VCW-816.1; VCF- 834.2
Catholic - (E) VCZ-318
Eucharist - (Pre/Pri) VCK-300 (Pri) VCZ-301, 307 (Cath.)
    (K/E) VCW-302 (E) VCZ-310.2 (Cath.);
        VCZ-311 (Cath.)
    (E/JH) VCZ-305 (J/A) VCW-434; VCZ-801.6;
    (JH/A) VCW-510
    (Y/A) VCZ-500 (Cath.); VCW-425, 411;
        VCE-505; VCN-502.10; VCZ-516.2
    (A) VCJ-809.3; VCW-815.3; VCZ-510; VCJ-820
Penance - (Pri) VCZ-300 (Cath.) (E) VCZ-313
Protestant - (A) VCK-802.2
Reconciliation - See RECONCILIATION
Sacramental Life – (A)  DVW-853
UMC Sacraments -  (C/A)  DVW-539
    (Y/A) DVU-& VCU-590

Old Testament - (E) VCO-301.2; 304.1
    (J/JH) VCO-306.7 (Y/A) VCO-502; VCG-508
    (A) VCJ-811.2; VCO-802.3

(E) VCC-300, 301, 303, 304
(Y/A) VCC-511; VCC-800 (A) VCZ-801.17

(K/E) DVB-312.2
 (Y/A) VCW-801C.5; VCW-803; VCC-525
(A) VCB-804.2; VCJ-806.4; VCB-811.3; VCW-835

(A) VCW-807.2, 833.1

    (Y/A) VCD-502, 509
    (A) VCJ-806.3; VCW-802.2, 832.1

General - (SH/A) VCI-800; VCI-801; DVW-858; DVC-821
    (A) VCI-511; VCW-824; DVW-846.2, .5; 848.1;
        VCI-805.1; DVI-806
Biogenetics - (A) VCI-512
Creation and Evolution - (Y/A) VCI-506; DVG-517
    (A) VCJ-800.1; VCI-511; DVI-514; VCI-805.3;
Darwinism -  (A) VCI-805.3
Earth and Cosmos -  (Y/A) DVW-858 (A) VCI-805.3
Ecology - See separate topic ECOLOGY    
Genetic Science – (A) DVI-806
Global Warming – (Y/A) DVI-513 (A) VCI-507
Intelligent Design – (A) VCI-805.2; DVI-514
    Bentley, Richard – (A) VCI-805.2
    Boyle, Robert-  (A) VCI-805.2
    Copernicus - (A) VCI-805.2
    Galileo - (A) VCI-805.2
    Newton, Isaac – (A) VCI-805.2
Scopes Trial -  (A) VCI-805.3
Technology - (Y/A) VCI-801 (A) VCI-512

General - (J/JH) VCV-542.9
    (JH) VCV-514.1, .11;
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.29, .31, .34; VCV-546
     (SH/A) DVY-534
    (Y) VCV-510; VCV-505.3, VCY-504.1;
        VCY-505.2; VCY-506.1, .2; VCV-547, 549; VCY-522
    (Y/A) VCW-803.7, .16
    (A) VCP-801.2, 803.3;
         VCW-803.48; DVF-841
Abuse - (JH/Y)  VCV-549.6 (Y) VCY-537.3
    (A) VCM-802.10; VCC-528; VCM-699
And Religion - (JH/Y) VCV-546 (Y) VCY-502.5
    (Y/A) VCW-801C.3; VCW-829.4; DVY-534
    (A) VCC-802.4, .5; VCF-819; VCN-804.13; VCN-809.1;
Bisexuality - (A) DV/VCM-669; DVM-713
Harassment - (Y) VCV-544; VCV-549.6
    (A) VCP-518; VCM-641
 Homosexuality – (C/A DVF-302) (JH/Y) VCV-514.6, .32
        (Y) VCY-504.4, 506.9
        (Y/A) VCV-512; VCW-801C.3 VCM-660;
        VC & DVM-811; DVC-821 (A) VCW-803.41; VCA-506;
        VCM-672; DVM-713, 727; CDM-500; DVF-841; DVM-669
    Homophobia - (Y/A) VCM-660 (A) VCM-641; DVM-713
Sex Education - (J/Y) VCY-502A.5; VCY-506.2; 504.2
    (JH/A) VCF-529
    (A) VCW-820B.3; 823.2; DVV-552
Teen Sexuality – (JH/A) VCF-529;
        VCV-510.8; VCV-518;
        VCV-542.9; VCY-502A.5; VCY-508.4;
        VCV-549.6; VCY-513.2, .5
        VCY-520.3, 522; VCY-526.3
        DVY-539.5, .6; DVY-542, 546 (Y/A) DVY-534
    (SH/A)  VCV-550 (A) VCF-823.2; DVV-552

General - (E) VCO-306.1
    (Y) VCY-502.3, .5; VCW-801D.1
    (Y/A) VCW-801A.3, 801C.5; VCW-803;
        VCB-409; DVW-537 (A) VCW-808;
        VCW-807.1; VCW-809.2, 803.43, 835
        VCB-804.3; VCB-807B.1; VCJ-820; VCW-833.1;
        DVW-840, 848.2, 854
Absolution – (Y/A) DVW-537
Confession - (A) VCW-807.2, 833.4
Harassment - (A) VCM-641

General -
    (J/JH) VCM-301 (Y) VCY-501
    (Y/A) VCW-801B.4; VCM-801; DVI-515;
    (A) VCO-801; VCM-620;
        VCM-623; VCM-688; VCM-700; DVP-537
        VCW-831.9; DVK-612
Abortion - (Y) VCY-506.1 (Y/A) VCM-552, 582;
        VCW-803.24; VC & DVM-811
    (A) VCB-807B.1; VCZ-801.8; DVM-702
    Abusive Relationships – (Y) VCY-537.2
    Alcohol Abuse -
        (J/JH) VCV-509; VCV-514.2; VCV-542.8;
        (JH/Y) VCV-514.41
        (Y) VCV-510; VCV-501; VCY-502.2;
            VCY-508.3; VCV-549.9; VCY-521;
            DVY-509; VCY-526.4
        (Y/A) VCW-803.13; VCV-525 (SH/A) DVV-554
        (A) VCF-823.2; VCM-610
    Child Abuse - (J/JH) VCV-514.4
        (Y) VCY-537.3; DVY-539.7
        (Y/A) VCM-518; VCK-503.12
        (A) VCM-658; VCM-801.8; VCU-553 (Fall,'97);
            VCM-688; DVT-525, 529
    Drug Abuse (See Values:  Addiction)-
        (Y/A) VCM-665 (SH/A) DVV-554
    Sexual Abuse –(Y) VCY-537.3
        (A) VCC-528; VCC-802; VCM-690; DVM-699
    Women Abuse - (A) VCM-657, 658; DVM-699
AIDS - (JH/Y) VCV-514.32
    (Y) VCY-502A.5, 506.2; VCY-521
    (Y/A) VCV-512, 539, 545;
        VCM-801.1; VCU-553; VCW-803.57
    (A) DVM- & VCM-560; VCM-807; DVM-692;
        VCM-693; VCM-694, 695; DVM-736
Alcoholism - (Y) VCY-521 (A) VCM-610
Alzheimer’s Disease
Anorexia - (JH/Y) VCV-514.35
    (Y) VCY-506.7
Apartheid - (Y/A) VCM-806.1 (A) VCM-809.1, .2;
        VCW-803.12; VCC-808.1
Border Issues - (A) VCM-801.10, 802.8
Capital Punishment - (Y/A) VCO-806.3 (A) VCW-820.4
Children - (A) VCV-802.6; VCU-583
    Children's Programs - (Y/A) VCM-801.4; VCW-803.52;
        (A) VCM-551, 593, VCU-553 ('96 Win)
    Children's Rights -
        (A) VCM-551; VCM-518; VCM-801.8
Civil Disobedience - (C/A) VCN-403 (Y) VCY-502.4
    (A) VCW-820B.1
Civil Rights - (K/E) VCC-302 (Y) DVY-535
    (Y/A) VCW-803.24; VCM-806; VCM-703
    (A) VCM-593; VCW-803.41, .62; DVH-512
Community Service – (Y/A) VCM-675 (A) DVM-718
Death Penalty - (Y/A) VC & DVM-811
Drug Abuse - (See Values: Addiction)  (YA) VCM-665
Employment - (Y) VCY-519.4; (Y/A) VCV-800
    (A) VCM-802.1
Euthanasia - (Y/A) VCW-801D.2; VC & DVM-811
Farming - (A) VCM-663; DVM-732
Freedom - (Y/A) VCK-503.11; VCM-806
    (A) VCZ-806.8
Gangs - (E/JH) VCP-306.8 (Y) VCY-504.3; VCV-549.4, 8
(Y/A) VCV-538, 539 (A) VCU-553 ('95 F, '96 Win)
Global Economy - (Y) VCM-642 (Y/A) VCM-716
    (A) VCI-804.3; VCM-586; VCM-622;
        VCM-640; VCC-547; VCM-709; DVM-732
Global Warming – (Y/A) DVI-513.1, .2 (A) VCI-507; VCM-709
Globalization - (A) VCM-709
Gun-Control - (Y) VCV-549.9 (A) VCW-820B. 6
Health - (Y/A) VCM-518; VCK-601
    (A) VCK-800.4; .6; VCM-586, VCW-823.1; VCK-579;
         VCM-644, 662; VCK-599
Homelessness - (K/E) VCP-336.8
    (E/JH) VCP-313.12
    (Y) VCP-444; VCY-504.4, 506.6
    (Y/A) VCM-515, VCM-581, 675; VCW-803.18;
        DVK-608; DVM-721, 722, 726
    (A) VCU-553; VCM-631, 671
        VCU-553 ('98); VCM-802.7, 801.10
Human Rights - (K/E) VCP-336.9
    (A) VCZ-801.8; VCM-809.1, .2; VCW-831.9
Hunting - (A) VCW-820.5
Immigrants – (Y/A) VCM-716 (A) VCM-802.8
Inner City - (Y/A) VCU-553; 420; VCK-503.14;
    (A) VCM-623; VCM-649, 671
Japanese Internment -
    (Y/A) VCW-803.4 (A) VCP-802.2
Lifestyle –(Y/A) DVV-555; VCV-801
    (A) VCB-804.1; DVB-813; DVU-600.1, .6
Marginalization - (Y/A) VCW-803.19
Martyrdom – (A) DVW-846.2
Medical Care - (A) VCW-820B.6
Negotiation - (Y) VCV-549.2;
    (A) VCM-666, 667
Non-Governmental Organizations - (A) VCM-645
Politics and Money - (A) VCW-836.2
Politics and Religion – (Y) DVY-536
    (Y/A) VCW-801B.4; VCC-527; VCW-831.3;
    (A) VCB-804.5; VCO-801; VCM-805.2;
        VCC-546, 547
Politics and Social Change - (Y/A) VCW-803.25
    (A) VCM-666, 667
Politics and World Affairs -
    (Y) VCY-502.6;
    (Y/A) VCM-800; VCW-803.24;
    (A) VCM-586; VCC-547
Pornography - (Y) VCY-506.3,
Poverty - See POVERTY
Prisoners- (Y/A) VCM-801.3
    (A) VCM-803.3; VCW-820B.4
Refugees - (J/Y) VCM-303 (JH/A) VCM-677
    (Y/A) VCU-553 ('95 F, '96 W); VCM-801.2
    (A) VCK-802.1; VCU-553 ('98); VCM-648
Security - (Y) DVY-535
Separation of church and state - (JH/A) VCH-502
STD's - (Y) VCY-506.2
Suicide - (Y) VCV-510.10;
        VCY-502B.6, 504.1; VCY-508.2; VCP-535
    (Y/A) VCP-510; VCW-803.40;
        VCP-526; DVP-536 (A) VCW-801D.2
Teenage Pregnancy - (J/JH) VCV-542.9
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.11
    (Y) VCY-504.2, 506.1;
    (Y/A) VCF-803.4; DVY-534 (H.S./A) VCV-550
Terrorism –(Y) DVY-535 (Y/A) VCM-800, 656
    (A) VCC-546;
        VCW-535, DVW-846.1, .2
Urban Culture - (A) VCM-649; VCM-638
Violence - (J/JH) VCV-542.7
    (Y) VCY-502B.5; VCV-549; VCY-513.1;
        DVY-535; VCY-526.4
    (Y/A) VCV-538; VCV-539; VCM-806; VCD-514
    (A) VCB-804.3; VCM-626; VCM-802.3, .4;
        VCW-816.1, .4; VCW-820B.5; VCV-802.5; VCM-657;
        VCM-658, 666, 802.11, .12; VCP-534T; VCM-690;
War – (Y) DVY-535 (Y/A) VCW-803.40
    (A) VCW-801D.2; VCU-533;
        VCM-674, 687; VCC-547; DVM-704, 728; CDK-501
Weapons - (Y) VCV-549.9
Welfare - (Y/A) VCM-518
Women's Rights - (Y/A) VCM-552; VCW-803.19, .30
    (A) VCK-802.1; VCM-801.3;
Youth - (Y) VCY-526.6
    (Y/A) DVM-722

General (Y/A) VCW-803.42, 43, 44, 53, 54, 56, 57;
        VCW-819; 828, 834; DVG-512.17; DVW-847.2, 858
    (A) VCK-802.4; VCW-801A, 801D.4, 807, 808, 812;
        VCJ-809.2; VCW-815.1, .4; VCW-803.59; VCH-800;
        VCW-816.5, .6; VCW-822, 823, 830, 835, 533;
        VCG-509; DVF- & VCF-835; DVW- & VCW-841;
        VCW-535; DVW-536; VC & DVW-845;
        DVW-846.5, 538, 853
And Aging - (A) VCM-598.2
And Healing - (A) VCW-825.3, .4; VCW-803.46, 533
And Justice - (A) DVW-849.1
For Men - (A) VCU-589
In Children - (A) VCF-521
Spiritual Discipline
    (Y/A) VCW-819.4 (A) VCJ-809.2; VCK-802.5, .6;
        VCW-803.36; VCW-828, 833; DVW- & VCW-841;
Spiritual Gifts- (A) VCN-804.5; VCN-810.7 & .9; VCW-831.8
Transformation - (A) DVW- & VCW-841 (Y/A) VCB-815.1
Western - (A) VCW-836.4

General -  (C/A) VCI-300 (Pre/Pri) VCK-300
    (E) VCP-311.5; VCN-301.11; DVN-301.22
    (E/A) VCK-598
    (Y) VCY-502B.3, 519.3; DVY-538.5 (Y/A) VCV-800.1;
        VCM-802.6; VCJ-522.2; DVG-512.13
    (A) VCU-531; VCK-800.4; VCW-801E.2;
        VCM-612; VCB-807A.1; VCG-801; VCV-800.2;
        VCK-800.4; VCZ-512; VCV-801; VCB-541;
        VCM-804; VCW-825.3, .4; VCM-805, 670, 676;
        DVM-808; VC & DVW-845; DVB-813;
        DVM-729; DVX-802
Bread for the World - (A) VCM-643, 653, 659,
            VCM-676, 679, VCM-708
Caring for God's World - (E) VCI-300, 301, 302
    (Y/A) VCI-509 (A) VCK-802.8; VCI-508
Catholic - (A) VCZ-802; VCZ-512
Crop Walk - (Y/A) VCM-682, 654
Heifer Project - (K/E) VCM-302, 305  (J/A) DVM-735
    (Y/A) VCM-640; VCM-651, 661
Methodist - (Y/A) See VCUs & DVUs
Of the Earth - (A) VCI-804; VCZ-512; VCK-802.8;
One Great Hour of Sharing - (C/A) DV & VCM-599.6
    (J/A) VCM-579, 599 (JH/A) VCM-677
    (Y/A) VCM-599.3, .5; DVU-595
Presbyterian - See VCK's
Sharing – (K/E) DVP-351 (E) VCB-306.13
    (Y/A) DVM-726 (A) DVU-598.2; DVX-802
Time - (Y) VCY-528 (Y/A) VCV-800.1; VCZ-802;
    (A) VCV-801.3; VCM-804
United Church of Christ (A) VCA-508

STORYTELLING- (See also Teacher Education)
(A) VCW-803.42; VCW-812; VCF-509; DVW-855

(C/A) VCM-599.1 (K/E) VCB-306.15
(J/JH) VCH-303.2 (Y) DVY-538.3, 539.5
(Y/A) VCI-800.2; VCC-520; VCW-819.2;
(A) VCJ-808.2; VCO-802.4; VCW-822.6;
    VCW-801A.3; VCW-801D.3, .6; VCW-815.3;
    VCW- 529, 835; DVJ-830 VCC-813.1, .3; 850.2;

General - (JH/A) VCS-500 (A) VCW-815.3
Butterflies - (K/E) VCE-302
Cross - (E) VCE-304 (Y/A) VCI-800.2; VCS-500
    (A) VCJ-808.1, .5
Presbyterian - (Y/A) VCK-501
Rainbow - (K/E) VCB-201.1 (E) VCO-305, 306.2
    (J/A) VCO-401, 550 (JH/A) VCO-501
Water - (Y/A) VCW-411; VCS-500; VCG-508
Wind and Fire - (Y/A) VCN-501

Series - (A) VCT-800 - 803; VCT-805, 524
        VCZ-800 (Cath.); VCF-834
By Grade Level -
    (Nurs.) VCT-803.2, 805.1
    (K) VCT-805.2
    (Pri)  VCT-803.3
    (3rd & 4th) VCT-803.4
    (5th & 6th)  VCT-803.5
    (Elem.) VCT-805.2
    (Jr. Hi) VCT-805.3; VCT-522
    (Sr. Hi) VCT-805.4; VCY-512; VCT-522
    (Y/A) VCT-513
    (A) VCT-805.5;
    (Broadly Graded) - VCT-513
Christian Education - (SH/A) VCT-802
    (A) VCT-801.2; VCT-800, 523
        VCT-803.1; VCP-802.4
    Parent's role in - (See FAMILY: Parenting)
Creative Activities - (C/A) VCT-513
    (A) VCT-801.3; VCT-515;
         VCT-520; VCZ-800
Curriculum Selection - (A) VCK-563
Discipline - (A) VCZ-800
Inspiration - (Y/A) VCG-508
Leadership Development - (C/A) VCT-513
    (Y/A) VCT-522 (A) VCT-517;
        VCT-803.1, 805.6; VCP-802.1; VCG-801
Learning Disorders - (A) VCT-806
Multidimensional Learning - (A) VCT-524
Play as Christian Education - (A) VCT-524.3
Room Environment - (A) VCZ-800
Rotation Model - (A) VCT-524.4(Church Tour)
Safety and Security in children's programming –
    (A) VCT-526
Storytelling - (C/A) VCT-513; VCT-521 (A) DVW-855
Teacher Inspiration - (Y/A) DVP-513; VCG-508;
         VCB-816.2 (A) VCT-517, 523
Teaching the Bible - (JH) VCB-500 (A) VCB-516, 807C.1;
Teaching Prayer – (C/A) DVT-528
Training - (Y/A) VCT-522; VCY-524
    (A) VCT-517; VCT-801; VCT-520; VCZ-800; VCT-526;
Worship - (A) VCW-516; VCZ-800
Youth Ministry – (Y) DVY-540 (Y/A) VCT-522; VCY-524
    (A) VCT-523; VCF-517(98)

    (A) VCB-807A.2; VCW-823.2; VCI-511

    General – (Y/A) DVJ-829 (A) VCJ-814.2;
        DVJ-824.3; VCO-807.1B; VCW-814.1
    As Body – (A) VCB-807B.2; VCW-823.1
    God’s People as Temple – (Y/A) DVJ-829
    Herod’s Temple – (SH/A) DVB-519

General - (Pre/Pri) VCB-305.11
    (K/E) VCV-310; VCB-306.4
    (E) VCP-318.5; VCV-308
    (SH/A) VCV-550; VCC-802.4
    (A) VCC-813.2; VCW-813; VCW-825.7
Of Adam and Eve - (Pre/Pri) VCB-305.2;
    (E) VCN-301.14
    (A) VCB-809.1; VCO-802.1; VCO-803, 804.3
Of Jesus -(C/A) VCN-401 (A) VCJ-815; VCN-806.1

    (K/Pri) VCZ-303.3; VCO-311.6
    (K/E) VCB-306.9; VCB-201.8; VCP-313.12;
        VCP-336.8 (E/Age 11) VCZ-309
    (A) VCW-504.5; VCW-515, 516

General - (Y/A) VCW-803.36, .40, .45; VCW-815.4
    (A) VCW-823.1; DVC-811, VCC-812, 813;
            DVW-850; DVG-803.2; DVC-815; VCM-650;
Catholic - (A) VCZ-801.18; VCZ-508
Creation and Evolution - (Y/A) VCI-506
    (A) VCJ-800.1; VCI-805.3
Feminist - (Y/A) VCW-803.19, .20
Fundamentalism and Creationism – (A) VCI-805.3
Gnosticism – DVC-817.3, .4
God - (Y/A) VCW-803.37, .38, 810.3
        (A) VCN-804.8
Jesus  See JESUS: Life and Teachings
Liberation - (Y/A) VCW-803.2, .9, .14;
Methodist - (A) VCU-549; W-512
Native American – (A) VCD-501. 515
New Age - (Y) VCY-504.3
Of Humor – (Y/A) VCN-502
Orthodoxy – (A) DVC-817
Pauline – (A) VCN-811, 818; DVN-825.2, N-507;
        Paul -  See NEW TESTAMENT PEOPLE: Paul
Presbyterian - (A) VCK-800; VCK-802.6
Progressive Christianity – (A) DVJ-826, 827;
 DVW-844; DVW-850
Roman – (A) DVN-825; N-826
Sexualty – (A) VCN-810.3, .4
Terminology - (Y) VCY-513.4

Series- (K/4th) VCP-335; VCO-311 (K/E) VCV-313
    (E) DVO-314
    (J/JH) VCV-306; VCP-334; VCY-509
    (Y) VCY-505, 506, 502A & B, 508; VCY-510, 513;
        DVY-509, 539 (Y/A) VCB-817, 819; DVB-818;
    (A) VCW-820B.1; VCV-802
General - (C/A) VCP-312
    (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.4; VCR-306; VCV-235(also DVJ-518)
    (K/Pri) VCO-311.4
    (K/E) VCV-310 (E) VCV-313
    (E/JH) VCV-311; DVC-310.
    (J/JH) VCV-542.2
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.32
    (Y) VCV-510; VCW-444; VCY-505;
        VCY-525.1; DVY-509
    (Y/A) VCV-516; VCW-801A.6; VCV-800.1;
        VCW-801C.4; VCW-803.32, .39; VCW-813.1;
        VCF-517; VCW-829.2VCP-531; DVG-512.18;
         VCB-815.1, 816.4; DVO-812
    (A) VCW-807.1; VCF-815.4, 824; VCJ-807.2;
        VCF-518; DVV-553; VCW-831.6; DVW-846.7
Addiction - (JH) VCV-514.38 (JH/Y) VCV-551
    (Y) VCV-510.1, .5, .6;
        VCY-521; DVY-539.4, .7
    (SH/A)  DVV-554.1-.4
    (A) VCM-610; VCW-803.13; VCM-662
Allegiance (E/JH) DVC-810.4 (Y) DVY-535
Appearance - (E) VCP-336.10
    (Y/A) VCB-817.3
Betrayal - (E) VCF-226
    (J/JH) VCV-514.13; VCP-322
    (A) VCW-809.2; VCW-818.2
Cheating - (K/E) VCV-313.3 (J/JH) VCY-509.1
    (Y) VCY-502B.4, 506.5, 525.2; DVY-546
    (Y/A) VCW-829.4
Christian Emphasis –
    (K/E) DVB-312.3
    (Y/A) VCW-801A.4
Commitment - (E) VCF-226
    (J/JH) VCP-306.3; VCP-322
    (Y) VCV-505.1 (Y/A) VCJ-522.1 (A) VCC-802.4
Covetousness - (Y/A) VCO-806.5; VCB-817.3; DVB-818
Deceit - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.3 (E) VCP-318.7
    (Y/A) VCB-817.1
    (E/JH) VCP-306.9; VCP-334.1
    (A) VCM-662
Decisions - (Pre/Pri) VCZ-303.1 (Cath.)
     (K/E) VCB-306.4; VCP-336.10
    (E) VCW-300.1; VCP-313.3, .7; VCP-318;
    (E/JH) VCP-306.7; VCP-313.11; VCP-334.2
    (J/JH) VCV-542.1, .5
    (JH) VCP-306.3; VCV-514.9, .10, .12;
    (Y) VCY-502B.4; VCY-505.8; VCV-549.9;
         VCY-512, 518; VCY-521, 525.1, .2; DVY-538.4;
    (Y/A) VCW-811.1; VCF-420; VCW-829.2;
        VCP-531; DVG-512.3; DVP-539; DVG-512.20
    (A) VCW-824; VCV-802.1
Driving - (Y) VCV-510.7; VCV-501
Drugs - (J/JH) VCV-509, 514.3, 542.2;
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.37; VCV-415; VCV-551
    (Y) VCV-510.1; VCY-502.2, 521; DVY-539.7
    (A) VCF-823.2
Fairness - (Pre/Pri) VCR-306.2
    (E) VCW-300.2 (E/JH) VCP-306.7
    (J/JH) VCV-514.3, .13
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.33 (Y) VCY-525.2
Gambling - (Y) VCY-504.2
Goodness - (K/Pri) VCO-311.1
    (JH/Y) VCV-548; VCP-527 (A) VCW-824
Gossip - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.6 (K/E) VCB-306.10
    (E) VCV-315
    (J/JH) VCY-509.3 (JH/Y) VCV-514.6
    (Y) DVY-546 (Y/A) VCO-806.5; VCB-816.3
Gratitude - (A) VCW-803.43
Greed – (K/PRI) VCJ-306.3; VCP-320
    (K/E) VCB-306.9
    (E) VCB-302.3; DVX-345
    (Y/A) VCB-815.2; DVB-818
Honesty - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.3
    (K/E) VCP-336.4; VCV-313.3 (Pri) VCV-314
    (E) VCP-313.1; VCP-318.5, .7
    (E/JH) VCP-310; VCP-306.9; VCP-334.1
    (J/JH) VCV-514.2, .3; VCY-509.1, .5
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.9, .10, .11, .29, .33, .36, .38
    (JH/A) VCV-548 (Y) VCY-525.2
    (Y/A) VCY-506.5; VCJ-807.6; VCO-806.5; VCB-820.1
    (A) VCW-820.1; VCM-662; DVW-854
Loyalty - (C/A) VCP-437
    (E) VCP-313.6
    (J/JH) VCV-514.13;
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.33 (Y/A) VCB-819.2 (A) VCV-802.4
Lust – (Y/A) DVB-818
Materialism - (E) VCV-312; VCP-311.5; VCP-336.2
    (Y) VCY-502B.3
    (Y/A) VCW-829.2 (SH/A) DVV-555
    (A) VCV-800, 801; VCK-800.4; VCW-801E.2;
        VCV-802.1; DVV-553
Morality - (Y) VCY-521, 525.2 (Y/A) VCW-829.4
    (A) VCW-820B.3; VCG-806; DVV-553
Motives – (Y/A) VCB-817.1; DVB-818 (A) VCJ-807.5;
Peer Pressure - (K/E) VCB-306.4
    (E) VCW-300.1; VCP-313.4; VCP-315
    (E/JH) VCP-306.8; DVC-810.4
    (E/A) VCP-309;
    (J/JH) VCP-322; VCP-208; VCV-542.5, .8; VCY-509.4
    (JH) VCV-514.1, .5, .7, .13;
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.37
    (Y) VCV-510, 515.4; VCV-501, 504; VCY-502B.4, 505.2;
        VCV-549.8; VCY-521; DVY-509, 549
    (Y/A) VCP-507
Perseverance - (K/Pri) VCO-311.1
Power - (JH/A) VCV-537
    (Y) VCN-500.1; VCV-510; VCY-505.2, .7
    (Y/A) VCW-518
    (A) VCW-818.2; VCC-802.3; VCJ-806.3, .4, .6;
        VCK-800.2; VCO-801; VCO-802.5
Pride - (K/E) VCV-313.1; VCJ-820 (Y/A) DVB-818
Promises - (K/E) VCP-336.1
    (E) VCW-300.1; VCF-226; VCX-340 (J/JH) VCP-306.3
    (JH) VCV-514.1, .9 (JH/Y) VCV-514.38
Rules - (Pri) VCV-235(also DVJ-518)  (K/E) VCP-348
Running Away - (E) VCW-300.2
    (JH/Y) VCV-514.37, .38 (Y) VCY-521
Selfishness - (Pre/Pri) VCP-320 VCR-305.3
    (K/E) VCP-341.1 (E) VCP-313.12; VCB-306.11
    (Y/A) DVB-818 (A) VCW-818.2
Smoking - (E) VCP-318.4
    (E/JH) VCP-306.10 (J/JH) VCV-514.10
    (Y) VCY-504.3; DVY-509 (A) VCM-662
Stealing - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305 (K/E) VCV-313.3
    (E) VCB-306.11
    (J/JH) VCY-509.1 (Y) Y-525.2
Temptation - (K/E) VCV-310; VCB-306.4 (E) VCP-318.5;
    (J/JH) VCV-542.8; VCY-509.1
    (Y) VCY-502B.4, 525.2; VCW-813.1; DVY-509
    (Y/A) VCB-816.4
    (A) VCO-802.1; VCW-825.5, .6, .7
Trust – (C/A) VCT-513; VCF-226
    (K/E) VCP-336.7; DVW-306 (
    E) VCB-31.3; VCC-307 (E/JH) VCJ- 307.1
    (J/JH) VCO-310.6
    (Y) VCB-515.1; VCY-505.15, 532 DVY-545.4
    (Y/A) VCB-819.1; VCP-520; VCN-403;
         DVB-518.1; DVG-512.6, .11
    (A) DVU-598.3; DVF-840.4; VCG-802.4;
        DVJ-831.5; DVP-808; DVN-835
Truth - (Pre/Pri) VCR-305.5; VCR-306.1; VCP-344
    (Pri) VCV-314
    (K/E) VCB-306.6; VCP-336.4; VCV-313.3, 316
    (E) VCV-303; VCW-300.2
    (E/JH) VCP-310; VCP-334
    (J/JH) VCY-509.1, .2, .3; VCY-505.15
    (Y) VCY-506.5; VCY-513.5, 518; DVY-547
    (Y/A) VCB-817.1
    (A) VCW-815.4; VCW-820.1; VCW-829.1 & .4;
        VCV-802.4; VCC-808.3
Vanity - (K/E) VCV-313.2
Virtues - (K/E) VCP-336
Work - (K/E) VCP-336.5 (Y) VCY-519.4
    (Y/A) DVP-539; DVB-818 (A) VCW-823.1

General – (Y/A) DVP-808; DVJ-833
Catholic - (JH/A) VCZ-514
Youth - (Y) VCY-519.4; VCV-505.2;

    (PRE/PRI) VCR-305.6; VCO-311.2
    (E) DVC-310.6; VCN-301.14; VCO-304.6, .11
    (E/JH) DVZ-319 (JH/Y) DVP-540
    (Y/A) VCB-817.2; VCP-533; VCW-831.8
    (A) VCC-807A, 813.3; VCD-805.5A; VCH-800.1;
        DVJ-827.1; VCN-809.1; VCO-808; DVO-811;
        VCP-802; VCW-815; DVD-516; VCF-516

(Y) VCW-444; VCV-531; VCY-508
(Y/A) VCM-800; VCP-507; VCW-800;
        VCW-433; DVY-547
(A) VCK-557; VCJ-809.4; VCC-545; VCW-530;

General - (Y/A) VCC-532, VCM-524;
        VCC-514, 515; VCW-803.33
    (A) VCK-504; VCX-800.2; VCW-803.61;
Series -(A) VCP-802; VCN-804; VCG-806; DVG-806.4
Empowerment of –(Y) VCY-526.3 (Y/A) VCW-831.3
     (A) VCM-707.3
Feminism - (A) VCW-820B.2
Syrophoenician Woman - (A) VCJ-807.3
United Methodist - (A) VCU-591
Woman at the Well - (E) VCJ-318.1 (Y/A) DVN-512
     (A) VCJ-807.4
WOMEN OF THE BIBLE:  See New and Old Testament

General - (J/A) VCW-513 (Y) DVY-547
    (Y/A) VCW-803.7; VCW-801C.2; VCW-803.16, .24;
        VCW-803.26, .27; DVG-512.4
    (A) VCK-802.2; VCJ-809.3; VCK-802.6; VCW-823.1;
        VCC-540; VCN-809.1; VCW-525; VCK-800.1;
        VCW-529, 833.4; DVW-849.2 ; DVC-820
Children in - (A) VCW-506;VCW-513, 528
Christmas Worship – (A) DVX-802
Creating a Service - (J/A) VCW-520
    (Y/A) (Presby.) VCK-501 (A) VCK-802.2
        Directory for - (A) VCK-603 (Presby.)
Devotionals – (A) DVW-538
For Children - (E/Age 11) VCZ-309
        (A) VCW-516; 513;
    Godly Play - (A) VCW-516; DVT-527
For Youth - (Y) VCY-528; VCW-513
        (Y/A) DVW-540
Hope - (Y/A) VCW-504
Intergenerational - (A) VCW-526
Jewish - (E) VCD-300; VCZ-309
    (A) VCD-802.4
Joy - (Y/A) VCW-504
Love - (J/A) VCW-504.4
Mass - (E) VCZ-302, 304;VCZ-311
    (E/JH) VCZ-305 (Y/A) VCZ-801.2
    Ecclesiastes - (A) VCW-522
    Psalms - (A DVW-536; DVO-810; VCW-504 (Series)
Movement in - (A) VCB-508
Multicultural - (A) VCM-617
Praise - (E) VCZ-309 (Y/A) VCW-504
    (A) VCW-825.5, .6, .7
Prayers & Poetry - (Y/A) VCW-504, 508 (A) VCW-529;
Psalms - (Y/A) VCW-504
Sabbath - (A) DVW-847.1
Taize - (Y/A) VCW-508
UMC - (Y/A) DVU- & VCU-590
Wisdom - (A) VCN-809.1